• Published 23rd Sep 2020
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Equestria's Spectre - Timothy1509

Agent Spectre mysteriously finds himself in Equestria during his mission with his team.

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A new land

Everfree forest 10:00am

"Ugh..." Spectre groaned as he slowly began to open his eyes "What happened to me?" He asked himself weakily.

He then opened his eyes. At first, his visions behind his goggle mask was blurry. But when his eyes worked again, Spectre could see clearly in front of him.

"What the? Where am I?" Spectre asked as he turned his head around slowly so he doesn't hurts his brain. After observing his surroundings for a brief moment, he noticed that there are trees, rocks, grass and many more around him.

"This is a forest." Spectre said with a surprised expression. "I should probably get myself back up." He told himself.

Then, Spectre placed both his hands on the ground and slowly pushed himself back up. But when he did, he began to stagger backwards and he fell on his back.

"Well that was a terrible start." Spectre said with an irritated expression. Then, he realized that his stuffs are gone.

"What the?! Where are my guns?!" Spectre said while looking around the place. When he looked to his left, he saw his guns and ther equipments piled up next to a rock. "Thank goodness." He said as he let out a sigh of relief.

He then pushed himself off the ground and back up on his feets. After that, he walked up to the rock where his weapons were laid next to. Once he got to it, he bent down and picked up his pistol first and pushed it into his gun belt. After that, he put his other equipments at the left side of his belt. And finally, he picked up his assault rifle.

"Alright, let me just check my equipments." Spectre said. Then, he began to scrutinize his equipments.

Assault rifle 25 clips
Samurai edge 16 clips
5 hand grenades
2 incendiary grenades
4 stun grenades
combat knife
First aid spray
2 C4'S

"Okay, that's all of my weapons." Spectre said with a relieved expression "Now all that's left is the-"

Spectre stopped in his mid sentence when he noticed that the licker DNA sample he took from the Umbrella security room was not in his belt anymore.

"What the?! Where's the licker sample?!" Spectre exclaimed as he looked around him, but the sample was nowhere near him. "I better find it asap!" He said to himself. Then, Spectre began to venture into the forest.

On the other side of the Everfree forest, an orange earth pony mare named Applejack was seen holding a basket of apples that she just got after kicking some trees in the forest.

"Wow, this section of the Everfree forest sure does have a lot of trees." Applejack said with a surprised expression at how quickly the basket got full. "I should get back to sweet apple acres now so that I can make some apple pies for ma family." She told herself.

Then, Applejack picked up the basket of apples and began to make her way back to her home from the path she took. But, some noises stopped her.

"Huh?" Applejack said as she turned to the source of the noise, she listened again and heard that they were some hoofsteps noises, but those ones were a bit louder "Who's there?" Applejack asked with a perplexed expression.

Then, Applejack ran to where the source of the noises were. And when she got to a bush, she slowly poked her head up and saw a creature that she has never seen before.

The creature was bipedal like Spike, it is all black coloured, it has pockets on his back and torso, it had wires wrapped around it's right arm which connected to some sort of strange device. It was also carrying some strange metal objects on it's hands as well as one on it's pocket. And it also had some sort of canisters on the back of its pocket.

"What is that?" Applejack asked with a bewildered expression. "I've never seen any creatures like that before in the Everfree forest." She added. Then, Applejack decided to remain hidden in the bushes to avoid being spotted by the strange creature.

Spectre has been walking through the unknown forest in search of the licker DNA sample for forty minutes now. And it seems that the sample was nowhere here.

"That's strange, where's the sample?" Spectre said as he began to scan the area with his goggles. "If only I had closed my pocket." He grumbled with an irked expression.

Spectre was going make a right turn but suddenly, some rattling noises stopped him.

"What was that?" Spectre asked as He turned around, and when he did, he saw a bush rattling in front of him.

Spectre then placed his assault rifle on his back and unholstered his samurai edge pistol. Then, he aimed it at the bush.

"I should activate thermal vision." Spectre told himself, then he raised his left hand and tried to click on the button on the left side of his goggle mask which was the thermal vision mode. But before he could, the creature pounced out of the bushes and directly towards him.

"Holy crap!" Spectre exclaimed as he rolled out of the way, and whatever lunged at him fell on the ground roughly with a thud.

Spectre pushed himself back up quickly and looked at whatever just pounced at him. And what he saw was unbelievable, in front of him was a wolf with a wooden structure.

"What the? Is that a wolf made of wood?" Spectre said with a perplexed expression, he has never seen a creature like that before.

But, before Spectre could scrutinize the wooden wolf further, it let out an angry growl and charged towards him with its sharp claws ready to stab him.

When Spectre noticed this, he decided to let the wooden wolf come towards him first. Once the wolf closed its distance with Spectre, it pounced towards him. Spectre replied with the front kick to the wolf's nose, and the force of his kick made the wolf fly a few feet back and falling on the ground roughly.

The wolf then instantly pushed itself back up and let out an infuriated roar, he was ready to strike again, but before he could do that, Spectre shot at him with his samurai edge pistol.


The wolf let out some whimpers when the creature's metal object hit him in its torso and face. And it was serverely injured, but it could still stand up.

When Spectre noticed the wolf still standing despite its large wounds. He fired another two shots at its face.


When the two bullets collided into the wolf's face, the wood shattered everywhere and it's whole face exploded into bits. Then, the wolf's headless structure fell on on the ground dead.

"That was one heck of a creature." Spectre said with an astonished expression.

He then holstered his pistol back into his belt. After that, he walked up to the wolf he killed. Once he got to it, he bent down and began to study it.

"What is this thing." Spectre said in a disoriented tone "I've seen petrifying bioweapons before in Umbrella, but never something like this." He finished. But, he decided to let go of the thought and proceed with his obligation in finding the licker sample.

"Whatever, I have a more significant work to do rather than looking at this dead wolf." Spectre said as he stood up on his feet "That licker sample is still somewhere here." He finished, then he turned around and walked into the forest again.

Applejack has just witnessed what had happened in front of her, and she had a traumatized expression on her after seeing the conflict between the creature and the timber wolf.

The timber wolf was fearsome to many ponies including her and her friends. But, this creature just killed it instantly with its metal thing which made a tumoltuous sound that made her jump.

"Oh ma Celestia what is that thing?" Applejack said in a scandalized tone from the battle she just witnessed "Ah should investigate this creature further, maybe Twilight, Thorax or ma nephew Alistair might know what it is." She told herself. After that, Applejack stepped out of the bush and began to follow the creature cautiously. And she left her basket of apples behind the bush so that it wouldn't make her fail her approach.

While walking Spectre was observing the forest cautiously for the sample, but it was nowhere to be found in this place as well.

Spectre was going to activate a feature on his goggles that allows him to look through solid objects. But before he could, he caught the sound of footsteps coming from behind. Spectre took a few seconds to listen to the sound, and he noticed that the footsteps were getting closer and closer to him.

"Someone's behind me." Spectre thought "Whoever it is, they are going to regret it." He said to himself with a smirk behind his goggle mask, then he decided to let whoever was behind him get closer to him.

Once the footsteps got louder and louder, Spectre turned around and low sweeped his follower.

"Ahhh!" Yelled a female voice.

Spectre then looked down at the at the source of the noise and saw something very unique and unexcpected. Underneath him was an orange coloured horse with blonde hair, a blonde mane, three apple marks on it's flanksand it is wearing a cowboy hat.

"What in tarnation are you?" Applejack asked as she slowly stood up on the ground from the unexpected attack.

Spectre's eyes shot wide in surprise when he heard the horse speaking.

"D-did you just talk?" Spectre asked.

Applejack was just as surprised and shocked as the creature was right now because, it just spoke Equestrian.

"Did you just speak Equestrian?" Applejack asked, and Spectre got perplexed by the word Equestrian. But, he didn't bother to know.

"Whatever, just get out of here little girl, I don't want to talk." Spectre insulted her.

Applejack got a bit angry when she heard the creature insulting her by calling her a little girl.

"Why you, that ain't nice you know mister." Applejack said with a mad expression.

"I don't care, now leave." Spectre demanded again as be pointed behind her "This is your last chance." He warned her in a cold tone that almost matched Vector's.

The cold tone has sent chills down to Applejack's spine, the voice of the creature was very scary as well. But, she stuffed her agitation down and glared at the creature.

"You dare insult and talk to the element of honesty like that?" Applejack asked with an infuriated expression. Then, she got into a stance "You will pay for making me trip earlier!" She yelled.

Then, Applejack stomped on the ground and flung herself towards the creature, attempting to hit the creature in the chest with a headbutt.

When Spectre the attack, he simply dodged it by sidestepping to the left. And Applejack was sent crashing onto the ground roughly. But, she recovered quickly and pushed herself back up from the dirt.

"Why you! Your going to pay for that!" Applejack said with an enraged expression.

"Bring it on little girl." Spectre mocked.

Applejack took the insult and charged towards the creature with her left hoof swung back. She then attempted to punch it in the chest.

When Spectre noticed the attack, he evaded it again by side stepping to the left.

Applejack was getting angry after the miss, she then stomped her hooves on the ground again and flung herself towards the creature's face.

When Spectre noticed the temerarious attempt, he countered it with a twist kick to the horse's face. And when the kick made contact with Applejack's face, she was sent flying and crashing into a tree and falling on the ground with a pained grunt.

Applejack tried to stand up and fight again but, the pain has gotten the best of her and she lost her consciousness.

"Well that was easy." Spectre said with a surprised expression "That wasn't even my strongest hit." He added in a surprised tone.

"Ah well whatever, she deserves it for attacking me first." Spectre said with a shrug, he then looked at the unconscious horse one more time "Good night horsey, I hope you'll get bad dreams." Spectre said in a cold tone.

After that, he turned around and started walking again.

"Now I've concluded that fight, it's time for me to look for the sample." Spectre told himself.

Then, he began to walk deeper into the forest. But what he didn't know is that he is walking towards a town.

Author's Note:

The second chapter has been completed! I hope you all enjoyed it!