• Published 23rd Sep 2020
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Equestria's Spectre - Timothy1509

Agent Spectre mysteriously finds himself in Equestria during his mission with his team.

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Umbrella research facility

In the Umbrella research facility, six Umbrella Security Service agents called the Delta team codenamed 'Wolfpack' was seen walking back and forth in the security room in search for the spy known as Ada Wong who has infiltrated their facility with someone.

"Do you guys have anything?" The Delta team squad leader known as Lupo asked.

"I don't see her anywhere." The demolition expert named Beltway replied with a shrug "Its like chasing someone in a maze." He complained.

"Quit complaining Beltway, bioweapons have been chasing us ever since we've got here." The group's recon expert known as Vector told him in an aggravated tone.

"Hey don't get too arrogant Vector I'm the one who had to-"

"Will you two knock it off already?" The group's field scientist known as four eyes told them with a roll of her eyes behind her mask.

"Yeah we need to focus so quit arguing like some five year olds." The medic known as Bertha told them.

The two men did what they were told and shut their mouths and returned to focus.

"Ugh, there's nothing on these security monitors." Four eyes said with a vexed expression "We might never even find that spy-"

"Found something."

The five agents all looked at their surveillance and marksman expert known as Spectre who is looking at a monitor.

"What do you have Spectre?" Lupo asked as she and four members of her group walked up to his location.

"See for yourselves." Spectre told them as he stepped aside.

Then, Lupo, Beltway, Vector, Bertha and Four Eyes stepped forward and all looked at the monitor that Spectre was looking at.

In the monitor, they saw the cop they were chasing near the R.P.D known as Leon Scott Kennedy, he is seen fighting a T-103 tyrant with his handgun. After firing four more shots, the tyrant fell down into the lava in the power room.

The monitor then switched and the Delta team saw the spy they were chasing in the facility, and she looked injured. The spy and the cop then kissed for a brief moment then, the spy fainted.

The footage ended with the cop looking back at the spy for a second and turning around running away.

"Its that cop!" Vector exclaimed with wide eyes behind his mask.

"He's still alive." Bertha said with a surprised expression.

"He must have nine lives." Four eyes said with an impressed expression.

"He's with that girl from earlier." Said Beltway.

"We must not waste any more time, we need to pursue them immediately." Lupo ordered. Then, the base computer issued a warning again.

"Warning! Installation self destruct sequence engaged. All personnel are to evacuate immediately." The base computer said.

"Oh crap! The self destruct sequence." Beltway said.

Before Lupo could say anything to her team, the U.S.S commander called them from their comm channel.

"We've identified the police officer as Leon S. Kennedy. He's already gained access to classified areas of the facility and is likely in possession of sensitive information." The commander said "Shut down the self destruct and get rid of him!" He ordered.

"Uh... don't want to be a downer sir but, there is no way to interrupt the self destruct sequence." Spectre told him.

Then, the six agents heard a mad grunt from their comm channel and they must assume that he must be angry.

"Arrgggh! How could this happen? Exterminate the cop now!" He commanded sternly.

"Come on team let's go." Lupo said, then her team all readied their weapons and ran out of the security room.

But, before Spectre could run out, he spotted something on the floor near him.

"Huh?" Spectre said as he looked down, and when he did, he saw a container with a purple substance in it. He then bent down and picked it up with his right hand.

"What is this?" Spectre asked, he then scanned the container with his goggles and they told him that the container he is holding is licker DNA sample.

"Another licker DNA sample?" Spectre said with a perplexed expression behind his goggle mask "I thought the Umbrella scientists locked this in the research room." He finished with a confused expression.

"Eh whatever, I'll just take it with me." Spectre said as he placed the container in one of his pockets in his vest "After all, it was my priority." He finished with a shrug.

After that, he ran forward to catch up with his team.

Lupo was running to the power room with her team beside her in pursue of the cop. While running, Lupo noticed that someone was missing, and that someone was Spectre.

"Wait, where's Spectre?"

Lupo and her team all stopped and looked behind them and saw that Spectre wasn't with them.

"What the? Where is he?" Beltway Asked while looking around the place.

"He was right behind me." Vector said.

Then on cue, they saw Spectre turning around a corner and running up to them hastily.

"Spectre where were you?" Lupo asked with a confused and enraged mixed expression.

"Sorry Lupo, had to pick something up." Spectre replied.

Lupo was going to ask him some questions but then, some noises stopped her. The Delta team looked forward and saw an army of twelve lickers crawling towards them.

"Oh crap lickers!" Lupo exclaimed.

The lickers then let out some roars and charged towards the team.

"Open fire!"

Then, the Delta team all aimed their assault rifles forward and fired at the lickers.

The lickers all screeched in pain when the bullets collided with them. Most of them have been killed but five of them managed to reach them, and when they did they pulled their claws back and attempted to slash them with them.

"Careful!" Shouted Lupo.

Then, the Delta team all jumped out of the way and the five lickers crashed into the wall behind them stunning them in the process.

"Forget about them just run!" Lupo yelled.

Her team nodded and stood up from the ground. After that, they ran forward to the power room where they will catch the cop.

30 minutes later

The Delta team has arrived at the power room after thirty minutes, and they were scrutinizing the area in search of the police officer. But, he was nowhere to be found.

"Dammit!" Beltway exclaimed indignantly "We're too late!" He finished with an enraged expression.

"Where's the woman then?" Vector said as he looked down at the first floor of the power room but, she wasn't there.

"That spy is gone as well!" Vector said.

"Ugh, can this mission get any worse?" Bertha said with an irked expression behind her mask.

Bertha has spoke too soon because, there were some zombie and hunters coming after them from behind.

"Shoot!" Spectre said as he fired on the zombies and hunters with his assault rifle. And he managed to get some of them down.

"You just had to open your big mouth eh Bertha?" Four eyes asked with an indignant expression.

"Arrgh..." Bertha said in frustration.

"Forget about them, we must get out of here now." Lupo said.

Her team nodded and ran to the ladders of the power room. Once they got to each ones, they began to climb them to the top of the power room.

Twenty minutes later, the Delta team has arrived to the top floor of the power room. Then, they looked in front of them and saw the large rectangular door which lead to the surface platform.

"That's our ticket out of here." Vector said.

"Then let's go!" Beltway exclaimed.

While running, Lupo decided to contact the commander.

"Command! This is hopeless! We've got to get out of here." Lupo told him.

"Arrgh! Fine! We'll deal with this later! Evacuate the facility!" The commander ordered "You'll have to get out on the service platform. GO!!" He told them. Then, Lupo looked back at her squad.

"Guys let's go!"

Then, the six agents rushed to the large open rectangular door way and to the service platform to get out of the facility. But suddenly, Spectre has been grabbed by his left arm.

"Uggh!" Spectre grunted, he tried to move forward but, he got pulled back, and he got stuck on a railing.

"Guys! Help!" Spectre called for them but, they have already ran through the door.

Spectre looked back at what was grabbing him from behind, and when he did, he noticed a licker pulling him on a roof. Spectre looked at the licker for a moment then back down on the ground where the lava was.

"Its trying to pull me into the lava." Spectre said to himself, he then pulled his right arm back and aimed his gun at the licker while looking at it. He took a deep breath and pulled the trigger, firing four shots at the licker.

The four bullets have collided in the lickers brain and in screeched in agony. Then, it started to fall to the lava.

"Haha! Take that you loathsome bio-"

Spectre wasn't able to finish his sentence when the weight of the licker pulled him by his tongue which was still wrapped around tightly by his left arm.

"Whoa!" Spectre yelled as he tripped over on the railing, then he began to fall down to the lava.

"Ahh, gotta grab onto something!" Spectre yelled as he began to look around for something to grab onto, when he looked down, he saw that there is a railing just underneath him. Spectre wasted no time and stretched out his arms. Then, he has successfully grabbed onto the handle. And the licker's grasp was lose and it fell into the lava.

"Phew, that was close." Spectre said as he let out his breath, then he looked up and started to climb up only to see some zombies walking towards him.

"Oh crap!" Spectre said as he aimed his assault rifle at the zombies and fired some shots at their chest areas. But when the bullets collided with the zombies, it didn't even hurt them.

He was going to shoot them in the chest again but, as he pulled the trigger of his assault rifle, he noticed that the magazine has ran out of bullets.

"Shoot! My magazine is out!" Spectre yelled in shock. There was no way that he can reload while holding onto the railing so, he placed the assault rifle back on his back and reached for the samurai edge pistol in his belt. But before he could, he noticed a bright green flow underneath him.

"Huh?" Spectre said as he looked down, and he saw something very fascinating.

Underneath him on the lava area, was a large spiraling green circle of an object. Spectre couldn't make up what it was.

"What the heck is that?" Spectre said with a bewildered expression behind his mask.

Spectre wasn't able to get a good look at it when he felt something grabbing onto his hand. He looked in front of him and saw that one of the zombies was about to bite onto his hand which made his eyes widen.

Spectre then looked down at the spiraling green circle for a moment then back up at the zombie. He now has to make a tough and petrifying decision. Should he drop down into the green object? Or get turned into a zombie.

"No other choice!" Spectre yelled as he let go of the railing. Then, he fell.

"Whoa!" Spectre yelled as he began to close in on the green object.

Once his entire body got in contact with it, he fell into it and the green circular portal emitted a bright green glow which blinded the zombies. After fifteen seconds, the bright glow has dissipated and the green portal vanished.

In the portal, Spectre was seen free falling hastily downwards.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!" He screamed "What is going on?!" He bawled as loud as a licker's screech.

Ten seconds later, the long green spiraling area that Spectre was falling in has dissolved, and what he saw next was not good as well because, underneath him were trees.

"This is gonna hurt." Spectre said quietly as he shielded his face with his arms. Then, he crashed into the tree leaves and the branches.

After hitting three tree branches, Spectre has crashed roughly onto the ground with a grunt.

When Spectre noticed that he has landed onto the ground, he tried to get up. But, the pain from the fall has gotten the best of him and he lost his conciousness.

Author's Note:

The first chapter of my new crossover story has been accomplished! I hope you enjoyed it! And I also hope that I will do well on this crossover story as well!