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I legitimately do not know how I should feel about this. You're an absolute madman.

Good. Good is how you should feel about this.

This was amazing.

Weyland-Yutani PTSD Flashbacks

Wait a second

"They're coming out of the damn walls." Quote from Private Hudson in Aliens when the medical wing fell under attack.

I loved all the outside references and Pinkie's antics. The story was definitely not what i was expecting. But was an amazing story none the less. Well done.

Wait, Skirts wrote a smut fic with girls... who don't have dicks?!

This is a beautiful and confusing mess of yuri perfection. I'd upvote twice if I could.

This is actually brilliant, in that it's honestly structured more like a horror story than erotica. An innocent maiden, alone in the dark, her thoughts helplessly consumed by the specter of a being beyond humanity, ever looming in the distance. Until she isn't, moving in for the kill on Chastity when the poor girl is at her most vulnerable. Except instead of an actual monster, it's a scorching hot vixen.

Hot fantasy lesbian sex? With Sunset Shimmer? YES FUCKING PLEASE! Also, I need an image of that sweetie Pie Chastity. (What an unfortunate name.) I bet she looks good in a Wendy's uniform as well as an old school nurses garb. :trollestia:

♫Hello, Boner, my old friend…♪
If I had some cash, I would commission someone like Raccoonkun or Twisted Scarlet to render Ms. White. (Preferably in all white lingerie with a naked Sunset clinging upon her.)

Because if you can create custom mindscapes, why wouldn't you?

Heck of a way to celebrate Sunset Day. I do love seeing her drop casual, mind-boggling references to being a horse. And Pinkie is an amazing wing-girl.

Lmao, okay

Is this what kids mean when they talk about dank maymays? It must be.

Very funny and excellent. Pinkie pie ++

Even working Wendy's makes sense when you realize her thing for redheads.

I loved this!!! So cute! Now we neec a fic of their date <3

This was some legitimately transcendent shit. The way you wrote this makes me realize that when I write comedy I hold myself back out of fear of overdoing it.

If I smoked, I'd be asking for a cigarette right now.

So, um, asking for a friend, but... any chance of a followup?

Twelve meters...
... Eight?

What did I just read?!?! 😟

“Unnnnnngh—a state's rights to what?!? ” Chastity undulated and writhed into Sunset's invasive touch. “A state's rights to whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat !!!”

God damnit
fuck. shit. 1000/100.



Hello, my baby, hello, my honey
Hello, my ragtime, summertime gal
Send me a kiss by wire,
Baby, my heart's on fire


Dating an empath is a trip...

Okay . History majors meant bumping into the cutest nerds, and nothing turned Chastity on more than a nerdy girl with a dark side. Like a tall buxom redhead with whom she could reenact some of the more ravaging details of the Mongol Invasion. Perhaps a saucy brunette who had her own ways of analyzing the Spanish Inquisition—heavy emphasis on the anal part of analyzing. Even a blonde who couldn't stop giving lectures on the American Civil War. Fuck it . Chastity had a cherished smut bookmarked on the Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository entitled “Appomattox Cunthouse .”

As a major history buff myself, yeah, I can relate.

And Chastity went home alone a lot. And she locked her door a lot. And she turned out the lights and threw herself onto the bed and wriggled out of her clothes and plunged her fingers into her fragile virgin snatch a lot—suckling that womanly etching which had been burned into her mind, nuzzling it, worshiping it, crying at the feet of it and hoping that one of these days... one of these many sad and lonesome days of waiting ... that such a goddess would scoop her up and kiss those tears away—perhaps lick them and delight in them, delight in Chastity's hot and heated and helpless depravity... hoping... longing... begging for Sunset to so much as notice her one day. That one magical day when Chastity might have the bliss of hearing her name pronounced with Sunset's perfectly woman-y voice—through those luscious lips—and she'd be able to add that eternally ecstatic sensation to the mental etching itself, christmas trimmings that sparkled with each orgasmic throe of imagining herself at the receiving end of Sunset's loving, adoring, yet brutally invasive fingers, hearing her purr into her ear—biting each ear lobe and giggling at Chastity's pained cries... chiding and teasing her whenever Chastity pleaded, begged, mewled for “more more more !”


Ngl i loved this though. Especially being a history nerd myself it was amazingly adorable and hot. More stuff like this if not perhaps a sequel would be amazing.

as someone who works at wendy's I feel this story will be interesting

Ohh god. Ohh god it hurts. I forgot laughing this hard hurts.

Memes aside, really well written and stuff.

A fucking masterpiece!

And holy hell is Pinkie the unrivaled patron goddess of wingwomen. Shrines must be built in her honor.

KMCA #34 · Sep 24th, 2020 · · 1 ·

we never saw Sunset without her pants... she could have had a dick.

I haven't even read the fic but everytime I see the title I just out loud go MAAM THIS IS A WENDYS!?!?!?!? And lose my mind. This is clearly mind control to get me to read your fic and I'm calling it out.

This story was dumb, ridiculous, surreal, and absolutely hilarious.

I loved it.

I'm just kind of surprised that Appomattox Cunthouse does not, in fact, appear in the asstr.

A sigh escaped Chastity White's lips as she bowed her head before the cell phone lying in her trembling girl-fingers.


...what Chastity wouldn't give for a perfect zigurat to roll her sacrificed body down...

imagining herself at the receiving end of Sunset's loving, adoring, yet brutally invasive fingers...

I can't help but wonder if there's meant to be a reference in all this to a certain Crusader Kings II DLC.

“I want to shove my face between your legs and tongue-fuck you until you see God.”

Why does this line seem so familiar? I have the worst déjà vu.

“Absolutely...” Chastity huffed and sweated and puffed. “...erect... you... fuck... sherbet...”

Has Chastity.exe just stopped working here?

So anyway, what the fuck?

The land of milk and honey?

Nay, Chastity wants, needs the land of milk and honies.

I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! Thank Celestia, Luna, and all the pretty princesses I thought I was misreading that!

What a way to start my own long graveyard shift.

I was expecting a joke story.

What I got instead was an absolute masterpiece of the english language that puts professional porn studios and even classic non-porn novels to shame.

I wish I could write like this.

10/10 would read again and again, if for no other reason than to expand my vocabulary and fine tune my own writing skills, because DAYUM.

Any plans for a sequel?

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