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Wasp, ever since he was a little grub, couldn't help but shake the feeling of a certain fondness for boys rather than girls. Being in a group of friends that was generally accepting of that, he figured he'd have no problem coming out to them, since one of them had already admitted to liking boys as well.

But there's one boy Wasp favored above every other boy in particular; Oculus. To make things a little bit easier, he decides to come out to him about his feelings for the first time.

And that's not the only "first time" something happens that night.

This doesn't contain anything explicitly racy. It just involves a little bit of kissing and touching, but anything else beyond that gets skipped.

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Another day, another good story.

Heh, thanks. Took me a few days.

Heh, good job coming out, Wasp. Feel bad for Pentagon though...

Yeah. He's obviously a bit possessive but he means well

Heheh, aww

Heh, yeah. Since Oculus isn’t really in an official relationship with any of them, it could be a bit difficult for him...

Yeah...poor guy....

Lemme guess, they buck, don’t they?

But, isn't Oculus female?

Yep, they do. They really, really do.

Nope. He’s all male.

Can I just point out there's a changeling named Murder Hornet in this?!
That. Is. EPIC!
Add to that the fact that it's an adorable coming-out tale, and the extremely gay little voice in my head is squeeing incoherently, and he ain't gonna stop anytime soon. Very nice work, BluFlu!

Very much appreciated!

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