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Oh, another story bashing Thorax's rule. How original.

To me, it looks like Abzan and Akula would get along well.

Interesting:) Glad you like it

One is a shortsighted tyrant and the other a naive puppet.
It's just a repeat with Crystal Empire, where Equestria pushes their puppet on the throne

In a sense you are correct, but you'll have to see how this story unfolds to know more

I don't think that's Applejack.....
Also accidentally spelled noice instead of nice.

Thanks and it could be her or not. Who knows really?

When Celestia finally finds this organization, ooooh damn shit gonna go down

I actually haven't seen any before, and I could be wrong, but I dont think that is the MIAN point of this fic anyway.

Like I said, I havent seen any that even make him look bad at all. Most other stories I see have him start out like probably alot of rulers, unsure and afraid but they understand that they must do their best for their people. But they have advisers and elders to look to, then it shows him grow and evolve into DadKing.

No, worst. This would completely destroy the new Changeling/Pomy friendship. I say this is a good reason that Chrysalis would reject Starlight's offer for friendship because she knows that ponies are the true monsters of Equestria

I 110% expect this to be some nobles trying to gain Celestia's favor by finding changeling weaknesses
(Hoping it's Blueblood and he gets his ass kicked later)
Also we see that some guards at least have them for something illegal (they were chasing the zebra after all) but we will just have to wait and see

Well this took a dark turn.

Indeed it has, I wonder what'll happen next xD

I… am the ALPHA!

You... have a PROBLEM!
You... are a MORON!

Yes he is very stupid he seams like a Nightmare i mean changeling that feels entitled to everything.

I think it would be better because then you could go into more detail during mature sections and overall you have fewer restrictions to work with. like let's say you want to write a heavy gore/ torcher chapter, in mature, you can do it no problems and go into as much or as little detail as you want. but it's still your story so do what you want with it.

And how are ponies, in general, the true monsters? Are you saying it would have been better if everypony got abducted and drained until they were nothing but husks? In the show, the changelings are no longer starved and are accepted by ponies.

How is making friends instead of war bad?

That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that perhaps Chrysalis personally met ponies before she hated them and desires to conquer Equestria. Un... how about I put this in another way. If you saw the Thundercats (2011) Anime from Toonami before they joined Adult Swim, In that episode where Lion-o when to the past as one of Mumm-Ra commanders, He rally all the other animals to defeat Mumm-Ra and the cats establish freedom and order for the other animals but as time past, the cats became selfish, greedy and tyrannical. They took all the best resources, lands and wealth while the other animals suffer by them as they got enslaved by cats for their amusement. What if Ponies did horrible acts of cruelty to all the races under Celestia’s Rule and never recorded it in their history books? What if Ponies were responsible for the Changelings hunger and their land? I know the show made them not hungry again but what cause them to be that way? Besides the show only showed Thorax’s origin, not his race’s origin or birth... unless you count the comic?

Christ, when high ranking Canterlot Aristocrats are in on it, you know its deeply entrenched. Now lets see how deep the corruption goes.

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