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A Dream should be just a dream or is it. One Night Sci-twi had a dream about losing Sunset forever and no explanation was told. Was the dream some type of prediction or is it just a random Nightmare. 

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Okay, I like the idea of what happened. Also because this is your first story, I'm impressed.


You should probably write the chapters and set dates to upload them to create tension and get more people interested.

Thank you I'll keep that in mind

I must say it was pretty good, you still need a big more practice like myself but you'll get the hang of it, and I'm glad I got to read if in time for Christmas :twilightsmile:

This story hit me hard, as it reminded me of my own nightmare.
I had as a kid, was different but the same.

Even years later if i ever remembered the dream even for a second would break down crying.

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