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Pentagon and Oculus have been friendly with each other for a while, now. With their friend, Ocellus, gone to the School of Friendship for a year, and the scarce amount of mutual friends they have, they truly have had nothing but each other for the past few months.

A few tight hugs here, a few kisses there, and Pentagon believes their relationship should be extended, but Oculus is starting to be a bit more "friendlier" with another friend.

Pentagon has to draw the line.

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Mhm. He’s really jealous of Hornet.

This is getting interesting

Oh wow...poor Pentagon...all he wanted was to be with Oculus...

Dang. Poor Oculus, and poor Pentagon.

I'm not sure you can go through your teen years without at least one mental breakdown, but dear Chrysalis' Granny...
I suppose pining over someone for that long would drive anyone bonkers. I feel bad for all parties involved.
Many hugs, to the bugs.

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