• Published 18th Sep 2020
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Pentagon Goes Too Far - ItsGriffy

Pentagon takes his crushing-induced tendencies a bit too far with his best friend, Oculus.

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And Oculus Is the Dreamy Dilemma

Majority of the teenaged tennis players were already in uniform, all except for Oculus, who claimed he wouldn't need to suit up for something so new to him. Oculus didn't like trying new things, unless he had to in some way, shape, or form. In other words; unless his parents made him. So it wasn't like he was used to trying new things on his own.

"Aww, c'mon, Morphy," begged Murder Hornet, who was beyond hoping to see her friend in a tennis uniform. Oculus shook his head and grunted, crossing his arms. Wasp chimed in, jumping up and down on his hooves.

"Pleeeaaaase, Oculus?" He asked, dragging out the "e" in please. Oculus still wasn't budging, shaking his head no once more. Wasp sank down in disappointment, really wanting to see Oculus play dress up for once.

"No. I already agreed to play your weird game- I ain't about to-"

"Pleeeeaaaase, Morphy?~" A sweetly-spoken Murder Hornet appeared right in front of Oculus, pressing her hooves together and blinking innocently. Oculus stepped back, blushing furiously as he fell onto his haunches. A joyous Pentagon, after a flash of cherry-red fire appeared in front of him next, but not before he fell to the ground in loud laughter.

"AHAHAAAAAAAAA!" He laughed and laughed, his hind legs kicking uncontrollably. Wasp joined in, falling over him with all four legs flailing around. "He actually fell for it- HA HA!!" Oculus looked around at everyone in sheer emberrassment, his face burning hot, and his blood running cold at the same time. Seeing two of his closest friends laugh at him for being so lame was just... so lame.

"Pentagon, that wasn't funny! You can't play with his emotions like that! T-That wasn't fair!"

Wasp and Pentagon laugh even louder at seeing Oculus so completely and utterly mortified. "I...I..." he stammered, not completely able to put his frustration into words. He was too emberrassed.

Managing to step back on his shaky hooves, Oculus stood up in a trembly manner and ran into the bathrooms to hide away from everyone. Pentagon and Wasp were still in a laughing heap, too full of merry to stop. Hornet took a few steps to go after Oculus and comfort him, but decided to confront Wasp and Pentagon instead.

"How could you two," she hissed, clearly upset and disappointed in the two for treating Oculus that way. Wasp immediately stopped laughing; if there were three bugs he was scared of when they were angry, they were Oculus, Murder Hornet, and Pentagon. And Hornet was definitely angry at him right now, so he decided not to make it any worse than it already was.

Pentagon, on the other hand, liked the thought of getting on her nerves. "Heheh... Heh... c'mon, Horn'. It's all in good fun. I mean, you like making fun of him, too, dontcha?" Hornet's scowl turned more into a knowing frown.

"Yes, Pentagon. Yes, I do. But, I don't go out of my way to completely and utterly mortify him..."

Wasp lifted a hoof to protest in Hornet's favor. "Eh- she does have a point, Pent..."

Pentagon flips himself over and stands up on his hooves, dusting himself off with an exasperated sigh. "Look, you guys are some real squares. C'mon, Oculus'll be fine. He won't hold it against me; I'm too cute."

Hornet looked confused. "Um... what?"

Pentagon smirked, flipping his gossamer mane in a charismatic fashion. "Ain't it obvious? He's head over hooves in love with me."


Wasp covered his mouth with a hoof as Pentagon turned around and glared at him. "If you laugh, I will castrate you."


Hornet, on the other hoof, wasn't afraid of that particular threat. After all, she didn't have anything to castrate; she was a girl!

"Look, Pentagon, whether or not that statement is actually true, I think Oculus is really embarrassed..." She gave him a knowing look, making sure he knew fully well that he should've been ashamed for his actions. Sadly enough, Pentagon was Pentagon, and he was thick as fudge about the whole ordeal. Or, any ordeal like this, for that matter. "But..." Hornet looked away, only glancing at her two friends as she rubbed one hoof on another. "D-Does he actually like you like that, Pentagon? L-Like, i-is it... is it obvious?"

Pentagon quirked a brow, not quite wanting to be sure of what Murder was getting at. "Whaddya mean?"

Wasp chimed in, not exactly sure what to say either. "Yeah. What're you talking about?"

Hornet blushed, scuffing her left hoof on the ground, gentle enough so that she didn't scratch up her chitin too much. "W-Well... d-do you guys... think Oculus might like me? Because... I kinda sorta have a little bit of a crush on him..."

"..." Pentagon could do nothing but stay silent, not knowing how to fully express what he was thinking. He was startled, though, when Wasp pushed past him and hugged Hornet tightly.

"Ahaaa! Finally! You finally admit it!" Hornet looks midly startled at Wasp's uncontrolled laughter, but eventually started to turn redder and redder in response.

"I-It's not funny, Wasp! I'm telling the truth!"

Pentagon watched as the two playfully bantered back and forth to one another, not knowing at all what to think. He wasn't surprised, not at all. But he was most definitely upset. Especially since he had been crushing on Oculus for the longest, and to find new, fresh competition that was obviously even closer to Oculus than Pentagon himself was gutting information.

Pentagon huffed, folding his arms over his chest and looking away.

Just as soon as Hornet was about to reply to Wasp's last few words, the bathroom door opened, and a fully suited-up Oculus came out of it. Hornet, Pentagon, and Wasp (but mostly Hornet and Pentagon) stared unblinkingly at the shockingly new display. "M-Morphy... y-you look..."

Oculus interrupted Hornet's stammering statement, saying, "Yeah, yeah, I know, I look stupid." Murder Hornet continued to look him up and down and take in his... surprisingly good fashion sense. He was wearing a black polo shirt, studded, black leather wrist bands, and black tennis shorts to cover his haunches. She couldn't help it; she just had to tell him...

"...Sooo cute!"

Oculus' eyes widened. "I-I am not cute! T-That... t-that ain't true at all! D-Don't ever s-say that to me again, you dork!"

Despite Oculus' nervously angry insult, Hornet rushed over to him and hugged him tightly. "You just look so adorable!" Oculus hissed, pushing the pest away from him with an offended glare.

"S-Stop it!"

Pentagon was beyond tired of this. Of course, the last time he fully expressed it wasn't a good experience, but at this point, he couldn't take the sight of those two being so... so... couply. That was him and Oculus' thing! How could Murder Hornet just up and take that from him?! Pentagon should've been the one cozying up to him all the time. Pentagon should've been the one playfully teasing him. Not Murder Hornet!

Huffing and grunting, Pentagon stood up, rushed over to Hornet, and pushed her out of the way. She fell to the ground, scraping one of her hind hooves on the hard concrete. "Could you just back off," he hissed, lunging at her with a menacing stare. Hornet stared up at him in surprise and... and fear. "Oculus is mine. M-I-N-E, ya heard?! MINE!"

"Dude, chill out," Wasp exclaimed, practically tackling Pentagon away from Hornet and pushing him to the ground, also, attempting to prevent the rabid bug from doing anymore harm than he already was. Oculus rushed over to Murder Hornet and helped her up, the latter practically gravitating toward him and hugging him tightly as she cried into his shoulder.

"M-Morphy... I-It hurts..."


Oculus looked down at Pentagon from his comforting position, backing away, completely and utterly terrified for Hornet's and his own well-being.

After the whole ordeal, Pentagon saw none of his friends the next day.

They were avoiding him in fear...

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Oh wow...poor Pentagon...all he wanted was to be with Oculus...

Dang. Poor Oculus, and poor Pentagon.

I'm not sure you can go through your teen years without at least one mental breakdown, but dear Chrysalis' Granny...
I suppose pining over someone for that long would drive anyone bonkers. I feel bad for all parties involved.
Many hugs, to the bugs.

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