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When Cadance is in charge of the Grand Galloping Gala and decides to give it a "Hearts and Hooves" theme, Twilight needs a date. One problem: She really, really, REALLY does not want to.

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I like the a-sexual joke you made in the title:twilightsmile:

could it be? Aromantic representation?

You made this Aro very happy.

"Fluttershy is going with Pinkie's sister Marble, Rarity and Blueblood are a thing now for some stupid reason, Applejack's bringing some mare from Rainbow Falls of all places, Pinkie is going with some stallion name Grilled Cheese or whatever, I don't think that one's gonna work out, and, Rainbow Dash is doing the Wonderbolts show for the Gala." Twilight listed, "Ugh, why does it have to be so hard to stay single? It's like the universe wants me to date or something, it's so messed up!"

I have SO many questions about these pairings. Especially Fluttershy. Still better than Discord though.

I didn't want to go with that standard ships (Except Pinkie, of course), so I just made stuff up! I have zero justification for any of them, except that Fluttershy and Marble seems like it'd be kinda cute.

Ah, yes. Finally some aspec representation on this site! (I am also realizing that I'm a little late to this party)

While I am a touch put-off by how bitter both Twilight and Crow were towards even the concept of romance, the fact that they were both aromantic makes this fic a win in my book.

It was just... offputting to read how cynical the two of them were. In particular, Twilight saying

"...some of us are princesses of things that actually exist!"

is what really rubbed me the wrong way. I myself am aromantic asexual, but I am by no means loveless. I find that friendship is almost more meaningful and powerful than romance. Most of my other aspec friends also feel the same way!

Though these insights are from an outsider's perspective, so I don't doubt that an alloromantic (someone who isn't on the aromantic spectrum) would feel differently. Of course, this comment sorta assumes that this fic was written from an alloromantic perspective with the intention to provide more aspec representation. If that isn't the case and you are a fellow aro, then, uh... sorry for any potential disrespect!

I really appreciate what you're doing here, no matter where you're coming from, and I hope to see more of this from you in the future! This fic definitely earned you a follow!

Hi, I am actually a fellow aromantic! Admittedly now that you point it out I do wish that I handled that aspect a bit better, it wasn't my intention to make them sound hateful of alloromantics. I was more trying to get across the idea of Twilight just not wanting a relationship at that time and her cynicism from the situation she was in with the Gala.

As for Crow, I based his aromanticism on my own. I tired to make a clear distinction between romantic and platonic attraction with

and while that didn't automatically bar a pony from having an interest in romance, he of all ponies absolutely understood the monarch's grievances. He had friends, of course, but romantic relationships held a place in his heart right next to dental work and politics.

but I'll try and handle it better in the future.

Regardless, I'm glad you enjoyed my story and thanks for the follow!

Ah, that's actually a bit of a relief. Firstly, let me apologize for the admittedly patronizing way I worded my comment. I was trying to cover my bases in the case that you were allo (and I guess for the benefit of anyone else who reads the comment in the future). But I really did enjoy the fic! Please keep on doing what you're doing!

You're all good, not patronizing at all! And thank you, I'm not sure how much Crow's aromanticism is gonna show up in future stories (though I do have some ideas I'm playing with) but I'm glad you enjoyed this story!

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