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After being defeated in the genocide route of storyshift, Chara meets with WD Gaster where she is given the chance to have a new life, in exchange leaving this one behind.

This is my first serious story on Fimfiction so it may not be incredible but I plan to get better overtime. In my headcanon, Storyshift Chara if female and if you disagree fuck you fight me.

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Comments ( 5 )

Ok the intro was good I would like to see more soon if you can keep up the good work and move at your own speed

do it. shoot for the moon! this should be a fun fic to read when it gets more chapters.

Great idea, let's just see about the incoming execution...

This is off to a pretty good start. My only criticism is that you might want to work on your punctuation a bit. I’m not really a fan of Undertale AUs, but Storyshift Chara is one of the only AU characters I like. I’ll track the story and see where it goes.

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