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After being defeated in the genocide route of storyshift, Chara meets with WD Gaster where she is given the chance to have a new life, in exchange leaving this one behind.

This is my first serious story on Fimfiction so it may not be incredible but I plan to get better overtime. In my headcanon, Storyshift Chara if female and if you disagree fuck you fight me.

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Ok the intro was good I would like to see more soon if you can keep up the good work and move at your own speed

do it. shoot for the moon! this should be a fun fic to read when it gets more chapters.

Great idea, let's just see about the incoming execution...

This is off to a pretty good start. My only criticism is that you might want to work on your punctuation a bit. I’m not really a fan of Undertale AUs, but Storyshift Chara is one of the only AU characters I like. I’ll track the story and see where it goes.

I'd rather Chara beat N.M.M to a pulp and spare her instead of actually killing her.
But this is your story, and it is very good so far

if you disagree fuck you fight me.

Hahahahaha, I like it.

Good start, some grammar and spelling errors but overall its good. Wrong version of there in spots though.

Neat start, needs proofread

Storyshift Chara if female and if you disagree fuck you fight me.

I use smack, with a 15% chance to stun, and 1% chance of smacking you off the proverbial cliff that is Undertale's mountain of AU's:pinkiecrazy:

Is this still alive?
Or is it dead like King Sombra?


I wonder if this story will continue

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