• Published 17th Oct 2020
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A Shift in Perspective - -Shift980-

After being given a second chance of life Chara must find a new purpose in a world completely foreign to her

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Chapter 1: The Mare in the Moon

Meanwhile in Equestria

''She's gone!'' a pale white unicorn with deep purple hair shouted as multiple gasps echoed inn response.

''Ohhhh she's gooone... AHHH!'' A pink pony yelled as a purple mist began to gather.

''Oh no Nightmare moon'' a lavender unicorn whispered amongst the crowd as a fully formed black alicorn with an astral mane and clad in armor.

''Oh my beloved subjects, it's been so long since I've seen your precious little sun-loving faces.'' The dark alicorn spoke with malicious intent.

''What'd you do with our princess!'' a Pegasus with a rainbow mane spoke with defiance as she began to try flying to Nightmare moon but was stopped by an orange pony wearing a hat.

''Woah there nelly.'' the orange pony spoke as her teeth were gripped tightly onto the rainbow maned Pegasus' tail, as maniacal laughter began originating from the alicorn.

''Why am I not royal enough for you? Don't you know who I am?'' the alicorn spoke, clearly aggravated

''oh, oh more guessing games umm Pokey Smokes, how about Queen Meanie, no Black Snooty BLACK SNOOT-'' the pink pony rambled, before getting a cupcake forced down her mouth by the orange pony.

''Does my crown no longer count now that I have been imprisoned for a thousand years. Did you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs?'' Nightmare spoke before being interrupted by the lavender Unicorn.

'' I did, and I know who you are, your the mare in the moon. Nightmare Moon.'' The lavender unicorn stated with confidence as more gasps ricochet around the room.

''Well, well, well, somepony who remembers me, then you also know why I am here.'' Nightmare said with a scowl. as the lavender unicorn mustered up the courage to say what was next.

''Your here to- to'' however the answer never came as a huge gulp took it's place.

''Remember this day ponies, for it was your last. From this moment onward the night will last forever!'' Moon spoke with another insane laugh but was interrupted as a rift began to appear in the middle of the room.

''Hmm What is going on here? What did you do!'' Nightmare Moon asked, rage in it's tone as a mysterious figure climbed through the rift that had been created and then made itself known amongst the crowd of terrified and confused ponies.

''I'm actually alive!'' Chara stated as she looked around the room at the confused equines around her, ''He did tell me the world was inhabited by equines but still this looks really fucking awkward.''

''Who are you how are you here and what do you want?!'' Nightmare moon asked as her rage began to cloud her judgement. as Chara began to check her stats,
'LV 14 The legendary Mare in the Moon whom has returned after her 1000 year imprisonment, and eager for revenge.'
'Ouch that's pretty bad, would probably be best to take her out now before she actually becomes a problem.' Chara spoke mentally 'and hey I could even try and have some fun with this while I'm at it.'

''I don't believe you are in any type of position to tell me what to do you smug Bitch.'' Chara spoke as everypony widened there eyes in surprise and in fear as to how Nightmare Moon would respond. Nightmares expression could only be described as rage incarnate however Chara just responded with a smirk of her own. ''I know the sins you have committed, the people you've hurt and it is about time I think that someone should put this wittle baby pony in her place.'' Chara laughed as her once White eyes shattered and became abysses of pure darkness as her own laugh began to radiate the halls.

By this point the ponies that were still in the hall and hadn't left the hall were now understandably terrified, even Nightmare herself shuddered at the laugh as she burst into a cloud of purple mist and decided to flee into to the Everfree Forest. ''Huh she fled... well that's just disappointing'' Chara spoke with annoyance radiating off of her tongue.

''Hey what are you, do you work for Nightmare Moon cause if you do I'm gonna smash your face in!'' the prismatic Pegasus spoke with surprising bravery after what had just transpired while Chara just sighed as she new this conversation was going to eventually take place.

''Heh even if I told you there is not even the slightest chance you will believe me. However we don't have time for introductions if Nightmare moon gets to far away I'm never going to find her.'' Chara spoke while noticing the look of bewilderment and doubt covering their faces.

''Oh yea why do you wanna find her huh?'' the rainbow maned Pegasus spoke up again since it was extremely clear by now to Chara that she had to earn their trust the hard way.

''To remove her as a threat why else would I?'' The ponies surrounding me collectively gulped at this recollection until the lavender unicorn spoke, ''Umm when you say remove her as a threat you don't me-'' '' I mean I'm going to kill her how else am I supposed to take care of a threat this large.'' Chara interrupted the unicorn while rolling her eyes at the disgusted looks on the ponies faces. 'Gaster why did you have to send me into a world were everyone has the same attitude towards forgiveness as my brother does.' I spoke internally, ''Well now that that shit show is out of the way why don't you give me your names.'' Chara said, while the ponies seemed reluctant at first eventually they begun to speak up

''My names Rainbow Dash the fastest pony in Equestria might I add.'' As she spoke Chara could instantly tell that this pony was cocky and had a huge ego.

''Hi my names Pinkie Pie, who are you, where are you from, do you like parties.'' Pinkie blurted out incomprehensively while Chara just looked completely flabbergasted at the pink mare's actions

''Um sure I do Pinkie Pie.'' Chara albeit a little hesitantly spoke up.

''The names Applejack partner nice to meet you.'' As she said this Chara could instantly tell that Applejack was probably from the country or whatever the country was in this place.

''My name is Rarity it is my pleasure to make you acquaintance'' 'Uh she's posh just my luck' Chara mentally cursed

Chara was waiting on the last pony to say their name but Chara could tell they were still completely terrified so instead of forcing her Chara decided to speak with her alone. ''Hey I'm sorry if I scared you earlier.'' Surprising everyone with her gentle and calm tone, ''That isn't what I'm always like, it's only when I'm in the presence of a threat I act like that. And besides if your to scared to tell me your name I won't force you to.'' Everypony in the room including the still unnamed pegasus were now extremely confused she had just transformed from one of the scariest things they had ever seen in their lives into a reassuring, calm and gentle being. That was when the pegasus decided to finally speak

''Um my name's Fluttershy'' to anyone in that room the name was barely audible however Chara did end up hearing the name.

''Thank you Fluttershy. Right now that that is out of the way I may as well tell you who I am.'' She spoke as the air in the room became so tense you could most likely cut it with a knife. ''My name is Chara Dreemurr my race as you may call it is a human however I was raised by monsters underground for several years. And also when I say they were Monsters I don't mean they were evil in any way it's just what the name of their race was. I'm also talented in multiple different types of soul magic, Justice being my main mana usage'' She spoke, however she doubted anyone would believe her so instead she decided to try something as she pulled out a part of Gaster from her pocket, ''And hey if you don't believe me why don't you say hi to doctor Gaster the former Royal Scientist of monster kind.'' She spoke as the black orb suddenly transformed into the holographic form of a skeleton wearing a black robe.

''I would have said good day to you ponies however given the situation you are currently in I doubt that is a possibility at this time.'' The doctor spoke as everyone present was at a loss for words except for Chara

''What's up Gaster I just decided to call because these equines were doubting my story sooo I kinda needed some concrete evidence'' Chara chuckled as did Gaster

''I would love for us to talk later on ponies but I would rather do it while your world isn't in danger, however I bring one message that will help you and that is to find the purple unicorn known as Twilight Sparkle.'' Gaster spoke ominously until the hologram shifted back into its spherical form.

''So Twilight Sparkle, do any of you know where she is?'' Chara asked until Rainbow gave a response

''She's probably at the library we might have to get their quick before she does something rash.'' Concern audible in Rainbow's voice

''Ok then we better get moving.'' Chara spoke as they all rushed to the where Twilight was currently.

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This is off to a pretty good start. My only criticism is that you might want to work on your punctuation a bit. I’m not really a fan of Undertale AUs, but Storyshift Chara is one of the only AU characters I like. I’ll track the story and see where it goes.

I'd rather Chara beat N.M.M to a pulp and spare her instead of actually killing her.
But this is your story, and it is very good so far

if you disagree fuck you fight me.

Hahahahaha, I like it.

Interesting seems neat

Storyshift Chara if female and if you disagree fuck you fight me.

I use smack, with a 15% chance to stun, and 1% chance of smacking you off the proverbial cliff that is Undertale's mountain of AU's:pinkiecrazy:

Is this still alive?
Or is it dead like King Sombra?


I wonder if this story will continue

17 % +17% increase until the 6th hit would definitely cause critical if all previous missed gaining crit with 17% each time and some dmg increase

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