• Published 17th Oct 2020
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A Shift in Perspective - -Shift980-

After being given a second chance of life Chara must find a new purpose in a world completely foreign to her

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I think...
you won.''

that's it.''

''I never thought, I would die like...

''Dying in front of a traitor...''

''Such a coward you are.''

believed in you...''

''but you...
betrayed us...''

''betrayed all...



''...I'm coming to...
y o u...''

As Chara's breathing got slower and slower the player expected to watch her dust collapse throughout the last corridor, however contrary to their belief in a flash of white light a being unrecognizable to anyone in the hallway grabbed Chara's slowly disintegrating corpse and suddenly disappeared.

In the Void
Chara POV

'Where am I and how am I not dead?' I spoke inside my head.

''Their is no need to fear little one.'' The tall figure said.

''Who the hell are are you, why did you bring me here and how the fuck am I not dead!'' I nearly yelled.

''You need not appear so forceful around me Chara. An answer to your first question is rather simple, my name is Wingding Gaster or as many prefer calling me by, WD Gaster and I was the former royal scientist before your father took over the role. I am also a father of two sons who go by the names of Sans and Papyrus-'' Gaster spoke before he was interrupted by myself incredibly shocked.

''Whoa whoa whoa, your the father of Sans the king of monsters... How the fuck have I not been told this before now!'' I shouted gaining the interest of the former royal scientist.

''My son went on to become the king of monsters after I disappeared? Interesting, however in hindsight I can see it was very obvious that was what he was going to do. Sans was always wise and great at being a leader. Now back to the topic at hand, my reasoning behind bringing you here is rather simple, the human that fell down what was their name again?'' Gaster asked.

''I'm pretty sure their name is Frisk.'' I answered, clearly wanting to hear more of what Gaster was going to say.

''Ah yes this Frisk has become quite the problem with that red soul trait of theirs. With their ability to load and reset it makes it near impossible to stop them. Which is the reason I came for you in the first place for I am willing to give you an offer.''

''Wait before we move on with this ''offer'' can you please tell me how I'm still alive, the questions been bugging me since we got here'' I asked.

''Oh but of course because once again their is an easy answer to your question, and it is that before I was sent to this place I was an expert in all types of healing magic, due to the fact that I was a scientist failed tests were to be expected and I practiced in healing magic to be prepared for any injuries from failed experiments which in turn made it rather easy to heal you.'' Gaster answered

''Ok makes sense, so now we got that question out of the way what is this ''offer'' your talking about, you have my curiosity peaked.'' I said

''And an answer you will most definitely receive, my offer to you Chara Dreemurr is to give you a chance of living a normal life.'' Gaster said, and now my curiosity was even greater than before.

''A normal life? What do you mean?'' I asked

Gaster sighed knowing I may not like the idea, ''my offer is to leave this world, a world which will be infinitely reset over and over again to no end, and live your life in an entirely separate world where you could... start over in a sense. Chara me and you both know it would be the best option, I know you wouldn't want to just leave this world behind especially concerning your... brother but at this point it's your only real option.'' Gaster spoke as my eyes begin to tear up needless to say I was very surprised however just leaving this world along with all my friends and family just felt wrong, in a way that is difficult to describe.

''I know and I love to take your offer so badly but it just feels so selfish.'' I sobbed

''I understand your concerns regarding that but think of it this way their is no way anyone in this world can stop Frisk, it's impossible and I'm offering you an escape from a world of infinite torment and suffering and I'm pretty sure your family would have wanted you to have a good life with no risk of a red soul user ever existing.'' Gaster explained as my sobbing noticeably slowed down

''I guess that makes sense...'' I said as I began to think about the offer, ''Okay Gaster I except the offer.'' I spoke as newfound confidence and DETERMINATION began to appear within the depths of my soul.

''Great but before I send you to this new world their are a few things you will want to know. 1. The inhabitants of this world are vastly different to those in our own as they appear to be sentient equines, as in ponies. 2. I'm going to gift you part of myself-'' as he says this my face begins to contort into concern, ''You need not worry about my own well being for this will not be the first time I will have to do this but hopefully it will be the last. The reasoning behind this gift is that with it we can easily converse so that I need not drag you back to the void if either one of us want to talk to the other. So Chara knowing all that you know now are you ready to take me up on my offer?

I give out a light chuckle as I say, ''Don't think I ever have been ready for anything before so it's hard to tell but I think I am.''

''Ok then Chara good luck and safe travels.'' Gaster spoke as a huge light began to appear underneath my feat.