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All his childhood life, Oculus has been hiding a pretty dumb secret from everybody. He knows it isn't exactly the most disturbing secret to keep, compared to the rest of his friends, but this has been a secret he's been harboring for a while, now.

This is to celebrate the return of my better side; my writing side.

9/19/20 — How did this get on the popular list?! :pinkiegasp:

New coverart! Drawn by Melody Song.

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Well that was an interesting read. Well done, buddy.

Heheh, thank you. :twilightsmile:

Aww! That was beautiful!! Great job on this!

Heh, nice job bud. I love it.


Thank you! I really appreciate it. :heart:

Of course buddy.

I honestly don't see the difference between a female and male changeling. I looked it up to see that there is no difference and that they both have the same wings. But great job. I actually like it. And the problem with the worry about bullying is always relatable. I always thought I looked different and ugly and stuff because everyone in my grade was really skinny, and I'm the opposite. But I eventually learned to not really care much anymore. Just like Oculus

Heheh, thanks. Much appreciated. I'm glad you could relate.

De rien. I'm not one to put down stories and nitpick all the little things wrong with it like annoying plot holes and if I do, I usually try to make it sound like the minor issues are smaller than they really are so it doesn't hurt anybody who is sensitive, or just kinda joke about the little problem things. I'd rather compliment, cause I always find something good about a story, no matter how much I'd like to strangle the writer by their neck for bad grammar. :twilightsmile:

This is a really great read!

Why thank you. It’s one of my shorter works, but suffice to say I tried.

Then I will be sure to check your stories out later!

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