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Tiramisu Tales

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An amusing tale.

Hmm, yes, quite. I rather enjoyed this. A like and watch for you, author. :moustache:
Now, if you'll excuse me...
*Enters Editor Mode*
“Dissycord. Gets it right.” Paul whacked Roots with one of his singed wings, a feeling of superiority washing over him as the pony cringed. “It’s Discord, you idiot. Did you get whacked too hard?” A wicked smile crossed his face. Paul opened his beak, but the only thing that came out was a scream of horror as Roots sent him flying into the black walls of the amphitheater. Roots fell back laughing, rolling in the black sand and squealing in delight. “Yous see that Mister Dissycord? Paul went a’flying! Take that prissy griffon.”
You can't have more than one speaker in the same paragraph. Beside that, I think there are a couple minor errors to look over, but it's often hard to tell with the way Roots and Paul speak. The rest is fine.

Oh, and this: "Discord resisted the urge to ask what they had done once they passed the Room of Eternal Toe Stubbing." Out of everything in this fic, this one sentence had me laugh aloud for a moment. Thanks for that.

Way to go, Tira!

This story is so awesome! :3

FIXED. I can't believe I did such a rookie mistake. Derp. Thank you so much for pointing that out! And thank you for enjoying.

Dear god that was a beautiful description of the horrors of hell :pinkiegasp:i hope to see more of this in the future:pinkiehappy:

Heehee.... Changeling Invasion is hell. :D

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