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This story is a sequel to Magical Mysteries of Hogwarts

After wonderful summer, Twilight's second year at Hogwarts arrives. She and her friends still need to find the rest of crystals. But what happens when a certain someone goes to the dark side?

SunLight, AppleDash

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 12 )

I need to know what happens and great series by the way

Thank you, glad you like it! And I'll be posting next chapter very soon

In the morning I came to Flying class which I had with Sunset and Pinkie. Ugh, flying classes are always so lame. They should let us do dangerous tricks already, what do I have for practicing the same safe thing for a year. If they don't let us do something cool today I'll make sure we manage to still have fun.

Never thought Twilight would be up for dangerous tricks

thoroughly enjoyed it!
Are you thinking of writing more?

Who knows what happened to make her like that. Stay tuned to find out explanation😁

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting and yes, I do plan to write a lot more, I like writing this story😁

You’re welcome(Giggle) and I am(as I said yesterday) looking forward to it!!!!:pinkiehappy:

"I know, I know. I just forgot he will be coming this year. Can't a guy take the hint that I am not interested in him?"

I forgot small details from the first story. How long does she says that's been going on 6 years? So he was trying to befriend an 11 years old girl from his point of view (at that time) while he was 10? And then later it grew into one sided romantic relationship. None of this is even remotely believable.

Which is strange, with all the rainbow things I own and Applejack and me kissing all around all the time I wonder how he didn't notice.

Maybe, because, going with stereotypes.

I don't really understand your point of view. Why is it not believable?
They are almost the same age so it's normal one could develop a crush on the other or try to be friends (like 1-2 years older or younger is all around the same age and completly normal).
And sadly there are some creepy men who don't want to let you alone even after you rejected them and don't take the hint. Sadly it would make sense that he has been crushing on her for years and trying to get with her even if she said no. I tried to point out how wrong and digusting (and even creepy) it is to try to force someone to be with you even after they said no multiple times. Making it last this long makes the creepy and wrong part pointed out even more

Well I am a girl who likes girls and tbh if you aren't comfortable to be completly out yet but want to somehow hint to someone you like girls, the best way to go is wear rainbow stuff (or like say stuff that are in LGBT community hints and codes for sexualities). Rainbow Dash usually wears rainbow stuff so one can easily assume she is into girls (yes, that's a stereotype but I know that I get happy when I meet a girl wearing rainbow skjsksjs) and even I try to hint by for example drawing some rainbow clothes etc. It's a bit more subtle way to hint to other people who are LGBT or supportive that you are LGBT and to have an excuse if a homophobe approaches to say you just wear it because you like it. Of course straight people wear rainbow too but it is most often wore by LGBT people.

1.Maybe it's just me but I can't help it to think that Rainbow Dash is some kind of misandrist who sees other guys as toxic because she 'hates' Fluttershy's brother specifically. And from my point of view girls who display hostility for whatever reason aren't even worth a bother. What I mean is for a guy this hostility could become equally annoying and he could just decide to distance himself from that girl as far away as possible.
2. I have to suspect that a lot of things was just happening in Rainbow Dash's head and other people aren't mind readers and they can't guess someone sexuality because they wear certain things.

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