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Hello, my name is Sam, I'm 17 and I live in the United Kingdom. I'll be going to College soon so please respected if I can't keep track with my stories.


Red Streak is the Leader of his team in the United Kingdom called the Cyber Agents before moving to Canterlot City in the United States with his super modal/actress mother Sapphire Flash, construction worker father Crimson Thunder and hyper but calm high school student older sister Solar Love.

Red is not a shy boy but gets nervous around new people and this effects him making friends. He then goes to his new school CHS and makes friends with the Rainbooms. The Girls don't know that Red was a Cyber Agent. How with Red tell his new friends he's a super hero and how will they react, let's find out in this story.

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What bit was your favourite bit

This is nice. Keep it up

Looking Good, good luck with the next chapter.

Also, quick question. Is the Kaiju being corrupted based off this game: https://ultra.fandom.com/wiki/Mega_Monster_Rush_Ultra_Frontier

I like the design of the monsters with the crystals sort of corrupting the monsters

That may not be the case with the monsters in that game though

But hey maybe the monster hunters themselves may appear

Cool. That game deserves more recognition.

Amazing chapter! So well worth the wait!

Hopely the next chapter will have a better ending

And Ace may show up

Amazing chapter! Definitely worth the wait!

Where are the monsters in the cover art from?

Amazing bonus chapter man! Really enjoyed it

And as for the author note I say next should be the start of the rainbow rocks arc

glad you enjoyed it

did you look at the monsters that were linked

When Adagio was done, she pulled away. Leaving Red as a drained mess. He was pink in the face and his eyes were drained of colour, (sort like what happens in anime. You guys know what I mean.)

yeah most definitely know what you’re talking about

“You won’t get away with this,” Sparkler snarled, “right Ace. Ace?”

But Ace didn’t reply, his eyes were fixated on Sonata. ‘Holy moly, she’s beautiful,’ he thought.

Sonata was the same, she was fixated on Ace, ‘I think I found my special someone,’ she thought, Adagio and Aria said that would never come true, but I believed, and it has.’

More love in bloom :heart:

“One, he’s not my leader,” Sparkler stated, “two, he’s perfectly fine. Right Red?”

Red was still half out of it, and kept muttering, ‘she kissed me’. Sparkler went over to him and smacked him, waking him up from his trance.

“You will never control me!” Red declared.

That’s one way to get him back to his senses

He loved Vanossgaming videos

There videos are amazing :rainbowlaugh:

Amazing chapter! Looking forward to seeing the next one :pinkiehappy:

Well I would say that’s a common way for when someone in a trance of some kind the other person would slap them 😅

Going all cartoon/anime physics in this story

And I like seeing those type of things because they are most enjoying to see :rainbowlaugh:

Like the blank expressions when you forgotten something

More crap like that may happen in the future

Anything else you like about this chapter?

Honestly like the whole thing

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