• Published 12th Sep 2020
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Love in the Library - StormLuna

Final exams were approaching at Canterlot High so I was busy studying and I had lost track of time and wound up getting locked in. Thing is though, I wasn't the only one so needless to stay, things went much different than I would expect.

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Epiloge: Monday Morning

The weekend went by all too fast for Twilight and I. While we did do a fair amount of studying, we probably spent more time making out and just holding one another close, feeling the love radiating from the other. When Monday morning arrived, we were clinging together on one of the couches. We had our arms around one another and were facing the other, our hands clenched tightly together.

I was the first to wake. I looked over to notice that Twilight was still slumbering peacefully. Holding her close like that felt so wonderful, not to mention that deep down I hoped that one day we would wake holding one another close forever. When she finally opened her eyes, I was again drawn in by them. I had never before seen such beautiful eyes and that made my hopes all the more that one day we would wake up together forever.

I gave her a smile and asked, "Has anyone told you how beautiful you are when you wake up?"

She gave me a smile, "Yeah, it was you just yesterday morning!"

I gave her a deep blush, "Oh yes, how could I forget?"

She let go of me and wiped her eyes. She looked up at a nearby clock and suggested, "What do you say we get out of her before we get caught? We certainly wouldn't want that!"

I thought it was a great idea but then something crossed my mind, "But how, the doors aren't open yet and if we try going through the entrance, we'll get caught."

She gave me a smile, "Follow me and everything will be fine."

I got up and we joined hands. I wasn't sure where she was leading us but given that she did this on purpose on what sounded like a regular basis, I knew she'd be able to find a way for us to get out unseen. She must know the library very well because she led us into the back into a hall that had a door at the end of it. She opened the door and we began to navigate our way through what amounted to a dimly lit hallway.

The walk seemed to last forever until right before we got to what was another door. Twilight pushed it open and it led to outside the school on the backside. I gave her a smile and commented, "So that is how you manage to never get caught!"

Twilight replied, "It is." She gave me a smile and asked, "Want to get locked in with me every night until the school year is over?"

I returned the smile, "I'd love too Twilight, I'd absolutely love too!"

We gave one another a kiss before joining hands and walking to the front side of the school. When we arrived, one her friends called out to her, "Twilight!"

We followed the sound of the voice and were quickly greeted by Sunset Shimmer. She saw the direction we came from and asked, "Get yourself locked in....." She then stopped, looked at me and then back at Twilight and continued, "Twilight, are you off the market now?"

Both of us blushed deeply and were unable to answer. Sunset laughed, "You are, aren't you?" She then turned to me and added, "I know I've seen you around but I can't remember your name."

I replied, "My name is Luke. What is yours?"

"My name is Sunset Shimmer." Sunset commented, "You're the one with that big pickup aren't you?"

I replied, "Yes, I am."

She gave me what seemed to be an intense look and said, "You seem nice but you better not ever break Twilight's heart or you'll have to answer to me."

I remember how Sunset and Twilight became friends after she transferred here. I also knew enough about Sunset that anyone who did her friends wrong would not like the results. I replied, "I'm not going to hurt Twilight's feelings. I love her deeply and will do nothing but treat her like the queen she is."

Twilight blushed deeply when I said this and Sunset commented, "Well I believe you but still, I always look out for my friends."

"I understand that entirely." I replied.

Very soon the bell rang and the week for finals had begun. Twilight and I had to break our hand holding as we headed towards our physics final because the school frowned upon public displays of affection. I gave her a smile, "Well I hope we studied enough to ace it."

She gave me a giggle, "Even though we spent more time making out than studying, I'm sure we'll both ace it!"

We squeezed one another's hands right before we entered the building as what we hoped would give us good luck. Soon though, the hand squeezing would become a subtle way of saying, "I love you" for the two of us. As the week progressed and then we graduated, we both had plans for the immediate future but when it came to our long term futures, the only thing we were certain about was that we'd be together forever.

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Great story


Thanks. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Sunset is that overprotective sibling most people have.


By self-insert, it means that I am in the story. The you thing is more of an anon (second person) thing.


That is how I intended her to be. I could see her being that way too.

I think she’s like that in the show too.


That is why I wrote her like that, because that is how she is in Equestria Girls. If Twilight suddenly showed up holding hands with a guy that Sunset barely even knows, she is going to make sure he is good to her....I could see her doing something similar with Fluttershy.

I was busy studying and I had lost track of time and wound up getting locked in.

Why wouldn't the janitor help him out?


He was worried that a janitor would turn him in to the school's administrators and he'd get kicked out of school.

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