• Published 12th Sep 2020
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Love in the Library - StormLuna

Final exams were approaching at Canterlot High so I was busy studying and I had lost track of time and wound up getting locked in. Thing is though, I wasn't the only one so needless to stay, things went much different than I would expect.

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Prelude: Locked in the Library

It was May and final exams were fast approaching at Canterlot High. It was my senior year and while I didn't have to ace my exams to graduate, I still wanted to do as good as possible. My plans for after high school were uncertain but I knew that if I decided to go to college or preferably a vocational school at some point, that better grades would make it more likely I'd get in.

It was Friday night and I was in the library studying. Unlike a lot of the students, I wasn't exactly into the typical Friday night things, things such as parties. Of course I never really fit in with most of the students at CHS because my interests tended to be things that our parents were more into and when it came to their behavior, I thought a majority of them were immature to start with.

On that Friday night I remember staying much later than normal, late enough that I heard the announcement that the library would close in fifteen minutes. Most students would hurry up and quit studying and get out of there at that point but I just let it go over my head. I figured that I could get going at the ten minute announcement and when I heard that, I figured I'd just go at the five minute announcement. I figured that they always had students hanging around until the very end.

I didn't even think anything about it until I heard the announcement that the library was now closed. One thing I did know was that they frowned upon students who were still there when they closed. Given that I was studying in one of the closed off cubicles, when they did their nightly sweep to make sure that no students were still there, they did not see me. The good news, I wouldn't get bitched at for still being there so late. The bad news, I was going to be stuck there until Monday morning and I'd just have to hope that I could sneak out past them before my first class.

I figured I'd get a bit more studying done before they shut off the lights but when the lights went off, I screamed. Sudden things like that always had spooked me. Luckily they were already gone when they went out so they didn't hear it but I did know one thing, trying to get some sleep in the library was going to be impossible. Luckily though, they had couches in there so I headed out of my study area to try and find one.

Unfortunately, the only light available was the light from street lights shining in through the windows and that didn't provide any help. I wound up stumbling around and fell over a couple of chairs before finally finding one over by the windows. The primary thing I hoped at that point was that there weren't any security cameras in that place because if there were, I'd get busted and for all I know, I could even get expelled over such a thing. That was the last thing I would need because that kind of thing would likely prevent me from getting into a vocational school or a college and I had no desire to be working some minimum wage job the rest of my life.