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Cold Blight

horses are ok

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This is very well done. The slow burn and lead up makes it feel much more "real" and less about clop. Keep up the great work!

How're things coming along? I'm looking forward to this story continuing. Hope it isn't yet another good fic that gets abandoned!

I'm currently working on Chapter 5 and the start of Chapter 6. I don't wanna write a chapter and have nothing to fall back on in case something happens, so I'm creating something available to upload at pretty much any time.

This story is gonna be a long one, it's just not easy writing it when I work 48+ hours a week. :twilightsheepish:

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love this story just wanted to know when the next chapter is coming out

You're called Cold Blight, and yet your story is a warm, fuzzy blessing...
False advertisement if ever I saw it.
This is a really sweet story, and I look forward to more Chestnut and Cloudjumper!


Thanks man! More is being written, just slowly. Dealing with quarantining and working on art for money at the moment so storywriting is being (very temporarily) put on the backburner for now. =)

This story sure is slice of life. It helps that they don't screw a day into meeting each other. The build up is sweet. I hope this story continues soon and we see more of Cloudjumper interacting with Chestnut's family.


A buddy of mine is actually helping to toss suggestions/rewrite the first couple of chapters, so hopefully that'll become a bit more enjoyable too. He'll be credited alongside the other editors in the future.

Also, thank you! While I'm not against the usual one-shot fics, I personally find it weirdly rewarding and wholesome to have the characters know more than the lower ends of each other before they start performing bedroom shenanigans.

I just finished a second read-through. I miss this story so much I wouldn't mind commissioning more chapters.


I wouldn't ask or accept someone paying me to write a story that I'm developing between me and my friend's characters. I appreciate the thought, but I'd rather do it at my own pace and not feel obligated to do it because monetary value is involved :twilightsheepish:

Sorry if I offended. It's just sad to see a great story go unfinished. Honestly since I made that comment I've started reading stories that, looking at their post history have updated yearly a couple times! I'll learn to cut people slack and let whatever happens happen. Good things come to those who wait. Thank you for letting me know!


It won't remain unfinished forever, I'm just fleshing out how I want it to continue. I thought I had a good foothold of how I wanted things to happen within the story, but I've hit a roadblock on how I want them to progress. I'd love for the story to go 'all my way', but I have this bad habit of writing stories out in a way where everything just magically works out and no conflict happens at all, which I'm trying to kinda work out.

It's basically created this wall of writing block for this specific story alone, but I feel like I'll be able to get over it if I sit down and really think about what I want them to do. Also, keep in mind that this story is written with someone else's character; Cloudjumper is not mine, she belongs to a close friend of mine while Chestnut is mine. I prefer to go through them to see if I'm writing them correctly for character accuracy since I'm really picky about it.

Gotcha! Thank you for the look into how your processing this story. I can't wait till that wall comes crumbling down.

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