• Published 9th Sep 2020
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An Advantageous Advancement - Some Leech

Seeing as how Anon is a royal servant of the court, Celestia deems fit to give the man a small promotion...

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Hot damn, a sequel

Luna: sister HOW DARE THEE

celestia: i share him with you

Luna: ...... im listening

Anon: wait what?

Do hope you continue with the pair, maybe make it a longer story.

I'm damn tempted to

This was fantastic but then again, it's Some Leech so no surprise there.

If it were me in that situation:

Forgot the human tag dude. Good story by the way.

As popular as they have been you should consider it.

Let’s Go! I needed this

wondering where the cover art from? Been looking but i can't find it.

Should be released publicly soon

Awesome work! I'll be revisiting this for sure.

This is sensuous, sweet, but it also feels incomplete. This story's begging for a bigger stage with more actors. I enjoyed the buildup of things in the relationship more than the clop.

Please tell me there's going to be a third installment of this! this one has been done so well and I'm looking forward to more of Anon the Knight.

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Sep 10th, 2020

“What does your heart say?” she countered, grinning faintly back at him.

Does anyone else hates when someone says this?

“ Please ,” she whispered, all but begging him to continue.

What does that mean?

That was sweet. I teared up a little when he confessed his love for her.

I spotted an error here.

swayed her hips from side to size.

I think you meant side.

This is far from the end of their adventure.

Amended and thanks!


What does that mean?

Might have something to do with her pleading for him to continue.

Of course Bendy would be the one to notice the word 'Size'

I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

Because it said she all BUT begged.

Man, I said it once and I'll say it again. This is some high quality ass shit. :eeyup:
Nah but for real, I'm glad you did a sequel for this, I fucking love Celestia. I really like the way you write clop, Leech. You do a really good job of showing how both characters are doing during their 'transactions'. If you were to make a series out of this I would love you forever. :heart:

And uhhh can I get the sauce on that cover art?

Never mind the previous comment, that was both adorable and funny. And hey Anon now can have bragging rights, he literally made the sun made a flip. Boy a lot of nocturnal animals are gonna a be so confused right now.

The event was probably going something like this

Luna is will be either "I'm gonna kill Tia"


"…I want what she is having"

I know right? I just love stories like this, especially when Sun Horse is involved.


You other stallions can't deny
When a mare walks in with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung

Thank you for your kind words.
As it so happens, I am planning on making a series out of this following the same format (Single, two chapter stories)

In regards to the cover art, Dank should be posting it soon

It’s every bodies favorite author back at it again with the best pone

Wow SomeLeech, that was surprisingly heart-warming & romantic! I will have to take a look at some more of your works.

This is a damned good idea.

“Ah, Anon, I trust thee fare well this fine evening?”

thou farest

a millennia

a millennium

“hast though confessed your feelings for my sister?”

hast thou confessed thy (my sister is correct)

“‘Tisn’t my place to say, although I suspect you already know the answer. If you’re so perplexed, perhaps you should address the matter with her thusly,” Luna tutted.

'Tisn't is a double contraction, unlikely to be used in formal speech. 'Tis not would be better. Thusly should be omitted, because it means "like this" and she doesn't say like what.

“What does your heart say?” she countered, grinning faintly back at him.

I tend not to offer corrections for correct modern English spoken by Luna when she's otherwise speaking in Olden, because she's trying to learn to be more modern and slipping into and out of it is logical, but consider the following: What sayeth thine heart?

I'm an very happy that you continued this story. Sometimes you just need a happy romance when real life can be a bit depressing.

You capture the joy they have for each other quite well. The scene in the bakery-getting lost in each other's eyes-was well done.
And the ending, I lost it when she flattened him.
Could you imagine Anon bragging "I fucked the sun back up," though I suspose he wouldn't do that.

I'm glad Luna approves, more or less. I would like to know how she actually feels about the situation. We only heard what she said to Anon directly, which could have been censored to spare her sisters feelings.

I'm also pleased that you hinted at a third installment. Will they move in together? Will the aristocrats protest against a human consort like in other HiE stories? Will they start calling each other by sappy pretty names? Will one of them propose?

Thank you for posting.


All these questions and more will be answered in the next thrilling episode of Dragon Ball Z Anon/Cele Love-fest!!!

I used to be able to read these romantic type of fics for ages. Now, I cannot. Suppose my mentality has changed as I've aged. Regardless, the parts that I did read, it was written incredibly well and it was entertaining. From what I saw, I think you managed to capture Celestia's personality perfectly and how she probably would be if she existed.

I have to admit, your fics never cease to amaze me. Bravo, dear sir/madam.

(I still adore your gravemind reference on your profile)


clearly wasn’t designed to be donned or doffed in a hurry

If I were as big a nerd as Twilight Sparkle, I'd say something about how someone using those words correctly for a change is the biggest turn-on in the entire fic. :trollestia:

But I'm only almost as big a nerd, so I'm only almost saying it. :rainbowlaugh:

Damn, Anon. That's one way to raise the sun. :trollestia:

I'm glad you appreciated that little bit XD

Why is it never

Driven by passion, heedless of the repercussions, he burst into his Princess’ chamber. The sight which greeted him left him frozen, panting and sweating, just inside her room. Celestia lay atop her bed, with a thin sheet draped over her lower back and hind legs. With a bottle of wine under one forehoof, and her head upon a box of chocolates , she rested - asleep snoring like a old diesel engine.

That's more Chrysalis' style
And it'd be a box of wine

Ok part 3 is need.... I t should be 4 to months later and they find out she is pregnant.

And if others don't like it, they can bite your shiny metal ass.

I really liked the first one and I love this one. I'm happy you continued their story. There's so much potential.

Comment posted by Novapony deleted Jan 4th, 2021

The accompanying gambeson, while surprisingly breathable and comfortable, stayed with him throughout the day. The garment was slightly more formal than his usual attire, but he thought it looked rather fetching and it reminded him of his newly acquired rank.

Hmmm a gambeson... It is fundamentally a quilted jacket with laced sleeves and as it is made to stay underneath the armor it has to be quite plain for functional reasons... Now some gambeson CAN be made "fancy" but they are the kind that go alone as padded armor.

I'm gonna give you +5 points for catching that reference!

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