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Nicely done! A little

Luna replied, "I'm fine, it is just that you're about to pop my cherry. Thrust me but be gentle please." error I noticed


Don't be upset but I'm not seeing an error there.

Good ending. Just hope it won't end it pregnancy, try to explain that

Really? I assumed Luna meant to say he shall trust her


Nope, that is her requesting for him to be gentle. Regarding the pregnancy thing, that did cross my mind but if I do a sequel to this, that might happen because I am contemplating marriage for the two after he graduates. I'm also thinking of writing a story for Principal Celestia and Sunrise, which would be done in third person and would not be a self-insert, it would be an OC story.

Sounds good to me and I'd look forward to see that


Thanks. I was initially thinking of having Luke have both sisters but given that it is a self-insert, I chose for him to do what I would do, stick with just one, the one he fell in love with. Now Sunrise will likely be a rather timid, very modest girl and it will take Celestia to get her to come out of her shell.

Understandable. And kinda sounds similar to a private story I worked on


I'm taking it that is a story that you wrote just for yourself?, one that no one else will see?

Kinda, was an idea between me and another author, which I haven't seen since April, yet I felt like I should finish it. But you like, I could explain/show you


I have a feeling it is a story that you'll need to PM me the link to, and the password if you do that.

Of course in a PM, where else?


I figure that is better than in the comments section where every guy and his dog would see it.

Sure, you call always delete said comments


Here is the thing, having deleted comments in one's stories makes the author look like a snowflake and I really don't want that.

UNderstandable. Sorry, old habit


It's alright. Early on I would do that and I have seen some people get attacked mercilessly for doing it. I had someone throw personal insults at me over a Twilight Sparkle x Twilight Velvet incest story but rather than deleting them, I just let them stay and took those comments with a grain of salt.

Nice fic. Not much else to say about it. :eeyup:


Thanks. I threw in the ending I did in the end. I figured it would be best for Luna to have Luke to herself and came up with someone for Celestia to pursue.


Thanks, I'm glad you like it.


Well I have one involving a very close friend of Luke's (a female) going on involving Principal Celestia.


Thanks! Right now I'm working on a sister story to it involving Luke's best friend and Principal Celestia.

More for me read then. Sharing is nice and all, but some times you just need to be selfish and not share


Well Principal Celestia will wind up hooking up with a girl named Sunrise (yes she's 18) who is Luke's best friend. I'm then thinking ultimately a double wedding.

This was really cute. :heart: I'm hoping to do something like this with Luna in one of my own stories.


Thanks. I have a whole series planned out with Luna and Luke. Let's just say their journey together has plenty of wonderful times ahead.

Looking forward to Celestias story.


It is in the works right now.

Perhaps she called me in for this because now that I'm 18, this is perfectly legal.

Wait, is he 18 or about to be 18?

This gave me an idea, an idea that would cause Celestia to drop all this. I suggested, "Principal Celestia, I have a friend that goes by the name of Sunrise. I'm not sure if you're into women or not but if you are, she is of legal age and goes on and on about how hot you are."

I’m sensing a sequel.


It is in in the works. I'm not sure how long it will be until I complete it though.

Then why did it say he was about to be 18? Was there a timeskip?


He said he was 18, not about to be 18.

But it said it was a few days before his 18th birthday in the first chapter.

Oh ok. I don’t know how I missed that.


I have so many different things running through my mind but if I ever do a sequel to this, pregnancy might come into play, well pregnancy and marriage. One thing is for sure though, it won't happen until after Luke graduates and they've been together for a while.

Of course. I just meant if she got pregnant after that, he would be in big trouble, wouldn't he?


If she got pregnant while he was still in school, yes. Celestia wouldn't mind but the superintendent would be very unhappy that she'd been having sex with one of her students.

She definitely would be on the verge of losing her job if she got knocked up. But depending on when exactly in the school year this happens, graduation could be the unexpected alleviation for the two of them. One can keep their job, the other is a graduate and legal adult.


If I ever get around to doing a sequel on this, that would be a good time.

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