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Hi my name is Jaimee Wordsworth and I love story writing. I'm mostly a digital artist but with that comes creative writing so it gives me the chance to create worlds and characters of my own!


An old friend of Princess Celestia has been found frozen in time deep in the Frozen North not far from The Crystal Empire. But when she regains her memory after being thawed, of the events that happened 1000 years earlier, things do not vote well for Celestia. As painful memories resurface of a dark day, will Flame mend her friendship with the princess? Or will she revert to revenge instead?

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This reads promising, if a little rushed

and a bit AU, Sombra wanted to rule the Empire not banish it.

How do that gave a flatscreen TV. Equestria isn't at that tech level yet?

Let's call it an upgraded version of the universe they're in?

*Luna. She has no R in her name

Princess Lunar looked at the concern in her elder sister's purple eyes and smiled, "Yes dear sister, I'll be fine. It's just a extra long deep sleep that will be the only thing that is different this time. I'd better get started." With Celestia's hesitant nod of approval she watched as the dark navy blue winged unicorn mare with sparkling blue wavy hair compose herself to focus her energy on entering into a state that would allow her to enter the dream world but still be in control of everything around her. This was known as Lucid Dreaming and she always used the moon as a symbol to let her know she was dreaming. She decided to use her usual escape route of flashing her horn like a flashlight 3 times to wake up.

1) Her name is 'Luna', not 'Lunar'.

2) She's an alicorn, not a unicorn.

You mean Bode well for celestia, not vote well. Fix that little error please, thanks

this felt like a wasted chapter. we know these events already. adding luna observing didn't change much

Thank you for your opinion but It's actually a little different from what originally happened since its a memory from 1000 years ago... it would be a little distorted. She won't be able to remember it when she comes out of the coma.... (Hint there, oops lol).

not much though.

you could have mentioned what Luna saw in the dream while moving the plot forward.

I suggest adding some line breaks, the story is too blocky. Also, the characters sound like robots. Try to make it flow better

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