• Published 4th Sep 2020
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Frozen Flame - LavenderRain24

A pony frozen for 1000 years is thawed out only to find herself trapped in an unfamiliar world of the future.

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Chapter 4 - Nightmare

"Ahh! NO NOT AGAIN!" Flame yelled in terror as she felt her body began to shiver from the adrenalin. "Please! Leave me alone!" Princess Luna looked at the young mare watching in shock as the dream quickly grew into a nightmare. She could feel the familiar energy of her own monster she'd created that controlled nightmares she would relive in order to punish herself for becoming Nightmare Moon. She panicked slightly with heavy breathing and closing her cyan eyes, she focused all her energy on the task she came to complete and reopened them revealing the situation in front of her.

"Flame! You're ok! It's me, Princess of the Night..." she flew to the mare and gently placed a hoof against the mare's right cheek nudging her to lift her head.

"Sniff... Hu?" she reluctantly looks up at the dark blue Alicorn standing tall above her. "Princess Luna? What are you...?" Suddenly before Luna could respond, the void turned into a blue grey mist that surrounded a foggy, snow covered mountain.

"The Northern Mountains? That's all the way at the Crystal Empire!" Luna gasped as she slowly pieced the puzzle together. Flame wasn't just having a nightmare, she was reliving the day she was attacked! She could see a black haze coming towards the mare as it grew in size and height. When it was almost as tall as the mountain itself, the haze turned into a thick black smokey cloud of fog that rose above the two mares.

Then, out of the smoke, a pair of pointed red eyes opened out of no where staring down at Flame with an evil glare. "Flame... is that?" Luna gulped slightly as she slowly realised who they were standing against... the Shadow King himself from 1000 years ago.

"You shall not leave this city!" he raised his deep gut-wrenching voice as he reared his head over them. Flame stood up and stood her ground just as she did on that day.

"Let me go! You will NOT win. I'll make sure of that!" she snorted and the king laughed loudly.

"Who is this that challenges me? You're nothing but a defenceless Earth Pony! You cannot hurt me!" He snared at the red mare as her mane picked up off her neck and began to blow in the wind of the blizzard forming around them. Her tail lifted into the air in the same motion.

"No. But I DO have the ability to get help from the Sun and Moon Princesses!"

"HA! We'll see about that!" He reared back again as he began his charge towards the mare to try engulfing her with smoke. He managed to for a few seconds but she was able to break free by leaping out of his smokey fog. Coughing as she tried to catch her breath, he charged at her again. This time, he focused his black magic at the pony as she sprinted across the snow.

She looked back up at him from over her shoulder and saw him changing form from a thick haze, to a full body pony chasing her on the back of a large magic crystal generated from his own dark magic. He snared at her with his sharp teeth and his red cape the was lined with white fur blew in the wind as he rode the crystal her way. She screamed and dodged a blast of magic he shot from his red tipped curved horn. He blasted he a couple of times before she reached the base of the mountain and was trapped beside a large ice cliff.

"Hahaha! No where left to run LITTLE PONY! You will NOT get in my way!" She looked around frantically for a way out of the situation but felt her heart sink when she realised she was truly trapped and cornered by the beast.

"Go ahead! Do your worst! I'll find a way out and fulfil my task from the queen!" she said but she was trembling inside as she tried not to show her fear. Just at that time, Princess Luna watched as another pony came into view out of the void and saw that it was a Crystal Guard.

"FLAME!" he called but he was barely heard over the howling wind of the snow blizzard that had begun earlier. The Shadow King grinned an evil grin as an idea sparked in his mind.

Preparing his dark magic that shone from his horn, he stood tall and claimed, "This is MY time foolish mare. This... is the end for you!" He gave her a shallow glare as he used his magic to blast an ancient ice spell casted right at her completely encasing her with strong thick magic ice.

Luna watched in horror as the ice formed around the pony and there was nothing she could do as it was her own memory. Soon after, the red mare was freed from the ice and the first thing she saw was Celestia and another Crystal guard standing below her and talking to themselves. "Princess! I found her while on my route of checking the furthest boarders of the plains around the empire. I didn't know what to do so I sent word back to the palace."

"Good work General, I can hardly believe my eyes. She can't be.... alive...." But just as she said that the guard looked closer at the face of the encased pony and jumped back when he saw an ear move slightly beneath the ice.

"Your Highness! Look!" he pointed to the ear that twitched hoping to catch it doing it again for the princess. And it did, just when the princess looked up, the ear twitched again - ever so slightly, but enough to let them know that she was still alive.

"Oh my goodness! We must thaw her out and get a medic here immediately!"

Luna watched as the guard raced off and moments later a team came to thaw her out and once the mare was freed from the ice, the mare was almost purple due to being frozen stiff for so long. The princess caught the mare as she fell free from the icy cliff. The red mare briefly managed to open her yellow eyes and gave a weak smile, "P-princess?.... Empire... Queen Light... need... help.... Shadow..." then she passed out completely leaving Celestia speachless.

Luna felt awful at what she just witnessed. The mare must have felt that she let down the queen she served. But it wasn't her fault the king blocked her path and attacked her instead. Luna began to feel a little weaker than usual, uh-oh... time to leave, so she used up her energy to swiftly but gently leave the mare's mind.

Author's Note:

Luna learns what occurred the day that Flame was attacked and how she was rescued. But why did Luna feel week as she was about to leave the mare's mind? Find out in the next chapter of the story!

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this felt like a wasted chapter. we know these events already. adding luna observing didn't change much

Thank you for your opinion but It's actually a little different from what originally happened since its a memory from 1000 years ago... it would be a little distorted. She won't be able to remember it when she comes out of the coma.... (Hint there, oops lol).

not much though.

you could have mentioned what Luna saw in the dream while moving the plot forward.

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