• Published 4th Sep 2020
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Frozen Flame - LavenderRain24

A pony frozen for 1000 years is thawed out only to find herself trapped in an unfamiliar world of the future.

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Chapter 3 - Lucid Dreaming

Having made there way cautiously to Canterlot Castle and into the same tower as the princess's chamber, Flame slept soundly in the large round bed plumped up by soft velvet red and orange cushions and pillows with matching gradient fire coloured bed covers. She had the room especially decorated by her maids to suit her oldest friend's favourite colours to make her feel more comfortable. Though Flame still contained the IV drip and a newly invented but approved machine to print out rolls of paper containing her vital signs. There was a large arched window that had a point at the top that was covered by silk dark red curtains.

There was a knock at the door as Celestia was watching the doctor inspect the room in order to be approved for the patient's accommodations. The white alicorn mare turned around to see her younger sister pop her head in with a look of curiosity. "Hello sister! Oh... what's this about?" The dark navy blue alicorn with cobalt blue sparkly mane and tail looked at the young pony laying in the spare bedroom with a special bandage wrapped around her chest.

"Hi Lunar... you remember a young pony I use to be good friends with before you were, you know..."

"Banished to the moon? I know, Flame wasn't it? There was a rumour that she went missing during that attack from the Shadow King." She raised an eye brow as a hint for clarification.

Celestia shook her head, "Turns out it was just that... a rumour. This is Flame here, alive but not so well." The younger princess of the night looked back at the red mare sleeping with steady breathing and couldn't believe her eyes.

"NO!...." She whispered loudly trying not to wake the mare. "But how is she still so young and even alive at all? She's just an Earth pony so she's not eternal like us alicorns." She lifted her right hoof and rubbed her head with the underside of the black royal shoe that covered her hoof.

Celestia thought deeply for a moment, "I'm not too sure yet but I believe it has something to do with what Discord said to me in the hospital."

"Oh no not Discord.... you had a visit from HIM?" Celestia laughed softly and nodded. "What did he want this time?"

"He said something about Flame being of interest to him. Said she seemed magical. But how? If she were a unicorn, I would've sensed the magic in her as I did with Twilight. Plus the giant dragon head sticking out of the building helped me discover her talents also." Laughing at the memory of the first time she met Twilight.

"Really? Weird... But I guess if he says so then it must mean somethings' up with your friend there then. I could...." she lingered on saying the last word for effect to show that she was thinking of a possible idea.

Celestia lowered one eyebrow and raised the other, "What Lunar?"

"Well, you know how I protect the Dream World, I could visit her in her dreams to see if she has any memories of possessing magic of any kind? I could even see if I could find out what happened when I go on my routine of entering dreams tonight? It is almost time for me to do it anyway..." she suggested the plan to her big sister and watched as the sun princess focused on the floor in front of her tapping her hoof on her muzzle as she thought about the idea.

"Mmm... wouldn't it be risky since she's barely just come out of an 1000 year coma? What about any affects on her and you with entering her mind?" Lunar could tell her sister was worried so she decided that even though there was a slight chance of herself going into a coma after entering the mare's mind, or even being trapped inside the mare due to her weak state, she would say, "The only risks involved would be the usual where the dream would become so hectic and out of control I'd have to leave the pony's mind and let them figure it out. It'll be alright, if it gets messy at all, I'll leave at the first sign of trouble."

"Fine.... But I'll be watching the entire time to be safe. Doctor Heart Well, is everything all good?" Heart Well looked over his clipboard check list and flipped the pages with his green magic.

Looking up at the princesses he glared at them before giving a warm smile of approval, "Very good Your Highness! The environment she's been moved too meets our requirements no problem. You know to call us for any emergancies involving her health condition? Unless of course we arrive anyway due to the device in her bandage letting us know if anything changes."

"Yes Doctor, of course." He finished writing down some details on the piece of parchment paper using a red feather quill.

"Ok then it's all signed and approved for her to stay here. Here is a copy of what I've assessed of her condition and situation along with the approval mark for the move of the patient. And that is my job done for now." the unicorn stallion handed Princess Celestia the form and he picked up his bag and briefcase.

"Thank you Doctor, we will keep you informed of her progress. My guard here will show you out." he bowed in respect and followed the guard out into the corridor to leave the castle. "Now, Lunar, are you sure you want to do this?"

Princess Lunar looked at the concern in her elder sister's purple eyes and smiled, "Yes dear sister, I'll be fine. It's just a extra long deep sleep that will be the only thing that is different this time. I'd better get started." With Celestia's hesitant nod of approval she watched as the dark navy blue winged unicorn mare with sparkling blue wavy hair compose herself to focus her energy on entering into a state that would allow her to enter the dream world but still be in control of everything around her. This was known as Lucid Dreaming and she always used the moon as a symbol to let her know she was dreaming. She decided to use her usual escape route of flashing her horn like a flashlight 3 times to wake up.

Taking several deep slow breaths and under the watchful nervous eye of Princess Celestia, she felt her mind go from black to white and then Celestia saw a stream of white magic come from the young alicorn's horn that would act as a link between minds. Within a time frame of a few seconds she was transported from her body into the mind of the young mare. She was greeted with a pitch black void of emptiness. No sound, light or anything in sight. "HELLO?" She called out and heard her deep voice echo against the void. Suddenly a red glow began to grow in front of her about 5 meters away. "Flame?" she asked in a lower volume. The young mare slowly faded into view and Lunar noticed she was tucked up into a tight ball with her front hooves covering her head in fear.

Author's Note:

Celestia moves Flame to a special room in her home and when Lunar meets them, she convinces Tia to let her take a visit into Flame's dreams to see if she could learn anything on what happened the day she was injured. But is there a risk to Lunar's health with Flame being in a coma? Find out what happens in her dreams in the next chapter!