• Published 4th Sep 2020
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Frozen Flame - LavenderRain24

A pony frozen for 1000 years is thawed out only to find herself trapped in an unfamiliar world of the future.

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Chapter 1 - The Messenger

The Queen looked around and stood in silent taking in the morning air, it was dead still that day. "Something feels off..." She whispered. Just then, the white mare looked up and saw a thick black smokey fog rise from the distant snowy mountains. "What the? Oh no..." her purple eyes widened in terror as she recognised the black fog.

"Mwahahahaha!" A deep evil laugh could be heard throughout the empire. Ponies that shone like crystals lifted their heads as it spooked them."YOU do not belong here Queeny, this land belongs to me, King of the Frozen North."

"Ha, in your dreams Sombra... We have the right to live here!" She called out in her speech voice. "YOU WERE DEFEATED LONG AGO!" The winged mare shook her pale yellow mane back behind her neck as the king laughed, mocking her claim.

"Think again, I am reclaiming my land and NO PONY STOP ME!" Queen Light Shard gasped as he grew larger in size and began his charge towards the crystallised city gate. She turned to her assistant, "Queen get me the messenger pony!"

"I'M HERE YOUR HIGHNESS, Whoah!" the red mare slid on the tiles and crashed into the wall right next to the very guard the queen was talking to. The guard tried his best not to heave a disappointed sigh in front of Her Highness, so instead he ended up blushing bright red which stood out way too much against his blue fur coat.

"Oh good! Now listen carefully Flame! I need you to send a message to the Canterlot Princesses at once! Tell them we need help now!" She quickly scribbled down the letter with her yellow magic and gave it to the earth pony with bright orange and white mane and tail.

Shoving it into her message bag she nodded then before leaving she gave a quick salut of the hoof in respect. Then she smiled, "YES MY QUEEN!" Even though the city was a train ride away, she'd still have to make it from the gate to the station itself at the edge of the snow line.

"OH NO you don't!" The dark king hollered and shot his magic through the ground creating a vein ripping right towards the castle, up the support beams and shot crystals up through the floor just about hitting Flame and the queen off the balcony. But one of the guards grabbed Her Highness before she toppled over the railing and Flame managed to grab hold of it on her own regaining her balance.

"GO Flame, don't worry about us, just go get help!"

The wind blew through Her Highness's bedroom chamber as the red pony took one last look at her mentor and fled the castle, winding her way through the corridors and down the staircases. Her yellow eyes peered up ahead when she got to the courtyard under the castle where the Crystal Heart was hovering on its turquoise crystal pillars. She peered up town and spotted the route she would take leading straight to the gate."Flame! What's going on?" It was a little filly with an orange coat and strawberry pink wavy hair.

"Minty! You're suppose to be at home! Mother will freak!"

"Aw but big sis.... I wanna help!" Flame sighed and decided she didn't have time to argue.

"Fine, you can help by going back home and staying safe! I have to go to Canterlot City. The Empire is under threat! Now please little sis, I love you but please stay home and stay safe. She saw the disappointment in her sister's purple eyes but stood her ground.

"Aw... okay.... Love you too sis! Be careful!"

"I will..." She took one last look at the filly as she headed in the direction of their house near the castle courtyard. Smiling her approval, she turned her focus back on reaching the Crystal Gate. Dark black, red and purple crystals started shooting up from underground as the king made his way to the boarder line of the empire city. She gulped down her fear and made it through the gate without a break from galloping. The brown leather saddle bags bounced lightly against her sides and she hoped to Celestia that the clips wouldn't bounce undone so that the letter would fly out. She looked over her shoulder at the bag on her right with the royal silver buckle. It was still clipped shut and she sighed with relief turning her eyes back onto the road ahead.

"I can see you little pony! You stick out like blood in the snow!" He snarled at the mare making her quiver at that nice little image he planted in her brain. 'Gee thanks for that cheery though Your Majesty!' she thought sarcastically and rolled her amber orange eyes.

Racing closer to the lonely railway station where the train had just arrived from its late routine. But just as she was ten feet away from the wooden platform covered in clumps of snow, he blasted a beam of dark red magic and hit the ground just inches away from her front hooves! It shook the ground briefly melting the snow beneath her. But with the blizzard forming with his arrival, the patch of dirt was quickly buried under 3 inches of snow.

"Aiy! Gee that was close!" Her heart pounded against her chest so hard she could feel it without even touching her chest. She spun round to see him hovering high above her head making her feel just as small as an ant would to her. Glaring at him she spoke out first, "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" She demanded with a stomp of her hoof.

"Wow aren't we fierce today? Feeling daring are we? Especially for some one who doesn't have wings or magic to defend herself! BAH! Such a fool!" As he said this Flame had made a plan to head towards the mountain to draw him away from his prize so to distract him enough so she could sneak away on the other side and reach the station to go to Princess Celestia for help. She bolted for it as he was talking to her.


Back at the castle the walls crumbled slightly as Queen Light Shard pressed herself against the wall pillar to get clear of falling debris. The guard stepped back himself as he was about to save Her Highness. "You alright My Queen?"

Sighing in relief, "Yes... I believe so Echo Sonic... Wait what's going out there?" She looked outside beyond the gate to see King Sombra chasing after something in the distance. "Is that... FLAME! Echo! Go help her... She's under attack from the Shadow King! She has no defence!" She panicked ordering him to follow her but was reassured when he responded with a salut and bolted out the double doors to her room. "Good.... he's a unicorn with level 3 magic he'll be able to defend Flame. I should've sent him with her in the first place.." Sighing at her regret she watched helplessly as he left the palace below and raced down the street towards the Crystal Gate.

"Why are you running little pony? SCARED of me?" The Shadow King laughed hysterically but Flame still pushed on even though she was frozen to her bones as she finally reached the foot of the mountain. But just as she did he blasted a bolt of magic light almost hitting her from behind.

Bolting out of the way dodging each blast he sent out she rapidly grew tired and the thick snow storm AND the deep snow beneath her hooves made it extra hard for her to keep this up for much longer. "THAT's IT!" He rose up higher into the clouds preparing for the final blast of magic. When Flame was backed up against the cliff at the bottom of the mountain pass. She looked beyond the King back to the Crystal Empire feeling hopelessly outnumbered and feelings like a complete failure to the queen. The last thing she expected to see was a royal guard racing out of the city towards her in the distance.

"FLAME!" He shouted with a look of pure terror written over his face.

It was her friend "Echo?" She called back. But was distracted when she saw the smokey black fog change form and the king himself appeared on a large crystal above her. His evil stare glaring deep into her soul sending a shiver down her spine. "Oh... no..."

Then it all happened so quickly, she watched in horror as a bolt of red light came right at her striking her in the chest sending a burning sensation through her body that rapidly became completely frozen solid and completely surrounded in a block of thick ice. "FLAME!!!! NO!!" She could still hear everything going on as he fought bravely against the king but was wounded in his back leg. While he's down the Shadow King laughs out loud in victory.

"Now little ponies, watch as I banish your precious little Empire to the Frozen North for 1000 years!" King Sombra chuckled in amusement as he raced toward the city in full force back in the Black Fog form. Flame could barely even shiver inside the block of ice and felt her mind slipping into the dark void as she watched her home be destroyed by the evil entity before everything around her turned black and fell into an unconscious state.

Author's Note:

Under the reign of the first queen of The Crystal Empire, the city is under siege by the Shadow King himself as he threatens to banish the entire empire to the Frozen North for 1000 years. How is Flame supposed to get help when she herself has been encased in pure ice?