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Rainbow Dash is neither romantic nor superstitious. Today might just change one of those things.

Originally an entry to a Quills and Sofas Panic Fiction with the prompt "Superstitions", now an entry to the AppleDash Warm and Fuzzy Feelings Event.

Thanks to Undome Tinwe, Seer, and KrazyTheFox for editing.

Cover art by Garaganzya.

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Comments ( 15 )

This was the good fluff stuff. You have a way of portraying emotions, whether good or bad, excellently, Wish. I really enjoyed this. Nice job.

Wonderfully atmospheric writing. You really sold the emotional tone and made the whole thing feel like a genuine celebration of love using very few words. A lot of authors could learn a lot from studying your fics.

Great work wish :)

This was really wholesome and emotional, really does a lot for how short it is. Wonderful story!

This is some good ship right here.

I usually skip wedding fanfics, but I'm glad I gave a chance for this one. Quite heartwarming and sweet :rainbowkiss: :heart:

Wonderful stuff Wish! You continue to make artful and engaging the minutia of the character's lives. It's a rare talent to be able to create tales like this, that live and breathe so realistically, that feel so tangible and so relatable.
Also, real talk, why you gotta make ya boi squeal in his highest pitch voice at how sweet AJ and RD's interactions are? How RD wants to wear a dress secretly, how they literally can't even keep their eyes off each other throughout their wedding ceremony, it's all just lovely stuff.
This is a fic that breathes love, and it does so in such a beautifully down to earth way.
It was great, you're great, write more like this, the world needs it.

i couldn't scroll down all the way, please write less words next time so i can get to the bottom

Huh, usually itโ€™s Rainbow wearing the tux or they both wear dresses.

Not complaining though, love the story. I keep thinking this event is finished and it just keeps on giving!

This was really adorable! Usually not a huge fan of Rainbow or Applejack, but their wedding was really sweet.


I'm gonna be completely honest, Rainbow wearing a dress and Applejack wearing a tux was something I did for myself, haha. My in story reasoning is that Rainbow knows she can rock a dress and is, at this point, willing to admit that to herself and AJ (but no one else), and also Rainbow thinks Applejack would look great in a tux. Really, though, I just like how Rainbow looks in a dress and think AJ looks better in a tux than a dress :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed!


Mel... ;~; Seriously, thank you so much. That means a lot, especially considering I feel I've learned a lot from your writing.


Thank you, Seer. :heart: Hopefully there will be more wish romance soon.

Comment posted by flutterJackdash deleted Nov 3rd, 2020

Yeah, that was p. gay.


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