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Changes In A Rainbow - My Rainbow Dash

Insults from friends is painful. But when Rainbow's parents tell her that they're moving back to their hometown, she realizes that her life will be changing.

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Chapter 15: Dinner With Friends and Their Counterparts

After a good thirty-minute nap, the rainbow-haired girl began reorganizing her room to fit thirteen teenagers, including herself, seventeen ponies, and one dragon. She sighed.

"This is going to be rough," she told herself, "and how many beings is that? We have eighteen beings from Equestria and thirteen from here. But wait, that's a total of thirty-one beings! How the fuck are they going to all fit in here? I could always open the ice room. Plus, they're going to have to exit the portal from the ice room so maybe it's best to have dinner in there. Plus, it doesn't seem that cold in there. Well, at least for me, that is." She took a breath. "I don't know what I've gotten myself into." There was a knock on the front door and she knew who it was going to be. She ran down the stairs to the door and opened it to see her friends from CHS, (Cloudsdale High School obviously), a few of them carrying bags of food. As they all entered the house and Dash closed the front door, she bit her lip and kept quiet. Her friends quickly noticed it and Spitfire walked up to her friend.

"Dash, are you okay?" Rainbow looked away and rubbed her arm. "What are they going to say once I tell them that their pony counterparts were going to be joining them for dinner?! Dash, you've got to say something, and you've got to say it now!" She sighed before speaking.

"Umm, well, you see..." Surprise interrupted her.

"Ooh ooh! You invited our counterparts for dinner so they're going to be joining us and now you're super scared of what we're going to say when you tell us about it. Plus, you also created a room made of ice that holds a portal that connects to Equestria." Rainbow's jaw dropped, then again, Surprise acted just like Pinkie Pie so it wouldn't be that surprising. Pun intended. Rainbow's friends looked at her.

"Is she being serious about this, Crash?" Fleetfoot asked her friend. Rainbow looked away and nodded her head.

"Yes, what she said is true. From the room made of ice; to the portal to Equestria; to me inviting our counterparts over for dinner. All of it is true." Blaze spoke up.

"But wait, don't they eat things that don't involve meat or anything like we humans eat?" Rainbow nodded her head.

"Yes, they went back to Equestria to pick up some food they could eat while they have dinner with us." She led her friends up to her room. "Anyway, let's get this place set up for thirteen teenagers, seventeen ponies, and a baby dragon. That leaves us with a total of thirty-one beings in a single room. How are we supposed to handle that?" Misty Fly put a hand to her chin.

"Why not use that new room you added? That could help with the spacing issue, right?" Rainbow bit her lower lip again and nodded.

"Follow me. I'll show you the new room." She walked up to her room with her twelve friends trailing behind her. Once they reached her room they entered the large living space which seemed to have been rearranged a bit to fit the newcomers. What surprised them all were the two large ice doors that stretched to the corners of the wall. Rainbow opened the doors and stepped into the glaciered room. She stopped in midstep and turned around to grab something in her room. A few seconds later she walked back and continued walking to the back of the room where a large mirror of ice stood. She stopped in front of it and reached up to grab the book resting upon the mirror. She turned around to face her friends and opened the book, pen in hand. She took a breath before writing something inside it.

"Ready when you are." Was what it read. A minute or so later, the book glowed and vibrated and Rainbow Dash opened the book.

"Perfect," was the response, "now just place where the book was before and we'll be coming through shortly." Rainbow smiled to herself as she closed the book and placed it where it stood before the mirror. A blast of magic shot down from the book and hit the mirror. The crystallized ice started to glow and a spiraling pattern began forming in the center. The polychromatic girl and her friends took a few steps back so anypony who exited the portal wouldn't crash into them. She remembered from when Twilight exited the portal at Canterlot High she'd always end up flying out of the portal. Rainbow bit her lip and looked down at her outfit, remembering that she was still in the ice dress that she made. She used her super speed to go to the other side of the room. Once there, she spun on one foot on point, and her outfit changed to a pair of ice-blue sweatpants and a sports bra. She heard chuckles behind her. The rainbow-haired girl turned around to face her friends.

"What?" She asked. The boys continued to chuckle, and the girls rolled their eyes at them. They then looked back at Dash. Spitfire stepped forward.

"What's with the outfit change?" Rainbow shrugged.

"I wanted to change into something more comfortable. Wearing a dress isn't always the most comfortable thing." The girls all nodded. Fleetfoot smiled.

"Does that mean that we can all remove our tops, cause we're all wearing sports bras?" Rainbow chuckled.

"I honestly do not care at all," Soarin spoke up.

"Does that mean that we gentlemen can do the same?" The boys broke out laughing and the girls gave them a deadpan look. While the boys were distracted, the girls removed their shirts and tossed them aside.

"Don't forget to pick them up before you leave," Rainbow muttered to them and they all giggled. They turned to the boys, wanting to see what they were up to, but Dash instantly regretted doing so. The boys had all stripped of their shirts, and Rainbow found herself staring at her boyfriend's muscular form. He noticed her staring and smirked. Dash instantly turned away, covering her burning red face in her hair. Spitfire and Misty had the same reactions to their boyfriends. The boys and remaining girls laughed at their actions while Dash, Spitfire, and Misty fell to their knees, their faces still red from embarrassment. They too began laughing after realizing what they were doing was pretty stupid. Eventually, the room was filled with laughter and happy tears from thirteen shirtless teenagers.

Soon the room of ice became like a lounge room filled with pillows, large beanbags, and shirtless teenagers. Food was placed for everyone but was waiting to be touched once their remaining guests arrived. And as if on cue, the portal began to glow once again and somepony stepped out. A mare with a rainbow mane and tail and a saddlebag on her back. She shook herself for a moment before turning towards her counterpart and smiling. The ice queen returned the smile. But once she saw how they were dressed, she rose a brow. The thirteen teens noticed it and chuckled.

"Do ignore how we're dressed right now," Spitfire told the Wonderbolt mare as she walked over, set her saddle bag down, and sat down next to her counterpart who was sitting on an oversized beanbag.

"Honestly, I don't care much about my looks so I'm completely fine with it. Rarity, however, will flip once she sees this." Everyone laughed.

"So are the others coming?" Surprise asked. Rainbow shrugged her shoulders and snorted.

"Yeah, just taking their time. Honestly, I thought we would have been quicker about this, but it seems I was wrong. I'm surprised the 'Bolts are even taking this long. Strange cause from what I recall, they're considered the fastest fliers in Equestria. Besides me, of course." She put a hoof to her chest and smirked. Everyone broke out laughing. Fleetfoot snorted.

"Ahh. Classic Rainbow Dash." The ice queen's eyes widened and her face burned bright red.

"FLEETFOOT! WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN!?" More laughter rang through the room. All of the sudden, a loud shriek filled the room everyone turned to see the pegasus mare's friends standing next to the portal. Rarity had her hooves over her eyes, Fluttershy covered her red face behind her mane and the rest of the mares shook their heads and giggled as they began walking over to their friend. Spike was nowhere to be seen. Twilight sat down next to her pegasus friend. She looked over at the rainbow-haired girl.

"So the outfits?" Blaze snorted.

"Ignore it." She pointed at the rainbow-maned pegasus. "She didn't mind it so we didn't go into detail." Twilight smiled.

"That's fine by me. I'm also pretty sure that AJ and Pinkie don't mind." Said mares shaking their heads. The alicorn, pegasus, and two earth ponies looked back at their remaining friends. The alabaster unicorn was still in the same spot, covering her eyes, while the shy, butterscotch pegasus began to walk over to the group. Fluttershy cleared her throat as she sat down next to Twilight.

"So, umm, where are the Wonderbolts?"

"We're right here." The teens chorused and the polychromatic girl smacked her forehead.

"No, guys. She's talking about the aerial flying team Wonderbolts. You know, from Equestria?" The twelve teens groaned.

"We're idiots," Soarin complained.

"That's not our title, Soar." The rainbow-haired teen joked. The six mares giggled and the group of teems blinked, before shaking their heads. The sound of the magic portal opening was heard and everyone turned to see eleven pegasi exit the portal without their latex flight suits. The polychromatic pegasus, sitting next to her counterpart, smiled and galloped over to her teammates.

"Guys!" She cried and tackled Spitfire and Fleetfoot into a hug. The three mares chuckled and the pony pile grew with Misty Fly, Blaze, High Winds, and Surprise. The stallions all chuckled in amusement. The stallions, being Soarin, (obviously), Wave Chill, Fire Streak, Lightning Streak, and Rapidfire. The remaining five members of the mane six all chuckled at their sixth member's actions, her tail and flanks still high up in the air. The ice queen saw it and covered her mouth with her hand, trying to suppress her laughter. Sadly, a snort slipped through her closed lips. Her eyes widened and clamped her mouth closed and she looked back at the seven mares. They didn't seem to notice, luckily. She cleared her throat and the stallions looked over at her.

"Would you like to sit down, or are you just going to stare at them all evening?" The five stallions rolled their eyes and walked over to the large group. Soarin sat down next to her.

"I feel like this is one of those times where you feel out of place yet you're right at home where there are friends around you. Have you had that feeling before?" The sky-blue stallion spoke as he looked up at the teen girl. The polychromatic girl put a finger to her chin.

"You know, now that you mention it, that feeling would probably be this moment right now. You're in a group with your friends, your counterpart, and their friends. It feels weird yet at the same time safe because you're surrounded by those you don't know yet know at the same time." Her boyfriend chuckled in agreement as he took the seat originally belonging to the rainbow-maned pegasus. "You do know that Dash is going to be pretty upset with you for doing that, right?" The teen boy chuckled.

"I know, mainly because she's your counterpart and she's exactly like you." Rainbow rolled her eyes and smacked his shoulder. The three looked around to see that the seven Wonderbolt mares had gotten out of their pony pile and had split off to either talk to their counterparts, (besides the polychromatic pegasus mare), or talk and eat with their friends. The Surprise from Cloudsdale High and Surprise from Equestria we’re happily talking with Pinkie Pie. Not very surprising. (Pun intended). As they scanned the room, they saw that the polychromatic pegasus was not where she was when they last checked. They shrugged their shoulders. That mare was always on the move. The ice queen felt something heavy on her back out of nowhere and turned to see a rainbow mane enter her peripheral vision. She smiled as the mare clung to her as if she were a backpack. Rainbow felt something poke her side and she turned to see the sky-blue pegasus sitting next to her bite his lip.

"I noticed when you first mentioned your friends, you seemed a bit, what's the word, maybe frustrated? Angry even? What happened?" The room went quiet and she looked up to see all eyes on her. She sighed.

"I have no idea how many times I've told this story." She took a breath. "Okay, here's how it went. And by the way, none of the things they say is true."


Rainbow's day was going perfectly fine. She spent her first four classes doing the usual boring school. She, for some reason, ended up spending lunch alone. After that, she had her free period and started writing new songs to sing because she found that it was a better thing to do. Finally, she had her last class which was also boring. The incident ended up happening when she was packing up after school ended. There was nothing wrong. She finished packing and closed her locker when she suddenly felt a hand pushing her shoulder and her head hitting metal. A wave of pain rippled throughout Rainbow's head and she clutched it with her eyes squeezed shut. She leaned against the locker for support, only to be shoved down to the ground. The rainbow-haired girl cracked her eyes open to see what was going on around her and froze at what she saw. Every single student, teacher, and staff member at CHS glared down at her. Six girls stepped out of the crowd and walked over to the girl on the floor. Sunset Shimmer, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle glared down at her.

"I can't believe you!" Sunset cried in anger. "You promised us you'd come to spend the day with us and you flat-out lied to us. You betrayed us and you're the element of loyalty. That's not even loyalty." She gave Dash a quick kick to the stomach and the rainbow-haired girl curled up into a ball. Rarity spoke next.

"Oh, now she's afraid and shy. The poor dear could be braver, but she's weak." The others nodded. So did the other students, teachers, and staff members. That's when the name-calling began.



"Selfish jerk!"








The insults and name-calling were endless. Rainbow Dash kept getting name's called at her by students and they backed her into a wall. Her heart was shattered because her friends were also part of the name-calling group. The teachers weren't even helping. They just stood behind the students as they watched one of their students get insulted. Rainbow was on the verge of crying. She never felt so hurt in her life. Emotionally speaking. She suddenly felt a loud slap and her cheek stung. She put a hand to her cheek where she had been slapped. Tears stung her eyes and she shut them tight as she gripped her geode around her neck and used her super speed to grab her things, get away from the crowd, and run home.

The run home didn't fill her with joy as it usually did. It was the exact opposite. Tears were streaming down her face once she arrived at her house. As soon as she got there, she ran straight past her mom, who had seen her daughter come close to the house, to her room where she dropped her bag on the floor, kicked off her shoes, and flopped onto her bed crying. She heard footsteps coming towards her room but didn't care. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned in the direction of the hand and saw her mom, Windy Whistles, looking at her.

"Dashie, baby, what's wrong?" She asked sweetly. The dam broke and the rainbow-haired girl sobbed into her mother's chest. Windy wrapped her arms around her daughter and rubbed her back. She heard footsteps coming towards the bedroom door and saw her husband come in. His facial expression was saddened when he saw his daughter crying in his wife's chest. He immediately walked over and brought his wife and daughter into a hug. Windy kissed her daughter's forehead as Rainbow's cries became whimpers. Sniffles were heard from their daughter as they slowly released the hug. Rainbow rubbed her nose with her sleeve and looked up at her parents with teary eyes. Bow Hothoof ran a hand through his daughter's hair and spoke.

"Kiddo, you wanna tell us what happened?" Rainbow slowly nodded.

"I-I w-w-was b-b-being i-i-insulted b-by a-all the-the s-s-students at s-s-school. They called me bad names." Tears were leaking from her eyes. Her parents stared at her in shock. Their daughter was being insulted by the students at school.

"Even your friends?" Her mom asked. Rainbow Dash nodded. Her dad squeezed her shoulders.

"Well, we have some good news for all of us." Rainbow looked up at him, curious. Your mother and I have gotten new jobs back in Cloudsdale and we end up getting paid more. This also means that you get to see your old friends and go to Cloudsdale High School. And guess what, you pretty much know all the students there. Remember the Wonderbolts?" Rainbow's eyes widened.

"You mean Soarin, Fleetfoot, Spitfire, and then others?" Her parents nodded. A huge smile grew on her face. "We're going back?" Her parents nodded again and her smile grew even bigger. She wrapped her arms around her mom, who returned the hug and her dad brought the two of them into a bigger hug. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" The two adults smiled at their daughter's excitement. They released the hug."When do we start packing?" The two adults laughed.

"Easy, Sweetie. But we start packing up tomorrow." Rainbow nodded repeatedly with a large smile on her face. Bow chuckled and ruffled his daughter's hair.

"C'mon, Kiddo. Let's go have some dinner and then head to bed because we need let's of rest for tomorrow." Rainbow jumped off her bed and started doing backflips to the kitchen. Bow chuckled. "I wonder where she got all that energy from." His wife smiled.

"I'm assuming she's excited to see her old friends again." Bow wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"I guess you're right."

"Are we gonna have dinner or what!?" They heard their daughter shout from the kitchen. The two parents rolled their eyes.

"We're coming, Sweetie. No need to rush things."

"Yes, there is!" Rainbow shouted in return. Bow shook his head, came up from behind his daughter, wrapped his arms around her waist, and lifted Rainbow into the air. She laughed and kicked her legs. "Dad!!" She laughed. "Put me down!" He only held her tighter and spun her around in a circle. Windy smiled at the father-daughter get-along. She turned back to the stove and finished making the meal. After 20 minutes, food was set out on plates on the table and the aroma of the food attracted the rainbow-haired man and teen girl. The family of three sat down at the table and ate their meal while talking about what would be happening in Cloudsdale.

After the pleasant dinner, Rainbow walked up to the room and saw a notification on her phone. She took a closer look at it and smiled.

"Huh, funny." She said to herself. "Just the one who I wanted to talk to." The message was from Spitfire. She ended up writing this:

"Sup Crash,

I just wanted to let you know that we all miss you and were wondering if you could visit sometime soon when you're free. Soarin's been going nuts because he hasn't seen you in a while. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend,


Dash smiled and responded.

"Sup Shitfire,

I got some great news for you and the others. I'm moving back to Cloudsdale because my parents are switching jobs and it's in Cloudsdale. It also means that I'll be attending Cloudsdale High School, assuming that you go there right now. Tell Soar to relax. He can spend all his time with me when I'm back in Cloudsdale.

Signing off with awesomeness,


Rainbow smirked as she sent the message. She was about to put her phone back down when it sent out a longer ringtone. Spitfire decided to make things easier for herself and call the rainbow-haired girl. Rainbow answered the phone.

"This is Rainbow Dash speaking. How can I help you?" She heard laughter from the other side of the phone.

"Well nice to hear from you too, Crash!" Rainbow laughed.

"How've you been, Spits?”

"I've been good. Soar misses you though."

"Uh oh. What happened now?"

"Nothing really. He just wants to fuck you badly." Dash broke out laughing.

"That bad, huh?"She heard a laugh on the other side of the phone.

"You have no idea." Rainbow rolled her eyes.

"Do me a favor and tell everyone that I'm coming back. I start packing tomorrow." There was a snort on the other side of the phone.

"If only it were that easy. I'll try my best but I'm telling you that once I do, everyone is gonna flip and be super impatient until you arrive."

"Relax, will ya? It's only a two-hour drive. We just have so many things with us which is why we need a moving truck. But hey, at least I get to see you guys and stay with you. That's awesome, right?"

"It sure is. When will you be arriving?" Rainbow put a finger to her chin and tapped it.

"Hang on for a sec." Rainbow took the phone off her ear and called her mom. "Hey, mom? When are we leaving for Cloudsdale?"

"We'll be leaving in two days, Sweetie." Her mom answered. Rainbow got back on the phone.

"We'll be leaving in two days."

"I guess we'll be seeing you in three days then, huh," Spitfire responded.

"You sure will. Hey, you okay? You sound sad."

"Sorry, Dash. We just wish you would get here earlier." Dash stopped.


"Oh yeah. I forgot to say that everyone else is here too. Guys why don't you say our favorite rainbow-haired girl." There was a gasp on Spitfire's side. A whole group of voices greeted her. "Hey, Dash."

"Sup Dash."

"Hi, Dashie!"

"Hi, Rainbow." Rainbow smiled.

"Hey, guys. Look, I'd love to stay and chat, but I need to start packing tomorrow. To be honest, I'm very happy about it. Don't ask why. I'll tell you when I get to Cloudsdale."

"Alright, bye Rainbow."

"Night Rainbow."


"Bye Dash." Rainbow ended the call and smiled. This was gonna be fun."


When she finished there was complete silence. Some ponies, or people, who were eating, stopped mid-chew. Twilight frowned. She couldn't believe Sunset would do such a thing. She, herself, was the one who talked to the red and yellow-haired girl that friendship is the most powerful magic ever, yet she'd hurt her friend. Twilight sighed and shook her head. She illuminated her horn and looked to her right where her saddlebag sat. She pulled out the magic book which she kept in contact with Sunset and sighed as she looked at it. The Rainbow Dash from Equestria and the human world both wielded the Element of Loyalty, and she knew that neither one of them would do such a thing. Twilight shook her head and put the book back in her bag. She looked down at her meal and picked up her fork and began eating again. The remaining ponies and people did the same. A hum broke the silence in the room. It was more like a song being hummed. Everyone looked over at the ice queen as she ate her meal. When she felt two dozen more eyes on her, she stopped eating and looked up.

"What?" She asked.

"You were humming." Her boyfriend pointed out. Rainbow gave him a deadpan stare.

"Yes? And your point?" Twilight spoke.

"What's its name?" Rainbow blinked and looked over at the princess.

"I beg your pardon?"

"The name. What's the name of the song?" Rainbow snorted to herself.

"Oh, sorry. The name of the song is "Me". It's a song my boyfriend and I recently wrote."

"Can you sing it?" Pinkie's squeaky voice entered the conversation. Rainbow bit her lip and sighed. She looked over at her boyfriend who nodded.

“I suppose so. I’ve nothing better to do.” She took a breath before singing.

Taylor Swift - ME! (Lyrics) Ft. Brendon Urie

By the time they finished, both Surprises and Pinkie were bouncing in place. Everyone else was either staring in awe or smiling. The polychromatic teen smiled.

“Thanks, but I promise that you’ll never find another like me-e-e!” She winked. Soarin rolled his eyes.

“Sure thing, Dash. Sure thing.” Rainbow giggled in response. There was a large pause of silence while everyone sat quietly, eating their meals. A quiet humming sound filled the room just like what happened to the ice queen. Everyone looked at her but she only shrugged, as if saying, "it wasn't me". The humming became clearer and the rainbow-haired girl instantly pinpointed the source of the humming came from Spitfire. Rainbow created a small chunk of ice and tossed it to her friend.

"Ouch!" Spitfire cried out after the chunk of ice had hit her head. She looked up at her friend. "Why'd you do that?!"

"You were humming," her friend pointed out. Spitfire nodded.

"Yes, and your point is...?" Rainbow rolled her eyes.

"What song were you humming?" The yellow-skinned girl smiled.

"It was one of your new songs. You know, "Good is the New Bad"?" Rainbow blinked in surprise.

"You put together a tune for that song? I only put together the lyrics. Hmm, impressive. But wait, I had the thought of having six people sing that song. Have you chosen a part to sing already?" Spitfire nodded.

"Well yeah. I thought it would be best for six of us to choose parts and then begin singing." Rainbow placed a fist to her chin as she thought through the idea. She nodded.

"That sounds like a good idea. But what would be a good group for this?" Giggles were the next sound to enter the room and Rainbow looked over to see Fleetfoot covering her mouth with her hand.

"That's easy. Why not use the group from The Friendship Games? We already had six people picked out." The remaining five girls who participated in the games blinked in surprise before nodding.

(I believe it's best to watch the video to this song before reading this so it makes sense of what they're dancing)

Good Is The New Bad lyrics

RD & S: Call it bad, call it good
Call it even if you could
Call it good, call it bad
It's the best you ever had

We know what's hot, what's not
We strike a pose and then they take a shot
They get in close, they try to run the spot
We come to show 'em what we got, we got

Fleetfoot and High Winds stood up and joined in.

FF & HW It's time to make a stand
We breaking through and now we in demand
We here for good, it's really not so bad
So shout it out and give it all you have

Blaze and Misty Fly stopped whatever they were doing and joined their friends.

All 6: Bad was all the rage last week
But good has got a wicked beat.

The six girls began dancing together.

All 6: Good is the new bad
Good is the new bad
We can feel the mad love
Gi-gimme more of
Bad is the new good
Bad is the new good
We can feel the mad love
I think that we should
I think that we should
I think that we should

Call it bad, call it good
Call it even if you could
Call it good, call it bad
It's the best you ever had

FF & HW & MF: We used to love the dark
but then we saw the light and felt a spark

RD & S & B: We bring the fire and make it better and better
Cause good is back and now it's badder than ever

All 6: Bad was all the rage last week
But good has got a wicked beat.

Good is the new bad
Good is the new bad
We can feel the mad love
Gi-gimme more of
Bad is the new good
Bad is the new good
We can feel the mad love
I think that we should
I think that we should
I think that we should

Call it bad, call it good
Call it even if you could
Call it good, call it bad
It's the best you ever had

Call it bad, call it good
Call it even if you could
Call it good, call it bad
It's the best you ever had

Call it bad, call it good
Call it even if you could
Call it good, call it bad
It's the best you ever had

Good is the new bad
Good is the new bad
We can feel the mad love
Gi-gimme more of
Bad is the new good
Bad is the new good
We can feel the mad love
I think that we should

Good is the new bad
Good is the new bad
We can feel the mad love
Gi-gimme more of
Bad is the new good
Bad is the new good
We can feel the mad love
I think that we should

Call it bad, call it good
Call it even if you could
Call it good, call it bad
It's the best you ever had

There was a roar of applause from both humans and ponies. Some even whistled.

Author's Note:

Another ridiculously long chapter. :rainbowlaugh: HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!?! :flutterrage: