• Published 31st Aug 2020
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Changes In A Rainbow - My Rainbow Dash

Insults from friends is painful. But when Rainbow's parents tell her that they're moving back to their hometown, she realizes that her life will be changing.

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Chapter 13: The Friendship Games Part 3

Rainbow sat happily with her eighteen friends, (nineteen including herself), in front of Cloudsdale High, enjoying the time to get to know one another. By then it was early evening. Rainbow was laughing as she told her friends about her story of how she tamed the water spirit. The others around her laughed along.

"That happened?" Indigo Zap asked. Rainbow nodded.

"Hehe. Yup. It took some time wrangling him before I could finally tame him. He's nice once you get to know him." The others around her smiled.

"What about the other spirits?" Blaze asked?"

"Ah, yes, the others. Gale, the wind spirit is another. She has an interesting story. I remember it well. I was relaxing in an empty grassy park, enjoying the sun, when the wind had strangely become stronger. Knowing that that wasn't how the wind worked, I noticed that the wind spirit controlled it. Especially when a tornado appeared out of nowhere." Her friends gasped in shock and horror. She only smiled and continued.

"I had no idea what to do. There was a tree branch headed right for me and I had to blast it away with my magic. It seemed as if the spirit knew about my magic so the tornado turned into a ball of wind, trapping me inside it. I had nowhere to run so I decided to use my magic to separate the ball into two wind balls and push them away from me. Throughout the entire time, I thought of my friends and how I could help them, and with that in mind, I was able to break the wind apart. After that, I named her, and I became her best friend." The other eighteen students sat in awe. Surprise ran up to her face.

"You were seriously trapped inside a ball of wind?!" Rainbow rose a brow and leaned back.

"Didn't I just say that?" Surprise blinked and stood there for a moment before smiling and sitting back in her seat. No one noticed a strange opening behind them. Out of it fell a strange red and black necklace. Misty Fly felt something in her hand and looked down to see the necklace resting on her fingertips. She held it up to take a closer look at it and a flash of red filled her vision before everything went white.


Misty was floating in a weird boid of white with nothing around her. She panicked before seeing something red glowing in front of her.

"Misty Fly~" It called, drawing her closer. Her mint green eyes changed to scarlet red and had no control over her body as she was being drawn to the strange object. It was that strange necklace that she'd been holding earlier. Now it seemed to be calling to her and nothing could stop it. Her pupils shrunk to pinpoints, she wore an evil smirk on her face, and she cackled evilly. She put on the necklace and her body became consumed with magic as she absorbed it. Her outfit changed to a strapless red dress that went down to her knees, kneehigh stockings that matched her dress, stiletto heels, red fingerless gloves that went up to her elbows, and her hair changed from blue and white to dark purple and white as it stuck up like a still flame, her skin changed to rusty orange, a rusty orange colored horn, and large pair of bat-like wings. The magic surrounding her body then exploded.


The newfound demoness floated in front of the entire school. The students from Crystal Prep and Cloudsdale were horrified at what they saw. Rainbow couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Seriously," she grumbled to herself, "why does there always have to be a monster at the end of every good situation? What is this, another fight like with Gia Everfree? The Fall Formal incident? The last Friendship Games?" Rainbow groaned and looked back at her friends. The four boys had to hold back Fire Streak who was trying to run out to his girlfriend. Dash looked back at the demon in front of her and watched as she illuminated her fists and magic burst from them in different directions, opening up different portals to Equestria. Rainbow rolled her eyes. "Okay. This is exactly like the last Friendship Games I had against Crystal Prep." She looked more closely at the demon, trying to find something that could have possibly started this. Her eyes suddenly landed on the necklace. She'd never seen it on her friend before nor had she seen that piece of jewelry at all. She looked down at her own necklace, then her gloves. She nodded her head, removed her gloves, tossed them aside, and gripped her geode tightly. She looked up at the sky.

"Misty Fly, this isn't you! You need to stop this. It's complete chaos." Misty Fly cackled.

"Says who? I have all this power and it's mine to control. No one can stop me now." Rainbow took a few steps back when the demon neared her. She began levitating herself into the air as she was lifted by the magic she wielded.

"Yet you're not in control. It's controlling you. You can't control it. You only say it because you're overwhelmed with the dark magic. It makes you feel too powerful but it only leads you nowhere. You need to stop. This also isn't true magic. True magic comes from others who are around you and are with you every day. It's the magic of friendship that's the most powerful of them all!"

She lifted her arms above her head and around her body. A beautiful blue light surrounded her body and she was engulfed in a blue orb of magic. Her skin color changed from blue to white, her outfit changed to a sky blue, strapless dress that matched her sky blue knee-high stockings, fingerless gloves that reached her elbows, and white stilettos. As for her hair, it rose and moved as if it were a living flame. Upon her head, she wore a crystal headband. Right behind it sat a crystal blue horn. Her eye color changed from its normal magenta pink to a vibrant ruby red. She grew a pair of beautiful feathered wings that looked like they belonged to an angel. The magic bubble around her burst open, showing everyone her new transformed look. She stole a glance at her friends who smiled at her in awe. She looked back at the demon who glowered at her. With the demon angered for a moment, Rainbow took that time to illuminate her horn and hands and sealed the portals. Misty Fly growled at the rainbow-haired girl who floated in front of her. The two girls opened their wings and clashed, a rippling shockwave hitting the students around them.

"Don't make me do this, Misty," Rainbow warned. Misty Fly smirked.

"Oh, is someone afraid to hurt me? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"

She shot a large blast of magic fire at the other girl who shot out a large blast of ice. The two different blasts of the natural elements clashed with a strong force which caused another shockwave to hit the students around them. Suddenly, the wind around her and the demon became stronger and just for a moment, Misty Fly lost control of her fire blast. She growled and refocused her beam on Dash, stronger than it was before, and just like the demon, Dash lost her shot and got blasted by the fire and got sent flying back.


"Dash!" Soarin cried out, scared of what was going to happen next. Rainbow took a deep breath and hovered back in front of the demon again who'd paused her fire.

"You don't have the power and strength to control this, Misty Fly! It's corrupting you!" Dash cried out. Misty rolled her eyes.

"Oh, and you have the power to control it?" She retorted.

"I have control because I've used magic for a little over a year now. I've also been able to control it. The magic is affecting your train of thought. It's consumed you when you should be the one controlling it! Misty Fly, this isn't you! Listen to me. I've seen and dealt with these kinds of things before. This isn't the way to learn about magic. If you want to learn, you can always ask me. I'm completely fine with it, but you're spreading fear to others with what you're doing right now. Look around you!" The demon looked around her and saw she was correct. She saw fear in all their eyes.

"Misty Fly!" A voice cut through the air. Misty Fly looked to where the voice came from. Her eyes widened and her pupils dilated. Fire Streak looked up at her with sad eyes.

"Fire Streak?" She whispered, losing her concentration on beating Dash. Seeing the Streak twin distracting her, Rainbow opened her hands and let out large bursts of ice, freezing the girl on the outside, and creating a statue that landed on the ground. "NOOOOO!!!!" Everyone who watched the scene before them gasped at what they were seeing. Fire Streak was about to run up the frozen statue of his girlfriend, but Soarin held him back as if knowing what Dash was planning. Rainbow hovered over the frozen demon. She held one of the hands belonging to the statue, closed her eyes, and the two were gone in a bright white flash.


In a field of white, Misty and Rainbow hovered in midair. Misty looked around the room, frustrated, but calmer than before.

"Come back with me, Misty," Rainbow spoke calmly. The demon turned around. "Take my hand and let me show you the truth of what we can be." Rainbow held out her hand and Misty hesitated, holding herself back. She reached back scared at what'd happened. Tears welled in her eyes and she placed her hand on the one belonging to the rainbow-haired girl. Magic flowed from Dash's hand and swirled around Misty's arm which moved to her entire body. As the magic reached her face, her tears dried. She looked back at Rainbow, who smiled at her.

"C'mon. Let's head back. I'm sure everyone would want us back by now. Plus, I think that Fire Streak isn't gonna let you go for a while." Misty Fly let out a small giggle, hugged her friend, and the two disappeared from the white field.


A blinding white pillar of magic shot down from the sky and hit the center of the school's front courtyard, causing all the students to shield their eyes. From the center, two girls were lowered to the ground. The magic disappeared and two girls stood where the magic once was. Misty looked down in embarrassment.

"I'm so sorry." Rainbow smiled.

"It's okay. Plus, you should know by now that you have friends who care and will be by your side." Misty Fly smiled at her friend.

"Misty Fly!" She got tackled in a hug by Fire Streak.

"Woah!" Rainbow giggled and felt an arm around her shoulder. She turned to see Soarin and the rest of her friends around her. Someone cleared their throats and they all turned to see Vice-Principal Firefly standing next to them, smiling.

"Ms. Dash?" Rainbow blinked and nodded her head for her to continue. "A word if you please." Rainbow bit her lip and looked back at her friends. They nodded and the rainbow-haired girl looked back at the teacher. She nodded her head and both teacher and student walked away. The eighteen remaining students looked at each other in confusion.


Once they were at a faraway distance, Firefly looked down at her students.

"Before you ask, no you're not in trouble." Rainbow rose a brow.

"But, if I'm not in trouble, why did you call me over?" The teacher smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You have talent, Rainbow Dash. You brought our schools together by showing your friendship with the other students in the relay races. You also have talent through dance. I have a friend who's a dance teacher, and I'm sure that I can sign you up to join it if I talk to her. The choice is yours to make." Rainbow bit her lip, closed her eyes, and sighed. She nodded.

"I'd love to join. I think it would be a good idea." With that, she smiled at her teacher who smiled in return.

"You may go rejoin your friends." Rainbow nodded thanks and ran to her friends.


The eighteen students smiled as their nineteenth member joined them. Spitfire walked up to the polychromatic girl.

"So, what'd you get called for?" Rainbow shrugged her shoulders.

"Eh. Nothing much. Just the teacher complementing about me bringing the two schools together as well as my dancing skills. She said she has a friend who is a dance teacher and is sure that it would be a good idea for me to join her class due to how good I am." Lightning Dust chuckled.

"Well duh. You choreographed that dance after all. That takes talent. You, for one, have it. A lot of it." Rainbow smiled. For one, these games were more fun than the last one. Indigo Zap walked up to her.

"Umm, we just wanted to say that, in a few months, Cloudsdale will be participating in another Friendship Games." Dash blinked. 'Another one?! Really?!' Rainbow groaned.

"Against who?" The six CPA girls sighed and Sour Sweet spoke. The three words she spoke knocked the air out of Rainbow's lungs.

"Canterlot High School."


Rainbow’s stomach dropped like a stone. She blinked a few times before stuttering.

“I-I’m sorry. C-can you run that by me again?” Sour Sweet nodded and spoke again.

“in a few months, Cloudsdale High School will be participating in another Friendship Games against... Canterlot High School.” Rainbow sighed.

“This is bad. I’m gonna have to surprise them with a little something when we run the relay races. But for now, let’s enjoy this remaining time with each other. What do ya say?” The eighteenth students nodded. They heard the sound of clacking heels and turned to see Principal Skies, Vice-Principal Firefly, and Dean Cadence walking up in front of all the students. Firefly spoke.

“Due to the actions happening here, we’ve decided to call these games a tie!” All the students cheered and applauded for joy. “But one more thing, I believe it’s best to thank Rainbow Dash to bring our schools together due to her loyalty to her friends from both schools. So it’s most likely best that we give her our best regards for what she did.” She walked towards the smiling girl and put a medal around her neck. There was another roar of applause, but this one was being directed to the rainbow-haired girl. The teachers then had all the students form a single file line and put a medal around each of their necks. The nineteen friends smiled as they watched both schools interact with one another. Rainbow closed her eyes as she felt the wind blow in her hair having it flow for a moment. She felt a pair of arms wrap around her and turned to see her boyfriend smiling at her. He gave her a small kiss on her forehead.

“You do have lots of talents. This included.” Rainbow Dash sighed and laid her head on his shoulder, smiling. He was right. He was definitely right. Then something hit the polychromatic girl in the head, (not literally), and she looked at the ground. It was the necklace Misty wore when she was that demon. Rainbow didn't know what its powers were, so she walked over to it, kneeled, and sealed it into a ball of ice. She took a slow breath and picked it up. She closed her eyes for a moment, waiting to see if it would bring magic into her body... nothing happened and she sighed in relief. Soarin walked up to her.

"What are you going to do with it?" Rainbow bit her lip.

"I'm gonna see if I can contact my counterpart from Equestria so she can bring Princess Twilight. I believe this is best to be stored back in Equestria, where it belongs." Soarin nodded his head.

"That's a good idea. You should also do it sooner than later. You saw what it did to Misty, it could happen to anyone and that's a bad thing." Rainbow nodded and looked back down at the necklace. She quietly muttered to herself.

"I think I'll do it later tonight. Maybe tomorrow even Or later." She nodded to herself before walking to her other friends alongside her boyfriend.