• Published 31st Aug 2020
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Changes In A Rainbow - My Rainbow Dash

Insults from friends is painful. But when Rainbow's parents tell her that they're moving back to their hometown, she realizes that her life will be changing.

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Chapter 10: The Aftershock


“But she jumped into the water. She’ll be okay, right?” Surprise quietly spoke. They all looked at one another before understanding what she meant. The two adults had led the thirteen teens into the living room where they sat down on either the couch or floor. They all crossed their fingers, hoping Dash was okay.

About ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. The thirteen teens and two adults all looked at one another in confusion. Windy got up from her spot on the couch and walked over to the door. She opened it and stared at what she saw.



Rainbow and the three middle schoolers all stared as the bridge collapsed into the water. Lucky for them, they were a good distance away from not getting hit. Rainbow sucked in a breath through her teeth.

‘Okay, let’s see. What’s the best way to get home? Cloudsdale is still a while away so it will take a while to get home. No car, no money some there’s no way to get a lift, Uber, or bus, no phone to call mom, dad, or friends. Great. How can we get home now?’ Rainbow was treading water while trying to find good transportation home. She sighed and shook her head. She felt a poke on her shoulder and turned to see Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo shivering in the water. ’ oh, right. The cold doesn’t bother me, but it gets to others. Cold! That’s it! She turned to the girls. “Come with me. We’re gonna swim to the other side.” They did exactly as she said. As soon as the three middle schoolers climbed out of the water, they were shivering. The water was cold at this time of year so they weren’t able to get any heat. Scootaloo looked over at the rainbow-haired girl and was surprised to see that she wasn’t shivering unlike them. She was looking at her hands that were... gloved? The three middle schoolers were confused by why she had her hands gloved. The rainbow-haired girl clenched her fists and slowly removed her gloves. She looked at her hands and held them to her chest.

“U-umm, R-rainbow Dash?” The older teen turned to them. “H-how come you’re not sh-shivering? I mean, it’s f-freezing.” The polychromatic girl sighed.

“I’m immune to the cold. It doesn’t bother me. In other words, I can’t feel anything cold. Which I why I have the power to create ice. That as well as communicate to the natural elements. Earth, wind, fire, and water. But that’s beside the point. We need to get back to my place.” She whisked her hands around her body and a dress made of ice surrounded her body. The three younger teens gasped at its beauty. She sighed in relief of not having to wear wet clothes and ran her fingers through her hair. Little snowflakes entangled between the strands of the polychromatic locks. “Now. About getting home. Hmmm. Let’s see. Perhaps a boat made of ice that could travel on an ice track that could get us back to my place? That would be one of our best bets. Alright, let’s go with that.” She turned to the girls and waved her hand again to create a small boat. The girls stared in awe. Rainbow smiled before looking at the street and stomping a foot on the ground. A thick sheet of ice made a track all the way back to the house of the rainbow-haired queen (teen). Lucky for them, the streets were clear. "Climb in," Rainbow said to them as she herself climbed into the ice boat and crouched down.

Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo were fascinated at the sight before them and they did as they were told. The wind suddenly picked up and pushed the ice boat on the track. The middle schoolers squealing in delight while Rainbow Dash smiled at them. A sudden strong gust of wind blew and the boat began its trip along the ice path. Rainbow looked around seeing that they were getting closer to her neighborhood and smiled as her hair was being blown back by the wind. She heard a squeal and looked behind her to see Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo laughing in excitement as the wind blew their hair She took a deep breath and hesitated. What was going to happen once she got home? She shook it off knowing her parents wouldn’t mind. The wind slowed down and they stopped in front of the rainbow-haired girl’s house. The four girls stepped out of the boat and Rainbow Dash whisked her hand again and the boat and track disappeared. The wind spirit whirled around the magical girl and Rainbow giggled. “Thanks, Gale.” Gale spun around her once more before leaving the four girls in peace. Apple Bloom stepped forward.

“Who or what was that?” She asked with curiosity. Rainbow smiled.

“That was the wind spirit. Her name is Gale. She’s really friendly once you get to know her. When I first met her, I was sucked into a tornado created by her. Heh, not the best experience I’ve had. Eventually, I managed to calm her down. Now we’re best friends. So, ready to get inside. I bet you’re freezing.” The three girls nodded with their arms wrapped around themselves and followed the rainbow-haired girl as she knocked on the door. They heard footsteps and the door opened revealing a woman with cerulean skin a bit darker than Rainbow’s. She gasped when she saw Rainbow.

“RAINBOW DASH?!?!” More footsteps followed and a man with rainbow hair stared at the scene before him. Rainbow gave them sheepish looks.

“Hey, mom. Hey, dad.” The two adults saw the three shivering girls behind her and immediately pulled the four girls inside the house. Knowing their daughter’s immunity to the cold they still grabbed a towel for her and the younger girls. Dash puffed her cheeks out as her mom looked her over while her dad led the middle school girls to the living room. Windy Whistles touched her daughter’s face.

“Oh, baby. Are you okay?” Rainbow sighed.

“I’m fine, Mom. Really.” Windy sighed and brought her daughter into a hug.

“I’m sorry, baby. You know how much I worry about you." Rainbow nodded her head and broke the hug.

“Yeah, I know. You’re my mom after all.” Windy smiled and brought her daughter into another hug. Rainbow rolled her eyes but returned it. Her mom led her to the living room where everyone else was sitting. As soon as her friends saw her, they broke into gasps. Rainbow smiled and waved. She swished her hand next to her and an ice couch with pillows was created. The teen girl flopped onto it and sighed. The three middle schoolers sat on the couch next to Spitfire and Soarin. The room went quiet. Rainbow sighed before feeling something crawling on her stomach. She looked down to see the fire spirit, Bruni, crawling on top of her. She smiled and picked him up. “And where’d you come from?” The teen sat up and whisked her hand over the lizard creating snowflakes. Bruni stuck out his tongue and caught one. Rainbow Dash giggled.

Everyone in the room, (besides her parents, who were smiling), stared at her in complete confusion. Surprise cleared her throat, causing the rainbow-haired girl to look over at her.

“Umm, Dashie? Who or what’s that?” Rainbow smiled.

“This is Bruni. He’s the fire spirit. If he does spit out fire, don’t worry, I’ll put it out for you.” Her friends were still confused but kept quiet. Fleet put a hand on her chin.

“But wait.” Dash looked up at her. “If that’s the fire spirit, aren’t there like three more or something. You know, the other elements of, what is it, nature or something?” Rainbow nodded.

“That is correct. There are three other elements. They’re earth, wind, and water. The earth spirits are earth giants and they prefer to remain isolated because of how big they are. The wind spirit, Gale, is a small part of the wind that can travel without moving everything around it. The water spirit, or Nokk, takes form as a horse. It took quite some time to tame him. He was wild when I first met him. The water he was in was also wild which made it a lot harder. Though, there is a way for him to travel on land. I just need to freeze him so I can ride him on land. And now I’m rambling.” Everyone in the room laughed. Rainbow rolled her eyes. This was what happens when she explains how the natural elements work, what they are, and what they do. Bruni climbed onto the polychromatic girl and sat on her shoulder blade; a comfortable spot for him. Soarin hummed to himself which caught everyone’s attention.

“Would there be a chance that you could do a “Snow Day” at school sometime soon?” Rainbow rose a brow, remembering the time she got the idea of doing a snow day to skip school and a test.

“Define “Snow Day” for me.” Spitfire must have caught on because she stepped in next.

“I think he means like maybe have fun in the snow at school. That kind of “snow day”. What do you think of that?” Rainbow put a hand to her chin.

“We’d still need to ask the teachers for permission to do so. Who knows what could happen." Windy Whistles and Bow Hothoof nodded in agreement. The teens looked at each other, realizing that she was right.

“Would that mean we’d have to convince them?” Surprise asked. Rainbow shrugged her shoulders.

“I honestly don’t know. Though I do like using my powers either for fun or for certain purposes. It only makes sense that way. How about this. I’ll send an email to Principal Skies and what she thinks of it. If she agrees, then sure. If not, no. End of story. K?” They all nodded. There was a thick pause. Rainbow thought to herself for a moment. 'Would it be okay if I contact my friends from CPA? Maybe let them know what's going on before the games start? I probably could since I have a second phone in my room. Maybe it would be for the best. What would they think of me though? A traitor? For moving to a different school where they're rivals against?' Rainbow sighed and whispered something to the fire spirit. Bruni smiled and climbed off of the couch and crawled to her room.

When he returned. he carried a phone on his back. He stopped in front of the polychromatic girl and she picked up both the fire spirit and the phone. She hesitated for a moment before clicking on one of the contacts of her CPA friends, Indigo Zap.

"Hey, Indigo,

I just wanted to send you and your friends a quick note. I'm not going to CHS, Canterlot High School anymore. There was an incident that happened that caused all the students at school, including my former friends, to join up against me. I have moved from Canterlot not just because of that, but because my parents had found a new job in a different city. The high school I go to now is a rival against CPA. I'm sure you remember the other CHS school, CLoudsdale. Yup. I transferred to Cloudsdale and I'm not sure what's going to happen now. I don't know what we're going to do and how everyone's going to react when they see me at a different rival school. Hope to hear from you and the girls soon.

Your hopefully still friend,

Rainbow Dash"

Rainbow reread the message a few times to make sure it sounded okay. With a final nod, she held her breath and hit the send button. She sighed and laid her head back on the couch pillow behind her head. A minute or two after, she got a reply from the other student. She looked down at her phone to see the returned message.

"Hey, Dash,

I never thought that something like that would ever happen to you. I'm sorry about that and I'm sure you've heard that Cloudsdale is playing in the friendship games against Crystal Prep. For now, why don't we pretend that we're still enemies because we're at different schools and make the whole reveal thing happen when the games end. What do you think of that? I think that it will be a surprise and a good one too. Maybe our schools can come together as friends as Canterlot did with us. What do you say?

Your fiend,

Indigo Zap."

Rainbow smiled.

"Perfect! See you then."

"You too."

The polychromatic girl sighed that there would be a plan between her and the other CPA girls. Someone cleared their throat and she sat up.

"So, what's the plan?" High Winds asked. Rainbow let out a sigh.

"Well, I'm still friends with the five girls from CPA and for the games, we're going to pretend that we're still enemies until the end of the games. That's our plan and I'm hoping that It works. I don't want there another magical attack to happen like last year. That would be a disaster. Honestly, I don't want to know what could happen. Anyway. Since we're all here, would it be best to do a little bit of studying?" All the Cloudsdale High students groaned." Hey! I'm not the organizer of these games. I just want to make sure that we win! Is that what you want too?" The other twelve teens looked at each other before nodding their heads in agreement. Dash looked over at the three Canterlot students. "As for the three of you, I think you should head back. We don't really want you to get caught up in things that aren't really necessary for you. I hope to talk to you girls soon though." The three middle schoolers sadly nodded their heads in agreement before running up to Rainbow, hugging her. She returned it. "Now, how about you tell one of my parents where you live so they can drop you off." She looked up at the two adults. "Is that okay?" They nodded their heads before leading the three girls to their car in the garage. While they did that, The other thirteen teens went up to Rainbow's room.

"Fun." Fleetfoot groaned as she flopped down on one of Rainbow's many large beanbags. The others either sat on the other beanbags that the polychromatic girl had, or sat on the floor. Rainbow flopped onto her bed. “This is going to be very fun,” Fleetfoot complained. “Dash now has to fake that she’s enemies with the other school, and now we have to study. Ugh!” Spitfire walked up to the teal-skinned girl and slapped her across the face.

“Would you shut up already? With the help of Dash by our side, we’ll be able to defeat them. We won’t if you just sit and do nothing. That’ll just show them that we’re lazy and don’t even care. We’re just gonna lose that way. So get your ass up so we can win these games.” No one had any idea of what to do next until Dash spoke up.

“Why don’t we use our skills to help us study? That can always help. Even if we don't like it.” Everyone looked around at one another and nodded. That was actually a good idea.

They spent the rest of the week studying for the games. The closer they got to it, Dash's stomach continued to drop. Farther and farther with each day.

Author's Note:

I can’t believe I’m still using things from Frozen 2. Well, I guess it just fits her situation so I’m not gonna bother with that. Sorry for the wait, things have been rough lately and I despise that.

The next few chapters will be about the actual games. Just edited in my own way so it's not so harsh. Hope you enjoy it!