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Funny how Spike, Big Mac, Thunderlane, Bulkbiceps, Shining Armour, BraveBud or even Discord were never mention. Dash do have guy friends

Big brain moment.

Ah maybe it could be mention or place like a joke at first if continue or edited.

"What about dad?"

"Doesn't count"


"Isn't he like 10?"

"Big Mac"

"Are you really friends with him? He is not exactly the talking type"

"…yeah you got me there, Shining Armour"

"Didn't you call him a nerd one time?"

"I'm…ah…yeah, I did, oh! oh! Discord"

To that her mother just give her a neutral expression

"Yeah not even I believe that one, at most I tolerate him. Bulk biceps!"

"Training partners don't count either"

Yeah, that could've fit well for sure. Some of the ponies/creatures you've mentioned are mostly friends tho, not best friends. Know what I mean? Except for Spike of course, she hardly interacts with the other guys in the show, and Discord is just annoying to Dash.

yep, just though it could be a funny bit where she keep trying to defend herself with a list of all the stallions she had interact in the past. The only other one that I couldn't find a reason not to be friends was Thunderlane thought.

I know what you mean. I just got done editing it. I didn't want to go an entire list down since it would've been a little redundant but I managed to extend the dialogue.

hey nice, that was only one small nit pick I had but that actually solve it pretty nicely

Glad you enjoyed it.

I’m glad this came out on my birthday.

Happy birthday!

not bad! i really enjoy it!:rainbowlaugh:

"Of course mom. It was just weird at first, that's all... Maybe I could join next time?"

Yes! Yes! YES!!!! There absolutely MUST be a 'next time'!!!!

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