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With his blue sapphire mane in the wind and his roar that echoed off the mountains, Captain Shining charged through the waves bare hoofed leading the charge deeper and deeper into enemy lines
-Anonymous Royal Guard

Shining Armour had the dream of becoming part of the royal guards since Twilight wanted to learn magic. Follow his life and journey of how a colt becomes a stallion and later on the bearer of the 7th element Love in this story filled with love, pain action, sadness and most importantly courage.

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1178875 It was added in the wiki that he and Cadence possess the 7th element Love :twilightblush: At least that's what they tell me I don't actually know. Its told in the trading card so I followed that. If you really want me to remove it then its alright cos it doesn't really impact the story much. Well the action side of it. Much of the romance was based on that element

1180015 Huh? Celestia, why you no explain this in episode? I'm just confused now. I guess that might work, although the elements never work if only 5 are used. But if there are seven, how can the six be used without failing? I'm gonna go look that up :derpytongue2:

It was only depicted in the trading card...here is the website check undo depictions http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Shining_Armor

This was adorable:rainbowkiss:
Also I think love should be an element, like harmony. :twilightsmile:

Dam shinning,Didn't know you were like this. :derpyderp2:

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Ohhhhhhh! :heart:
Things get ... Complicated ... :trollestia:

Gyuuuh, I thought this was going to be a war story. You tricked me!

1931457 When did I imply that? It was supposed to be a mix and at most the biggest war/skirmish would be at the end...Oh wait spoilers:ajsmug:

"Your sister got bullied today by a bunch of stallions at school."

Shining Terminator mode enabled, activate ass-beating mode.

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Comment posted by ARTL deleted Jun 27th, 2013
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