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I will hijack stories and make crap. Why? Because there are stories with dark endings, death, pain, misery. I will make such stories happy. I will save the characters from a cruel end.


This story is a sequel to Paroled

Cozy Glow and Blueblood are sick of Twilight's overdone Utopia. On the 13th Anniversary of being "free", Cozy Glow makes a wish.
It's granted.
Join Cozy Glow, Blueblood, and Anonymous in their adventure of establishing a new country of America, along with owning the greatest Warship America has ever made in the time of 2400 A.D.
A comedy sequel to Parole as it was sad and slightly depressing.

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So how long until Twilight is overthrown?

The chaos over runneth. It is good.

"One de-"

Ah yeah, those demerits for "species related specification". Yeah, Twilight, that's a problem. Some species have different needs. Horn'd bois need holes for horns.

Also the demerit for friendly competition makes sense. We sound how non-competitive all the chess players where before.

Oh boy, Twilight's fucked.

The seeds of rebellion have been planted.

Cut Twilight’s horn off. She’s useless without it! Also
Slash her throat!
Eat her eyes!
Steal her Books!

Stories don't always need to be big complicated edifices or worldbuilding, sometimes stuff just needs to explode.

Also, CozyXBlueblood, the ship that we never knew we needed.

you know anon means business when he ends up damaging twilight's mane.

Now that I think about it, the world Twilight made was probably a product of her insatiable OCD, she has to control everything or have an anchor. Without her friends and possibly Spike, it controlled her into wanting to control everything.

Also, Tracked

Why is this hilarious? XD

Excuse me for a moment while I work on ten stories at once

You forgot some other things that must be done before even thinking about stealing her books. Clip her wings, break her legs, drug her to sleep, and probably something else that I can't think of.

I dunno, that seems kinda permanent, don't it? Wait...

Yeah I’d say it’s appropriate, all things considered.

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