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Are ever going to do any female on male clop?

I've done plenty of M/F stuff...unless you mean pony-on-pony

Hadn't realized this would be a tennis-match collab. Looking forward to seeing your next volley.

hah! that's a fun way to refer to it. I guess me and Vis are at 15-all at the moment ;P

Seriously folks; ready this story, it's quite good. My favorite part is right here:

The villainess’s eyes flashed dangerously as she emerged from the shadows of the room like a wraith; the mass of writhing green hair-tentacles she was using to move reminded Mare-velous of just who she was dealing with. “Hold your tongue, minion. I was merely...indulging in the fruits of my efforts as I watched the two of you.” Mane-iac gestured somewhat crudely to the wet, open crotch of her suit and then at one hair-tentacle that she held apart from the rest, its surface shining and slickened with her own juices.

Mare-velous and Zapp shared a grimace. “Eww. TMI, boss.” Zapp responded, shivering in her seat.

Pure. Comedy. Gold.

Damn, that was great!

I honestly love the notion that the Mane Six are all such good friends that they'll also fuck each other's brains out!

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