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Cozy Glow is preparing to make her move to become the Empress of Friendship. With Tirek's help and the ponies in Ponyville and the School of Friendship trusting her, her plans to rule Equestria are going smoothly.

But while Cozy Glow gets ready to strike, she finds herself strangely drawn to a whiny, nerdy boy named Button Mash. She begins to write on a diary to express her interest in the earth pony while trying to figure out why she wants to be around him and feels jealous whenever Sweetie Belle spends time with him. What happens when she figures out that she realizes that she has developed a twisted form of love for the young gamer?

Written for the Cozy Glow Short Story Contest: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/213908/folder/72106/contest-1?fbclid=IwAR10yklTP6FpU5Bgg9iz0Ns4_T9fyFs0b25FH6tKym4-GEKniuyTB5cRnO0

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I haven't seen this ship before, so colour me interested.

Wait it repeated? Did we not read this on chapter 1?

I agree, I also hate racing games, but games full of fighting and destruction. That I can manage.

Now I feel sorry for her.

Shouldn't it be rue the day she thought she could have button?

Nvm i guess i was a bit empty minded after staying up late

No, you were right. I always think rule when it comes to that saying, so that was my mistake.

traditional racing games I can understand and agree with. Personally speaking, realistic racing games just bore me to tears, but may I recommend racing games with "gimmicks"?

Mario Kart or Crash Nitro Fueled are both great Kate Racer games in their own ways. Or for something more action packed, may i recommend Wreckfest or Spilt/Second?

Wreckfest focuses on the mayhem and chaos of demolition derby style racing, where bashing and crashing your opponents are key to victory, as well as reaving the finsh line first.

Split/Second is unique in that it's whole presentation is in the vain of a Live TV Racing Show, but the real kicker is that the race tracks are all setup within the city limitsl. Almost like some kinda sanctioned Street Racing, but here's where the gimmick kicks in: instead of acquiring weapons for your vehicle, or just bashing your opponents against the guard rail, your given a single button of attack and you simply need to drift, draft or catch air to fill up the meter to use it. Once 1 of 3 bars are full, you can press the button when prompted to detonate the nearby landmarks, causing (depending on how many bars you use) catastrophic chain reactions to the overall environemt, and potentiallly change up the entire racetrack mid-lap.

Wow. She is good. ^^

oh fuuuuck you, asshole!

Then again, what else could I expect from a guy who has sweetiemash fics in his favs. Normally, Button would not deserve either. He'll always be a no-life gaming autist, that's why your portrayal of him as a good loving adult, father and husband looks ridiculous to me.

With the family gone, nothing but the soft breeze and the water gently flowing down the stream could be heard around the Legion of Doom statue. A little red bird landed on top of Cozy Glow's statue and started singing without a care. But as the bird sang, a small crack appeared in the corner of Cozy Glow's left eye. The crack grew until it was the size of a jellybean, and after a moment of pause, a single tear came out. It ran to her hoof on her cheek to her foot, and then fell onto the stone floor before evaporating instantly.

What they did to that poor filly is sickening.

Dude just because he's like that as a kid doesn't mean he can't change and be more mature as an adult. Besides, one of the genres to this story is "sad," and I stayed pretty close to what happens in the show, so what did you expect?

So are you saying that if you are a nice person you deserve to have anyone you want? Or if you are certain level of good person you deserve to have anyone? Ain't that selfish. Maybe you should go back to the medieval age when since the prince deserve it he may abandon or love any maiden he wanted. And any peasent who does not deserve beauty maiden be killed so the prince can take the maiden hand

Awesome job! Im gonna be honest, while seeing button mash and sweetie belle in the tags and description i had to check what time you joined. Usually buttonbelle/sweetie mash were choppy or old so i was impressed and surprised to see such a clean and smooth format with proper story and view of characters. I enjoyed this thoroughly and i think it's really good however button mash has lost relavancy and most people don't really like him since his portrayal has less than estatic background so dont be too surprised if people don't look at or comment on this but i must say it's a shame they won't read this. All in all, amazing work!

Thank you very much! And you're right. If you look down in the comments you'll find that there's one guy, in particular, who was saying the silliest of bad things about Button.

Button's purpose is being a butt monkey forever. This is the fate of his character. Your silly ideas are only shaking this amazing status quo. Same problem with this SweetieMash ship in which lots of people don't see its flaws. Sweetie Belle simply deserves better.

That's a very stereotypical and fairy view of the medieval times, you know.

this ending...Man this ending. I kinda knew it was going to come to this, but it was very well done. You hit me right in the feels.

Thank you! I'm glad that there's at least once person who felt that way.

Well if you are going to that direction should not twilight be forever worry wart of a pony that always twilighting. And should not discord be lord of chaos that never cared for others? And should not changeling always be a love sucking vampire that everyone hate and fear? Or how about that pony who fell in love with apple jack i suppose in your standard he does not deserve rarity and yet rarity still fall in love with him. I think your way of thinking is way too close minded to think that somepony will never change when in fact the show themself shows everyone is changing for the better. also mind you if you ship sweetiebelle with spike by your standard sweetiebelle does not deserve spike as spike has way more achievement than sweetiebelle ever had.

Well you wrote a decent Cozy all things considered (mostly equal parts both sweet and sour). Hated the ending but hey, at least it's accurate. Much like Cozy or the show itself, this was a work of art that simply ended far too soon.

Yeah or how about characters who were given the bare minimum of guidance and attention, and when they inevitably go bad (with the tools their teachers allowed them access to), are written off by being left to die, dumped in a pit for life with Equestria's most dangerous criminals, and then consigned to a living death after being freed and bullied by the hero's boyfriend into playing the antagonist...

Oh wait, that actually happened.

You think the show should have lasted longer than nine seasons, or do you mean we should have gotten more stories of cozy?

Both. Although in the case of the show they really needed to clean up their act. In many ways Season 8 was the pits for the characterization of some of these characters. If they really need to rehash old morals, they should've done it with the Student Six and not the Main Six. It would've allowed for the Student Six to learn and grow the same way the original Main Six did, while not sacrificing any of the likability of the older characters.

Pretty sure when she sings with both of the super villain she shows sign of changing to be better by befriending the villain? Like how crysalis(i forgot how to pronounced her name) said after they sing, they are changing to be like the mane 6? Although in a bit of psycho kind of way. I agree the heroes should have not just imprisoned her for her young age and when did discord bullied her into villainess? he ordered all of them to work together to fight mane 6. But i dont think there are time when they got bullied. considering the previous similar scenario happening its not far fetch at all for them to reform after hundreds of years like discord did. Still agreeing with you though about how they should have not jailed her in tartarus rather than teaching her as best as they could have.


But i dont think there are time when they got bullied.

I really wish I had a video montage of every time Grogar bullied or harassed these three to do his bidding. Unfortunately all I have right now is screen shots.

8. Forcibly restrained.

Visibly in pain.

9. Punched in the face.

Remember that time Discord took the form of a giant he-goat and beat a filly's face in?

And that's not even counting what her "friends did to her"

5. Beaten.

Her reward for trying to be helpful.

See that bit of pink flying of to the side? That's Cozy.

6. Strangled.

No elaboration necessary.

7. Crushed,

And likely suffocating.

Quotes from "The Beginning Of The End":
Grogar: I assure you, I am very real. And you have all been brought here as part of my plan to rid Equestria of Twilight Sparkle and her friends once and for all. [laughs]

Cozy Glow: I am so sorry, but the name 'Grofar'? It just doesn't ring any bells.
Grogar: Grogar! I have been away too long if my name no longer strikes fear into the heart of one so tiny. Perhaps a demonstration of power is in order?

Queen Chrysalis: What are you suggesting?
Grogar: I suggest nothing. I demand that you join me, and together, Equestria will be ours!

Grogar: I'd say he gambled and lost! But at least he can serve as a warning to those who doubt continuing with my plans. Unless any of you have doubts.

I think we missed the part where he gags them at the start of Frenemies, and possibly a few more lines of threatening dialogue, but you get the point.

To check out my sources for snap shots and find out more about the various forms of abuse visited on Cozy, check out the link in the description below:
Unfortunate Events: A Series

Ok yikes you were rite. God i guess I just did not took much of a notice due to how cartoony it felt
. Thats not a good excuse to not notice it though. I still think they are getting better when they tried to get the bell. Wait a minute how does this negate anything i said about everyone changing for the better? All this stuff are from before they are taking the bell and for discord uuh at least punching and yelling is way better than what he did in the past? So its still a change for the better? Look i dont say she is not getting bullied anymore you are right about that. This is what i would call doing the wrong thing for the right thing. Discord is definetly still not perfect no pony are but he is now compared to he is in the past is definetly better.


All this stuff are from before they are taking the bell and for discord uuh at least punching and yelling is way better than what he did in the past?

Depends on what you mean by better.

If you really think those three deserved to be used as cannon fodder you might say that (I personally doubt that), but either way the character is now regularly playing with creatures he has no control over.

The Bugbear in A Matter Of Principals? The Winterzilla in The Best Gift Ever?

And now these three, who unsurprisingly break free and caused tremendous damage, which makes sense given who they are and what they can do.

Discord isn't getting better, so much as he has shifted targets. Only now a-days he is a lot more careless about the types of people he messes with and how.

Even Starlight Glimmer is shown to be more powerful than he expects in A Matter Of Principals, but he still goes after she beats him anyway.

If the character ever had a sense of caution (something I am inclined to personally doubt) he certainly isn't demonstrating it anymore.

This is what i would call doing the wrong thing for the right thing.

Except after all his backsliding and chronic lying I find it difficult to believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

The plan not only doesn't make sense, given how poorly it's thought out, but it also feels like exactly the kind of excuse the character would give to get out of trouble or justify his actions.

It's just too similar to what he tries to do in What About Discord?, and A Matter Of Principals. I personally can't trust anything the character says anymore.

I think discord is being better because he did not think of himself but at least doing things for others. While true that he is still doing bad stuff to non mane 6 and especially bad for the ones that hurt fluttershy. He is not like that when he just plays the feelings of the mane 6. In the past he just think of himself. Now he do nice stuff for his friends like how he would do nice stuff for himself in the past. I dont think its right for him to bully those 3 but thats how he think of doing good. In the past he manipulate others and she their reaction for entertainment and make himself feel powerful. Now he manipulate the trio to make twilight see that she is competent. There are times when he wanted more attention yes. And that is bad. But the time where he pretend to take the shot and pretend to die( i forgot which episode) i cant imagine that make him look powerful at all. He still do bad stuff yes but he dont do bad stuff everyone anymore. He just do it to people thats done bad to fluttershy. That is not good in any standard but that is still improvement for me


I felt for Cozy at the end. Her love for Button was probably the only thing she had left.

It's criminal this only has 220 views.

Why thank you very much! Please feel free to share this story to people you know, and take a look at my other stories! :twilightsmile::yay::raritywink:

"I imagine that you noticed that Sweetie Belle and I came with our daughter," he said. "Pixie is eight years old just like we were, and she loves her video games. Sweetie Belle and I have been married for almost ten years now. She knows about the letter and that I needed to talk to you, by the way."

"The truth is I love Sweetie Belle. I think I can say I've loved her ever since we met," he said. "She and Pixie mean more than all the video games in the world. I can't imagine what life would be without them, and I don't ever want to find out. I could never feel the way you did for me, but I would have liked for you to be a part of our happiness. If things were different, you and Sweetie Belle could have been better friends, you would've been an aunt to Pixie Belle, and we would have found somepony special for you. I like to think that's possible. Either way, Cozy, I want to let you know that no matter what you did, you will always be special to me as my first friend and that I'm happy. If you truly love me, I hope knowing that will be enough for you."

I haven't seen or know the show's events involving Cozy and am just sharing my thoughts based on this fic. To me these two paragraphs show in my opinion the most tragic thing about this fic. Cozy was insane and delusional, but she was still an 8 year old filly. There was potential and still time for her to learn the error of her ways, had Twilight and the gang simply try to redeem her and help her turn her life around. She might have still not end up with Button, but at least she would be in a happier place.

Also I was taken by surprise that this last chapter wasn't a letter or message from button and was written like an actual story chapter. Not complaining. I actually prefer this. One minor nitpick I have is I would have liked to read Cozy's thoughts on Button's long awaited answer. As I am curious if that tear were just from sadness at being rejected or if she actually feels remorse for her actions. Oh well. I suppose it's more impactful if we are left wondering.

Think of it this way; I am the future Empress of Friendship who will use my friends to do everything I want to rule Equestria, and he wants friends to destroy his enemies. We are the only ponies in the world who understand the might behind friendship and have the ambition to use it to our will. Deep in the heart of this pathetic, whiny colt, there is a mighty stallion who can lead others to battle, and I want him to be the one who will do so however I wish.

This is incredibly adorable. You really nailed Cozy's attitude here.

The short description of the story needs a couple minor corrections, like below:

Cozy Glow writes about her obsessive feelings for Button Mash in her diary.

Wow, this was a soul-crushing ending. I had a feeling it'd be sad, but this was just devastating. Well done.

It still upsets me what they did to the Legion.

Personally, I like to call them "The Terrible Three".

This horse is crazy as fuck I think she will slowly become a yandere

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