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After the events of the Royal Wedding, Spike still isn't entirely sure what marriage is. Isn't it just when two ponies decide that they're going to live with each other for the rest of their lives? Well, there's certainly one pony whom he wouldn't mind spending the rest of his life with: Donut Joe and his toothsome toroidal treats.

Edited by awesomepony Exuno.

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I don't understand you at all.


Well Spike is going to get a

Frosty Delight

1299115 That pun killed me a bit on the inside.

Its ok, you can fill in the gap with a
Long John

Because i just wanted to leave a




This is going in my RiL before it gets featured.

This one got really weird......Shall upvote

1299103 1299261 That's about the average reaction to most of my stories. (Not that I'm complaining or disagreeing of course) :derpytongue2:

What is this I don't even

That was not at all how I was expecting Donut Joe to react. Can't tell if I should be :pinkiesick: , :pinkiecrazy: , or :pinkiehappy:
Hilarious. Upvote solely for using "gustatious." Someone took LATIN. Or just knows lots of weird words. There were a few minor grammar mistakes, mostly having to do with tenses. In addition, I would recommend not indenting and leaving a line empty between paragraphs; although this is not proper writing format, you'll find most fanfic writers use no indenting and an empty line because it's easier to read on a screen. The standard format for writing was built for paper books. Really more of a stylistic choice, but most people find it easier to read that way.

1299293 Lol. Sweet. Nice story anyway. Pony Joe is a perv :D

1299379 Actually, you just made me realize that I forgot to do that in GDocs before I imported it here :facehoof: I knew it seemed cramped. I can fix that.

As for the tense problems, could you point out an example for me? I could have sworn I weeded them all out.

1299379 There, it should be a lot more readable now. Thanks for pointing that out! :pinkiehappy:

...I could've sworn I had spotted one or two but they seem to have disappeared on me. :derpyderp2: Sorry. Maybe I had just misread something somewhere.

1299233 Argh, you've killed me, you sick bastard!

... I think I have a new OTP. :trixieshiftright:


hahaha i would love a sequel to this
a sequel full of doughnuts and extra smooth and sweet cream.


Hmm. I'm afraid that is not the ending I was looking for. Not my kind of humour. Which doesn't mean its bad of course, its just not for me.

This might be the kind of story where you might wanna try a couple of alternate endings, if you feel up to it. Would not make separate chapters for them though, should you be willing to do it.

everyone's taken or braeburn. ROFL.
on that note; "everypony's gay for donuts"


Thumbs up but grudgingly. I think it would've fit better if Joe was just pranking him rather than apparently being serious. As well Spike's a kid so that gives some overtures on creepyness.

Found on Equestria Daily. Okay There isn't a word to describe this. :applejackconfused::facehoof::twilightoops: yeah that's it.


Have them get married and Spike fall in love....XD

Twilight reaction will be HILARIOUS!:rainbowlaugh:

That was entirely unexpected. I am okay with this.


I was hoping that the ending would be a bit ambiguous as to whether he was serious or not; but I think I may have messed that up with the "hearts in his eyes" thing. I actually had an idea for an extra scene after this, where it's revealed that the whole thing was a setup by Twilight to get Spike to curb his donut addiction, but I decided against it.

As for the age thing, in my headcanon Spike is at least generally as old as the other Mane 6 ponies (in dragon years), or, at the very least, only 3-5 years younger than Twilight (depending on how old she was when she hatched him).The "baby" thing is more down to his relative youngness in the dragon life-cycle, his small size and his social naivety (a symptom of living with Twilight, a social shut-in herself).

Twilight sparkle when she hears about the wedding: :twilightoops::facehoof:
Rarity when she hears about the wedding::raritydespair:
Derpy when she hears about the wedding::derpyderp2:

Joe's reaction was so unexpected it earned a favorite from me all by itself, though I certainly enjoyed the understated comedy of innocence of the trio not grasping the full scope of the situation.

Snipe and Snails, you little donut thieves!

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