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A German soldier fighting in Berlin during the final days of WWII finds himself thrown into Equestria. The problem is that he went from one war zone to another. The only difference is the weapons they use to wage war, oh and they're ponies. He is thrust into a position that may change the balance of power. But will it be for the better? Or worse?

First off, this is set in a different universe than my other fic 'The First Battle for Equestria'. If you've read some of that you know I have a thing for violence. This probably won't be as violent, but I make no promises.

This is rated T for a bit of sexual content (No clop) and strong language.

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Looks promising
I'll give it a read when I get home from karate

I like that, it changes from all the human crossovers

I'll keep following that :moustache:

I always enjoy reading about some of the 'darker' fellows to pop into Equestria. What is also fantastic is that it includes a soldier of a far past that I am quite fascinated of.

All is well and good so far, I really do enjoy the immediate dark tone of his arrival, instantly gunning down whatever 'friendly' ponies he would of come across, such as many other fics.

However, I have a breaking point...

Eventually the kissing duo fell to the ground. For Heindrich it was the best and weirdest sex he had ever had.

The fuck?

Not enough to feel sentimental about his old girlfriend? They just immediately get it on after being culture shocked by a new world and the 'magic' that translated his voice? Pff hah! No... Sorry, I hate any kind of sex scene unless it has a damn good build-up.

i could have lived without that last part but good story. so far

I think that after you've been through four years of constant fighting and blood shed, you will at least start to lose your mind. If you remember, it mentions the things he saw and did, he was probably part of some pretty brutal acts. Read about all the horrors committed on the eastern front and you'll know what it's talking about. You have to remember that out of the veterans that survive, a considerable amount don't exactly leave that with all their gray matter intact.

I also think that first impressions shape how you would react to a new country or in this case world. If say, a pony or alien came to Earth, if they arrived and the first thing they met was something that was trying to kill them, chances are they would probably be hostile back. But if they arrived and managed to strike up a polite conversation with one, the chances are they will probably be more friendly and open. Yes there is a difference between finding other humans and finding talking equines, but I think the principle remains the same, to an extent of course.

I guess that moved a little quickly, but I think that weird things can happen under extraordinary circumstances. Two things, 1) it wasn't like she stayed a changeling and offered herself to him, without a single seconds thought he mounts up and they declare their eternal love (I can think of stories that pull that shit) 2) He has already seen things he never thought would ever happen, he already saw his country rise from depression and starvation to being an economic powerhouse. He witnessed Germany go from powerless to controlling most of Europe. He saw the army march across Poland and Russia and into Moscow. He was also there when they were pushed all the way back across Europe and into Berlin. He witnessed the city that symbolized his country's power, reduced to ruin. He finds himself facing oblivion, while standing with a few barely surviving soldiers stuck in a museum, I don't think he would be complaining or freaking out to be removed from that hell pit. Even if it means he now lives in a world filled with magic and talking insect-horse-unicorn creatures.

I really hope that this all makes sense. I have a feeling it sounds like a bit of a weird rant.

Hunter C. Creed

Rictofen: Excuse me... I must vomit :pinkiesick:

I'd still hit it.

Didn't read yet. YET!

In response to the title: Destroyer please?

Good chapters so far. It would be pretty interesting to see him just go mercenary. No side, no preference.

pretty good story so far bro, and i hope ur parents get well soon!

Hm. Working on my own "Equestria in WWII project," and the pic caught my attention. I'll have to finish this one.

Just IMO, the Germans should say "good" instead of "gut." Aside from iconic phrases (Gott Mitt Uns, etc.), it's much easier to read if the lines are completely "translated" to English.

Knowing he was helping the master race of this planet was good enough for him, even if they were black.

Haha, wow! Really?

Feel better man. Hopefuly this will continue.


1208750 Good video :pinkiesmile:

It's my parents that are hurt, not me. I am currently cleaning there house from top to bottom for their arrival from the hospital. I will then have to take good care of them for several weeks. I am continuing this and slowly writing more every chance I have to open up Word and get some typing done.

Hunter C. Creed

Going onto my Must Read Later list

Quick, get an Allied soldier to do some equalizing for Equestria! Quick! :derpyderp1::fluttershbad::pinkiegasp::raritycry::twilightoops:

Knowing he was helping the master race of this planet was good enough for him, even if they were black.

I lost it there, that was fucking hilarious.
10/10 would read again.

His Walther and its ammo hung from his side; he even had his bulky MG34 along with six drums of ammunition

I'm not being a picky asshole, but German [Weremacht] squads were based around the machine gun. One man carries the gun along with two drums of ammunition, and the rest of the squad (generally...six-eight men, if I remember correctly?) carry two drums each. However, correct me if I'm wrong.

"I'll let you live."

Would have shot her right then and there.

Even in a second chance a damn Nazi throws it away. Seems a little stereotyping that he would try the same thing a second time. Helping the "Master Race" . Plus if he was so devout to germany he would have killed all of the ponies he saw plus the queen to assert dominance

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