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Of course it's an AU. Besides being a Halo crossover, which would never happen anyway if Hasbro was doing this.

Griffons, in show canon, were shown to be utterly and completely unable of being as cool as fans demanded they be as a species. Gallus and Gilda being the exceptions.

I've lost count of how many stories had the bird brains be a mighty power, one to rival Equestria in all but having goddesses as rulers. And then Hasbro gave that idea the big middle finger by showing that was never a thing.

Griffonstone would probably not even count as a kingdom by any real standards. But with griffons being what they are, they saw it as one. For as long as it lasted.

Halo legends, now that’s a name I haven’t heard in along time.

This is for those that aren’t familiar with it
Hope it helps.


Just in case some of you are curious.

What you think of the story in general?

Such as? (Pulls a note book out)



What’s that mean?

The adjustments have been made, better?

The first Spartan armor was a exoskeleton from what Game Theory sead!:twilightsmile:

It’s in the works don’t worry I usually take a while to get chapters out.

WHY THE FUCK IS THIS CANCELED!!!:twilightangry2::raritycry:

There’s a blog called “new method” that’ll explain.

And it's dead.

Not dead it’s just been adopted and it’s taking the new author some time.

I'm sad to see that you're no longer writing this story but I'm interested to see where the new author will take it. I hope Is as good as the original draft

Yeah sorry about that I’ve unfortunately lost interest at the time and my mind goes all over the place these days.

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