• Published 18th Aug 2020
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If Wishes Were Portals - ColtKit Productions

Unofficial Sequel to "If Wishes Were Ponies". Adult Harry creates a next Gen portal, to visit any world in the multiverse. The Asgardians recognize this achievement & bring Equus into interdimensional Politics, but is that a good thing?

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Ch4 (REWRITE): In Trouble

Author's Note:

I decided cut up this chapter up into two, to help with the flow.

Although the only real alteration I made was changing who's in Harry's Herd.

Neville sighed... he hadn't meant to, his herdmate needed him to be supportive... but it was difficult to not give an exacerbated sigh. Dean and Seamus looked at each other, before both taking the time to whack Harry upside his head. To which the Avatar of Death blushed like an errand foal.

The other boys of the herd were more like brothers, then anything romantic with each other... Though, embarrassingly, sometimes the CMC had them do stuff to each other, as they watched. They were brought into the herd, because Twilight had expressed concern Harry couldn't handle having so many wives.

After all, 3 girls would have been a lot for one guy. But Harry had a bloody army for a Heram. In addition to the Crusaders, Harry had Hermione, Ginny, Lavander, Parvati, Luna Lovegood, "Queen Mama" Elly, and Daphne.

Although Elly didn't really count, at least in this regard. Her biology wasn't exactly designed to lay with a partner more then once every few hundred years... the boys would be dead by the time she was "in the mood" again.

Not that that really mattered, she was part of the herd, and the boys made sure to share their love with her in other ways. After all, they had a large number of wives to share a bed with. It wasn't all that big a deal one of them wasn't interested. A herd is about emotional connection more then physical... even though it's major purpose is to give a greater number of mares babies, but Elly already had a lot of babies and was happy just sitting and talking with the boys.

It's not like this was even thought of as an issue, when Neville had first been accepted into the Herd. As he was 12, and not really interested in anything beyond a quick peck on the cheek, and holding hands... it was weird that they had to get used to sharing a bunch of girlfriends, with a bunch of other guys, but it wasn't long before it felt normal...

Twilight had told the Crusaders, if they didn't find more colts to join their herd, they would have to kick out the humans from their herd agreement. As she, as a concerned mother, was worried so many girls would be too much for one "colt" to handle...

Twilight later expressed that she didn't think the girls would actually be able to do it, although she was glad they didn't have to break up the herd.

The CMC had asked Neville, but they did so over breakfast, in front of all their year mates... who immediately asked if they could join to. This got Scootaloo drooling, and Sweetie Belle going into a fit, but Applebloom managed to give the boys the herd agreement, to sign.

As well as having the other second year girls signing, as they realized they needed more girls to make it legal now.

"Is it really that bad?" Harry hesitantly asked.

"Celestia sending you on a mandatory week's vacation, because you've been neglecting your health." Ron rolled his eyes. "Blimey mate, the girls are going to freak!"

Harry hung his head, "Maybe if I just pretend to go into work?"

Dean whacked him again, followed quickly by Seamus.


‚óŹ At Dinner.

Every creature, in their pony or ling form, sat in the great hall, ready to break bread. The hall was modeled much after Hogwarts' own. What with the tall ceiling, charmed to look like the sky, and the floating candles. Only here, there were hundreds of round tables, each for a different grouping of brood-mates. That way they could eat together. Then a long table, at the back of the hall, let all the changelings see the royal family as a United front.

"CELESTIA DID WHAT!?" Sweetie gaped.

Harry could only flinch at her tone. A reaction all the boys shared... clearly thinking they shouldn't have convinced Harry to come forward with what happened. Meanwhile. The oldest Brood of the royal family, stealthily picked up their plates and slinked away to one of the round tables. No doubt getting a mental order from Elly to give the "grownups" some "privacy".

Usually, the royal family sat wherever they pleased at there table... but today, all the Stallions chose to sit at one side of the table. No doubt to give Harry support... but it had an unintended side effect. As now, all the Stallions were sitting opposite the fillies... it was clearly cults versus fillies, and that just wasn't a good way to run the herd.

Applebloom decided to nip that in the bud. She got up, and walked around the table, nudging Neville to slide down the bench. The colt was hesitant, but obeyed. He was-was a good colt, after all. Then she sat herself right next to Harry. So now he wouldn't feel like all the mares were against him.

Taking his hoof in her own, she asked, "Mind explaining why ya was hidin' this from us?"

"I... didn't want you to worry..." that was a Harry euphemism for: "I didn't want to get in trouble." Regardless AB didn't point that out right away.

Scootaloo deadpanned, "Well that plan didn't exactly work out, did it?" so Applebloom shot her a glare. Which instantly silenced the orange pegasus.

"Harry," Applebloom gave the colt's hoof a squeeze. "When you do stuff like this, it just makes us worry more."

"You really shouldn't." Harry eyed, "I'm pretty much immortal."

"True, but we don't like the idea of ya needlessly sufferin'," She reminded, "We love you, Harry... we ain't going to hurt you."

"Ya ain't got to prove nothin' to nopony," Applebloom assured, "Especially not to ya-self."

Harry flinched again... kinda wishing Applebloom didn't know him so well.

She continued, "Cuz you're one of da strongest, smartest colts there is... ya ain't got to prove that with these wild stunts. We ain't foals no more."

"Speak for yourself!" Scootaloo grinned, "I'll be young forever!!!"

The group rolled their eyes.

Parvati suddenly spoke, "Get up." as she walked over to the unofficial boys' side.

Applebloom glared at her, but before she could protest, Luna spoke up. The Crystal Bat Pony, courtesy of Discord, reminded. "If any of the rest of us neglected ourselves for so long, you'd be the first to tug on our ears... and maybe even our tails."

Apple Bloom glared at them, "I'll once again remind ya, I'm the Alpha Mare. I decide who gets punished and how."

Elly raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. That was just how pony herds worked. Applebloom was in charge of family matters, inside the herd. However, they maintained their own titles and lordships, outside of it.

Apple Bloom made sure to respect the mares' decisions, in regards to their direct children, as well as Elly's rights as Queen... and Elly tried to respect AB's own right to act as Alpha Mare over the herd... including in regards to Elly.

Elly was ruler of the Doppelganger hives. Where as Apple Bloom was in charge of Domestic family matters. Harry's role, as "King Papa", was mostly as a figurehead, and not co-ruler.

Regardless, Elly was always iffy whenever Harry was punished. She could feel he was on the Edge of a panic attack, whenever it was brought up. Even though most punishments were things like writing lines, extra chores, or some kind of embarrassment. With rarely involving the pulling of tails or ears. Nothing like the Dursley's ever inflicted...

One thing that Elly insisted Apple Bloom couldn't do, was spank anyone in the herd... which thankfully, Apple Bloom thought it was weird to bring up. Pulling tails was as close as adult ponies come to physical chastisement. At least, for most herds.

Which is why Elly was particularly shocked when Harry said.

"I know that, but it help if you didn't treat me like this fragile thing! I get I can be kinda self conscious and timid, but I'm on par with Alicorns in magical power!..." he just wished he stopped feeling like spent glass... like he could break at any moment... that after all these years, he was still a victim!

Scootaloo chuckled, looking at Apple Bloom, "You heard him! Break out the Switch." the other mares looked at her in shock.

However, Harry just rolled his eyes, not believing his filly friends would hit him... maybe send a stinging hex his way, but not a Dursley level beating... though he was grateful one of his wives joked about it. It was weird, but at least one of them understood he was tough enough to take a joke like that.

Daphne spoke up. "Did Celestia give you anything to work on, during your forced vacation? We know it can drive you crazy when you have nothing to do."

Harry was, after all, used to doing a lot of work... then being stuffed in his cupboard for hours, after it was finished.

Twilight never truly had him doing nothing, even when he was grounded. He still went to school, and could dedicate himself to his work.

"I'm supposed to copy my knowledge of my theories, and the mechanics of the Portal, into a book," Harry confessed. "That way the others I'm working with can use the book manifestation spell to better understand what I'm trying to do."

Ron blinked, "You haven't done that yet?"

Dean nodded, "You would think that is the first thing you would do?"

Harry went back to blushing. "I gave them copies of my notes, and the paper I published.... but it became kinda obvious it wasn't enough for them to fully understand my theory."

Neville raised an eyebrow, "That paper of your's was pretty detailed."

"You read it!?" Harry gaped.

Neville rolled his eyes, "Of course I read it. What kind of herdmate wouldn't read something you spent years on." All their other herdmates blushed. "SERIOUSLY!!!"