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Equestria have been saved once again, the Windigos are gone, and three members of the Legion of doom have been defeated and turned to stone, all's well that ends well.

As everycreature started to leave, Raven Inkwell speaks out for she believes that there is still one more member of the Legion of doom that needs to be punish too, that member being, DISCORD.

But Fluttershy believes that Discord should be forgiven for he made up for his mistake of forming The Legion of Doom.

Its Raven Inkwell vs. Fluttershy in a heated debate to that will determine Discords fate.

Artwork by: witchtaunter

Note: It's hard to see at first glance but know that the cover art of Raven is showing that she is extremely angry. Just do a close up on the pic and you can see her eyebrows scowling.

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Raven has a point. It's not fair to give Discord so many chances and leave him unpunished while the trio, who he brought together, threatened and manipulated into this whole mess in the first place don't even get a single attempt at rehabilitation.

I agree. Stone Startard! Oh wait, I forgot, ponies can do things like disrupt time, steal cutie marks, and mind control people without punishment, but NONPONIES get the chair.

"No!" Raven thought. Her heart filled with anger and hate towards the mastermind. "No, no ,no, no, NOOOOO!!!!!! They can't seriously be letting him get away with all this. Don't they know what his crazy plan has done? What it almost did? And their just gonna let him get away with it." Raven began trotting foward trying to catch up with Twilight and Co. "BUCK THAT! I'm not going to just stand in the background and let that monster get away, not this time, not again. Its about time he get what he deserves and this time I have plenty of evidence that will condemn him for good."

The problem with that is if he deserves to be punished, then nearly every pony in the cast needs to be punished as well.

"Yes Discord. All of this is all his fault." Raven accused. Staring at the Draconequus with pure hatred in her eyes. "None of this would've happen if he haven't brought those three together and gave them the means to try and take over Equestria." Raven bellowed. "He committed treason against the crown....again, his so called "plan" to help Twilight nearly got the world destroyed. You punish those three for their crimes but the one responsible for all this gets to go free. NO!" Raven stomps her hoof angrily. "he should be punished for his crimes just as well. Its only just, seeing how he's the mastermind behind all of this." Raven gestures to the statue of the three villains and says. "You can't just punish those three as well as Sombra, when you all know Discord was the one who brought them back in the first place."

I mean, it’s not that simple.

Fluttershy step up to speak. "He'd risk his life to give me and my friends a chance to escape and find Twilight." She answers. "You said you heard the whole conversation. So you know he got his powers stolen." Raven just sat on her haunches and listened to Fluttershy's speech, very carefully. "Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow locked us up in the crystal caverns underneath Canterlot. Yes we were mad at what Discord did. So take responsibility for his actions he put himself in harms way just to antagonizes Tirek, which led to him freeing Starlight, who in turn freed us."

Even with his powers stolen he still came in clutch.

"I understand you're angry Raven but you must understand. Discord did all of this in order help Twilight gain confidence so she can become a greater ruler, he pretended to be Grogar so those three would follow him. His plan was that the four of them would attack on the day of Twilights coronation. Things probably wouldn't have gotten out of control if they hadn't betrayed him took the bell for themselves.....Even with his chaos magic. Discord can't see or predict the future. So he didn't expect for them to betray him and try to take over without Grogar. But he did everything he could to make things right and thanks to his act of bravery, we were given the chance to stop those three and save Equestria, and thanks to you and everyone else working together. That's exactly what happened."

And if you compare his crimes to other villains, his seems more justified.

After few moments. She finally finished her cleaning. The handkerchief vanish into air, she casually place her glasses back over her eyes, and adjusted them. Raven took a deep breath, using the moment collect all her thoughts. After exhaling, she stared in to Fluttershy eyes and said.

"You stupid gullible fool!"

I’m sorry, how many times have she saved equestria while you say on your a** doing paper work?

"Do you honestly believe that Discord didn't know about the bell being taken, do you seriously believe the lies he was spitting out when he confess to you all?" Raven asked.

Do you want a lie detector test?

"GOOD INTENTIONS!" Raven bellowed. "Have you ever heard the old saying that the path to tatarus is paved in good intentions, you BUCKING IDIOT!"

I actually haven’t.

"Remember when Discord trick you into believing he was sick and sent you and Cadance on a wild goose chase to find a cure that didn't even exist and leading you two to get in a fight with a giant Tatzlwurm, who was only mad at you two for taking its flower, and I don't give a DAMN that it was a friendship test he made up for you. The point is, he still trick you into putting both yourself and Cadance in danger with an innocent creature, who was just minding its own business and watching over its flower."

Not really seeing the problem.

"hmm, very well Miss Shy." Raven said calmly. "It looks like i'm gonna have to shatter your faith in that monster by hitting you with the cold hard truth, facts and reality." Raven adjusted her glasses. "So sit back and relax Miss Shy, for we have a lot to go over and by the end, you and everyone here will know exactly why, Discord should be punish....With that said lets start things off from the beginning. When Princess Celestia and Luna first announce to you and your friends their retirement.

What the f*ck she think this is a court room? I would have just left.

As much as I like Discord, he really should of gotten more than a simple slap on the wrist for what he did. He saw everyone as pawns that he expected would go his way when he pushed the Legion of Doom together. In Raven’s words, what the buck.

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Another huge damage Discord's plan had done is Luna and Celestia's reputations.
Even if his plan didn't go haywire, most likely the sisters will getting taken out on their last days as rulers.
On their very last days as rulers, they end up looking like massive failures.
Insult added to injury too with how his plan rubs it in that Luna and Celestia are NOTHING due to losing their connection to the Elements.
With how they didn't get to be included in the final rainbow laser despite they wielded the Elements before and their cutie marks were on the damn tree.
In other words, Discord's plan essentially done sabotage by making Luna and Celestia look bad while propping up Twilight.
Hell, this affects Shining Armor and Cadance due to their reputations are most likely demolished due to the very monster who tormented the Crystal Ponies easily took over.
Twilight is going to go through hell in political stuff. Such as many nobles(especially ones who hated Twilight taking the throne) will mistake this as a conspiracy. Like them going "Twilight secretly conspired with Discord to damage Luna and Celestia's reputations while making herself look good all to ensure she gets the throne!". Twilight is going to have a hard time dealing with those kind of nobles there, many probably trying to use this to boot her off the throne.

I wonder if Raven will bring up on how Discord's plan screwed Spike?
Like despite Spike is a close friend to him(as shown with guy's night stuff), Discord's plan most likely messed up his status as hero to the Crystal Ponies due to how things went.
And how Discord essentially screwed Spike since he's not an Element Bearer, given how Discord used Sombra to boost the Mane 6's confidence at the expense of Spike getting brainwashed and humiliated. Hell, this rubbed it into Spike's wounds that he will ultimately be in the girls' shadows due to not being an Element Bearer(while he was included in the final rainbow laser, that was probably a miracle it happened)

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Ugh, another "Discord should be punished" story. He made a big mistake, but he made up for it by risking his powerless self to free his friends.

If the ponies were willing to forgive Tempest Shadow, Stygian, and Starlight Glimmer for their misdeeds, without any kind of punishment at all, then having them be so vindictive about Discord trying to help Twilight (in his own bizarre way) makes them look just plain hypocritical.

I hope you explain how this screwed over Starlight as well as Discord literally sics Chrysalis after her knowing she is out for Starlight’s blood.

it bad writing honestly, they ruined many characters with bad writing in last few seasons and discord character was assassinated in last season.

Honestly, my problem with the story is that it seems too black and white. Raven says that intentions don’t matter, but that’s not even close to the truth.

Ahh! Blue my archnemesis. We meet again. Under the most crazy of circumstances.:pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, most of these are people causing the Mane 6 to feel their own frustrations.

Me personally, I'm indifferent but for one thing...why...in the name of God and Satan and everything in between...did Discord take them at their WORD THAT THEY DIDN'T FIND THE BELL!!?

Discord was aware of Celestia's intent to reform him while he was trapped in stone! There is no excuse for him being that stupid.

What about with what Discord had done to Spike too?

Hey there Night. I'm glad you're here:pinkiehappy:

Don't worry Raven got you covered on alot of things. She does have a lot to discuss after all and by the end we will see if discord truly deserves to be punished or forgiven.:pinkiecrazy:

Did you happen to see the first comment I posted too?

She was only pointing out all the times Discord trick and manipulated others, to prove her point that its possible that he's doing the exact same thing with the legion of doom.

She already knows why he did those things, but the focus wasn't on why he did it but that he can do it.

my take on that is discord was playing them from the start, he knew they had the bell and let them take his powers so, he be more sympathetic to twilight,i had a plan with good intension but it backfired because im discord and i dont think it through, when he wanted them to do it so they unleash maximum chaos get defeated and the status quo would be restored and he be forgiven relatively quickly, and he enjoy the chaos until needs his next fix

He didn't. He was planning on sending Chrysalis after Twilight (and setting her and the others up to fail).

You mean the one I just commented on?

Ok, but how did the topic go from discord needing to be punished for his crimes to his friendship with the others being fake?

When did that happen? I never said or mention anything about his friendship with the mane 6 being fake. It's as real as real can be. But even friends can make mistakes.

Didn’t she mention discord playing them from the beginning?

When’s the next chapter coming out, out of curiousity I’m hyped.

She meant from when Discord brought Sombra back.

I'll go back and fix that so their won't be anymore confusion

But, if he’s punished, does that mean everyone has to be punished as well?

Whenever I get to it really. Will work on it more on the weekends, since its my days off.

Nope. Discord was released to be rehabilitated and wasn't given up on. Among the trio only Chrysalis got a chance and even that was tiny in comparison. Tirek was locked in a cage for a thousend years while Cozy was immedietly given up on upon her reveal.


Ironically Discord's plan to boost Twilight's confidence most likely destroyed what confidence Luna and Celestia have left within.
Especially Luna's case..

I can't answer that without spoiling things. You just have to wait and see

Actually, that’s a good point, and I’d like to add more to it if you both would allow me.

Ok, inkwell said that it didn’t matter if someone redeemed themselves or the intentions, right?

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