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It's either vanilla or banana.

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A message from Art Inspired: Okay... this was NOT written by me. This was written by my Special SomePony. I do not approve, nor do I like foalcon. My Special SomePony wanted me to write this, and when I said "NO!!!" she took it upon herself to write it claiming if she didn't, who would? Any comments will be from my Special SomePony; AKA SSP.

SSP: now, i know this is a bit dull, but it will intensify later on in other chapters. this is merely the first chapter, but it will get better. please stick with me on this one! you always complain about things escalating quickly, well... you know!

Good for you SSP!


Faving it already.:pinkiecrazy:

foalcon essentially means pedophilia, right?

well, i think i really like this story~ :pinkiehappy:

Just read it. Very interesting. Tracking to see where this goes. Although...

I have a problem with this paragraph in particular: “You… got me an apple?” she asked with excitement. It was the first time in a few years of teaching she received a gift like this, though it was still corny, it was the act of doing it that counted. Scootaloo sat in her desk and said “Something you said… kinda stuck in my head. I was being stupid… I’m sorry, honest.”

You have to start a new paragraph when someone else starts talking. :scootangel:

Well, lets give it a shot.

scootaloo approves. :scootangel:


Pedophilia? please... its pastel colored ponies. Who gives a fuck? And for REAL pedophiles, better they get their rocks off here than trolling around some school.

So the story... alright I guess, but needs some serious editing. Riddled with typos, needs more commas, and some sentences are awkward. For example, the last sentence in the very first paragraph:

Scootaloo, late as always wasn’t seen just yet, and Ms. Cheerilee noticed this as she called attendance.

Maybe instead: Scootaloo, late as always, had still not arrived yet, and Ms. Cheerilee......

I wont track or give this a thumbs up until it is cleaned up. Also: Get to the foalcon already! Stop tempting me with chapters that set stuff up and then nothing! Go! More! and edited first! :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:

SSP you invoced rule 35! How do you plead!?

......SSP more...please if it isn't too much trouble:yay::fluttershysad:

The only problem is that this story made me think of my friend ImJustAnotherBrony

+1 and favorite i do have a soft spot for foalcon writers just because their some of the mosted hated on this site

Ill give it a try , just because its Art and his SSP :twilightsmile:

(later of course, now being my 1 in the morning :rainbowlaugh: )

I honestly don't know what to do.
I mean... this is just so cliche... Should I fave this or should I not erm...
Oh what the heck. I'll fave it.

..yes...you win..Game over. you win.
There are..SO many differences between people who read things like this, and people who fuck kids. Psychological ones primarily, however I digress. If a pedophile does get off to this, rather than actual children how the fuck is this bad then? I mean in that situation pedophile gets off, no kid gets harmed, story is written, if you don't like it, don't read it.

Now, on to what I think of the story; It's interesting, and has a lot of promise. I like the characterizations, and I also enjoy that it is a story of this nature, which isn't overly rape, say for statutory-rape.

Well, let's see how you get to write this foalcon SSP. If you think you are going to make an interesting history out of this, I encourage you to go on.
Also, who the hay pushed the dislike button? There is a warning in the very description, and not one, but three messages from art explaining this.
If you don't like it, you have been advised quite a lot, you don't need to come here start reading a chapter that doesn't even have any kind of sexual reference in it, and then dislike it.
Anyways, now that I have let off some steam, I am interested in how this will be developing.
We shall see.

1195543 haters gonna hate!
1195369 um... okay... what's this about doc?

1195893 i interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this:
Honest the emo Troll was abandoned at a school. he had a crush on his teacher and when she rejected him (hard) he commited suicide and was reincarnated as me! :pinkiehappy: ( I LOVE SCOOTALOO X CHERILEE ITS BEEN IN MY HEAD FOUR YEARS! HELP ME! )


I'm sorry Art..but it's Lupus.

1196806 that's SSP, and what the hay is a lupus???

xTSGx #27 · Sep 1st, 2012 · · 1 ·

*Sigh* Another pedophilia fic, another auto-downvote. (I would suggest you simply get your own account. It's not that hard.)

1197795 its a BUCKING CARTOON! gtfo. i warned you in the description, and thats what i get! oh, look, pedophilia, i'm gonna be a little bitch and down vote it because im a little bitch. gtfo pussy!

First reaction: I'm going to regret this aren't I.

While reading: This isn't that bad. Cheerilee's criticism was kinda funny.

After reading: It wasn't bad.

Edit: I see BDSM incoming.

xTSGx #31 · Sep 1st, 2012 · · 1 ·

1) If you're going to replace "fuck" with "buck", then at least be consistent about it. Don't say it's "a bucking cartoon" then tell me to "gtfo".
2) It is a cartoon, but so is simulated child porn, which is still illegal under the PROTECT Act of 2003 (if you live in the US). Just because it isn't real doesn't mean it isn't pedophilia.
3) You did warn me and I always appreciate it when authors do, so thanks for that. I didn't like it so I didn't read it. In other words I "disliked" it, so, when given the option of "like" or "dislike" I choose the later.
4) I'm male and therefore would be a "bastard" not a "bitch". In addition, since I lack female reproductive organs, calling me a "pussy" is also inaccurate. A "dick" would be more factual.
5) Insulting people is generally not a good way to increase viewership and makes you look like a d-bag (or d-bagess if your a female). Furthermore, it makes me less likely to read any future stories.
6) As you're writing about a very controversial subject, there will be those who dislike it. The sooner you accept that, the better.
7) I would strongly recommend you get your own account. Types of comments such as that are only giving the account's owner a bad rap.

1200234 SSP: i CLEARLY state im art's special somepony, and im gonna react to your comment the way i see fit. im not a crowd pleaser like art. i say what i want and assert myself as such. also, if you just dislike the story at first sight, then that makes you look messed up! i read before i comment and judge, you should do the same.

Art: Please forgive my SSP for being so rude. These words are not mine, they're hers.

xTSGx #33 · Sep 1st, 2012 · · 1 ·


if you just dislike the story at first sight, then that makes you look messed up

I don't auto-dislike stories very often. This is, perhaps, the fifteenth one out of thousands.
Let me put this way. You specifically state that the story has foalcon in it. I hate foalcon and have never enjoyed a story that has had it. What reason do I have to believe that I will like this story? Common sense tells me that I have no reason.
In response to the account's owner: It's not a problem. This is the Internet. If I can't stand the heat, then I'll log out.

1200383 why would you think i would make this like any other foalcon story? it's not going to be the same thing like the stories both you and i have read. theres going to be a twist and a shocking outcome (in a good way) if you'd JUST GIVE IT A CHANCE! roll your eyes if you must, but i can guarantee you that by the end, it will not have been ALL foalcon. there's a story brewing in these parts, and you don't wanna miss it!

Art's SSP, just stop feeding the parasprite, and it'll all be over soon. I pinkie promise:pinkiehappy:

fabulous story can't wait to see what happeneds next

1200383 you cant tell wether you like a story unless you read it so if i was you id suffer through then say "i dont like it" also thank you for insight on the life of an auto-downer have a good night and a good day

Please update soon... Scootaloo is best pony. :scootangel:

This needs to be finished

I know it says "Cancelled" but I enjoy Cheerilee x Scootaloo ships and figured I'd toss my vote for hoping that someday it's revived and completed. If it was "Cancelled" due to the FC hate than you could always publish an abridged "censored" pure shipping version for the public and than offer the unabridged version to those who ask for a copy.

2705727 he would have had a better reception if he had posted it to certain groups here on fimfiction.

Bastard means you have no father.
Bitch is a dog in heat.

l like this idea

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