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Into Equestria

Twilight Sparkle POV: Castle of Friendship

I stood in front of the mirror to the human world, I had just used my magic to turn the portal on. My friends were waiting with me for Sunset and company to step out, and I was wondering exactly when that would happen. As it turns out we didn't have to wait too long as the mirror started to shimmer and ripple, I stood back, motioning for my friends to do the same and as soon as we were out of the way Sunset came from out of the portal. Followed by Nightmare and Fluttershy, and everyponie's jaws dropped collectively as we all saw that world's Fluttershy.

The next per.. I mean pony through was a tall pale white alicorn, he had a pitch black mane and tail, and was wearing a three piece suit, that I'm pretty sure Rarity was swooning over, and his cutie mark was a bone crossed with a scythe. The next out was a griffin, his feathers were a blood red in color, and his fur was a maroon, he had a scar running diagonally across his left eye and I saw a few of the feathers on his wings were missing along with a few other scars that criss crossed his body. The next being out took us all for surprise, because the pony that came through the portal was a changeling, he looked malnourished and his ribs could easily be seen, his eyes were milky white, almost like he was blind, but his mane and tail were a dark grey, his carapace had a dull look to it. The final one through the portal was a zebra, and just like the changeling we were surprised by his look, patches of fur were missing in a few places like it had fallen out, he had red bumps on his neck that looked like it irritated him, I could see a few lumps here and there under his fur or on the patches of his skin and when I looked at his haunches he had a mark that was made by the stripes in his fur and it looked like a syringe over a weird symbol that was a circle, with three other circles coming from the center with a broken circle in the middle.

"Twilight it's great to see you again" I heard Sunset Shimmer say, breaking me out of my thoughts.

"H-hey Sunset, how are you?" I said as I stuttered a little, letting my nerves out.

"I'm great, are these your friends and this world's version of mine?" she asked.

"Y-yeah" I said, swallowing nervously. 'My worst fear just became a reality' I thought to myself as I looked over the alicorn who I was a hundred percent certain was Thanatos.

"Wait! Fluttershy!" I heard Rainbow exclam from behind me.

Our Fluttershy looked at RD confused before she looked right into her doppelganger's eyes. I watched as both Fluttershy's eyes widened as they looked the other over, thankfully that world's Fluttershy was wearing a hooded jacket of some kind so we could still tell them apart.

"Oh my" our Fluttershy said in her normally timid voice.

"Wow, thank God the portal gave me this sweatshirt or we'd never be able to tell the other apart" Sunsets Fluttershy said in a voice that everypony didn't have to strain to hear. "Ok, this'll get weird calling us both Fluttershy" she started, "so you can all call me Flutter" she finished.

I looked back at the girls and Spike and saw all of their jaws were almost on the floor from hearing Flutter talk in what shouldn't have been more than a whisper.

*Ahem* I heard a voice clear from in front of us when I saw it was the alicorn who did it. "I believe introductions are in order" he started, "I am Thanatos Darkstar, Sunsets adoptive father" Thanatos said, making my legs shake.

"I am Krieg," the griffin said, bowing slightly.

The zebra bowed slightly as well as he said "my name is Zaraza."

"And I...am Nälänhätä" the changeling wheezed coughing a bit.

"Good now that introductions are out of the way" Rainbow started, hovering forward angrily. "We can take you to the princesses" she finished.

"What ever for Rainbow?" Rarity asked.

"Yeah, these guys just got here, and I haven't even thrown them a party yet" Pinkie said exuberantly.

"And you're not going to," Rainbow said. "We have Nightmare Moon, a random alicorn, zebra, griffin and a changeling. Plus the pony who stole the element of magic, all of them should be in the dungeons." She finished hovering angrily over Nälänhätä. All of a sudden she started coughing violently, her wings seized up and Nälänhätä stepped to the side as she fell to the ground.

"Are you threatening me child" Nälänhätä said. As we all noticed his horn was lit up in a sickly black aura, "because I will not hesitate to defend myself" he finished cutting his magic off as Rainbow returned back to normal slowly.

"What was that there?" Applejack asked, "what did y'all do to her?"

"I took her strength for a bit" Nälänhätä wheezed. "I'm not a normal changeling..me and my brothers are not from this world and it would do you well...to remember we will not hesitate to defend ourselves."

"Yeah right" Rainbow said as she flew back into the air. "You...will" she never got to finish as her wings went rigid and she crashed into the floor. Zaraza walked up next, his pet rat running around Rainbow as a green smoke came from his mask.

"Nälänhätä was right when he said we will defend ourselves. We hold no ill will towards anyone, but if you keep this up" Zaraze threatened as Krieg walked up.

"You will come out worse for wear" he said, stabbing his sword into the wooden floor of the library causing Rainbow to shake slightly.

"Alright you guys made your point, release your powers, and we can get the Princesses here so we can get this started" I said with a little nervousness in my voice.

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