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Hmm, so technically Luna is in love?

Did someone say butt? Is it big fat butt?

Does it really count as incest if they aren't related by blood?

Ha! This was some great stuff~

Man, seeing that seamless transition into the first anal vore scene was simply golden. Makes me realize just how much I need to practice.

The fattest, sweatiest butts.

I posed the question to the Court of Incest and the consensus was "Kinda, sorta, maybe, but also no." So, it's roughly the same as step-siblings.

Thank you!

Practice makes perfect. If you ever want a review of some vore, shoot me a link.

Everytime I read this type of stuff all I can think about is how sharp that damn horn must be in there. I worry about them.

Just do what I do and ignore that part.:twilightblush:

What did I just read.....
Not my personal cup of tea, but I'll drop a like nevertheless.
Now if you'll excuse me I think I'll creep out the back way before anyone notices me....

Damnit! Ummm.... smoke bomb!

Please continue this, you find many stories or images/videos involving just the head going in, this was a great story and I hope a second chapter or sequel is being made

Most of the time when I'm writing vore betwixt horned ponies, most likely culprits being Twilight and Tia, the horn is "softened" with a spell to make it flexible and not exactly sharp for the duration of the stay inside.

They'll need to add Twilight when they do it next time! All four princesses participating in some wholesome fun, stuffed into each other's asses, with Celestia ultimately digesting the rest.

"Hope you're comfortable there, girls. There are a lot of you, so this might take a little while." :trollestia:

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