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Vic the Tricky Unicorn

This is the type of fun that isn't too boring but also isn't too exciting. Like taking a nap. That's too exciting! I like to think I walk the boring exciting line every day.

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Watching and waitting for more :ajsmug:

I originally wrote this story for Fallout Equestria: Alphabet soup, a collection of Fallout: Equestria one-shot challenges with a range of different themes for the writers to base a fic on.

What would the title have been?

It's more or less the same title since I got the letter A. Here's the chapter link here in Alphabet Soup. The next couple of chapters will entail the rest of what's posted there, plus a little more.

why is there an awkward apostrophe in "away" in this one though?

It's a couple of things. But, other than the reference to Union Dixie, it's supposed to emulate the Calamity accent that a lot of Enclave ponies have.

I remember this one from the Alphabet Soup!

Eeyup! Ran into some roadblocks with writing the other one-shots I had planned there, so I wanted to try continuing this one.

"About five days ma'am..." Bell said, before drearily adding, "Haven't eaten in three..."

Then how long was she unconscious for and getting her act together?

I'd say a number of hours. Not quite a full day. The others have just been stuck down there before everything happened to Bliss.

Hmmm curious. I'm glad I poked into the new story section now

The beginning part in that shop was so bizarre.... that it took me out from enjoying the story

Yeah, I'm always afraid that might happen when I open chapters with little deviations from the timeline like that. I might edit it and place it somewhere hopefully less annoying after I get more chapters out. I hope it didn't completely ruin the story for you though

It honestly did ruin it for me because from what I can tell it doesn't really matter to the overall story. I thought her and her team was attacking the nearby town or something

Well, seriously, thanks for the honesty. I just kinda have a thing for doing flash forwards at the beginning of chapters like that, but I know it can risk the enjoyment of the story. I'll see if I can adjust it a bit down the road to hopefully be less of an awkward read.

Your very welcome, personally I dislike flash forward's because they don't always have enough impact within the current timeframe of the story. Maybe you could add it to the end of the chapter?

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