• Published 14th Aug 2020
  • 1,023 Views, 98 Comments

Spike the Draconian Gamer Prince - SpedaHooves

Spike, an average teenage boy is accepted to Wonder Colts Academy, and finds out he's actually a Dragon Prince. The Draconian line specifically. And all while being like a game character.

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This was another awesomely fun and chill chapter. I loved this go Spike.

Isekai Tag?

Not Isekai as he didn't die

Transported or something also did you know Sonic X is a reverse Isekai?

No, this is his canonical world (in my story at least) he just didn't know about the magic world till recently

Any random Skills we should know.

Not particularly, aside from maybe something from any type of Video Game, though it would take him Months before he gets the right one he wants just by playing one of those games. Soooo, make a guess. Cause I'm not going out of Hiatus until I'm done with this contest, which is only one chapter away for Contest wise in my newest story, but I still plan on writing for that story after it is 'over'

You can come on back now, cause I'm starting up again!

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