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A writers who's somewhat out there now, also taking commission's Let's see what you guy's got for me. I even have a patreon

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What's the current cover art if you don't mind me asking?

...Im hoping it's not Chrysalis that's the Lamia.
She has green eyes, not yellow.

No worry it's not Chrysalis, but it is a Lamia

Trust me i have an idea of who chrysalis is lol

Lucky for you, I KNOW that kind of lewd artwork. The artist's name is Droll3, and He/She makes very good Over 18+ Lewd artwork on Mlp, Undertale, Pokemon, and even a Anthro Version of WW2 with sexy animals. :ajsmug: 😏

I know this, because I am in the legal age of over 18 years old a long time ago ( 20 Years Old in fact.) And we all know we're into this Sexual kind of stuff like the Stories, Pictures, etc. 😉 😏

This needs the Anthro tag

Are you going to finish this story

I'm adjusting it a little more, I'm not as satisfied with the story as I originally was. Getting a better idea of how the main character gets the mansion, and how the girls might appear. I reread it before and was bored with it and couldn't think of how to work with the characters so I'm giving it another shot.

it's now December, are you coming back to this?

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