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After breaking the Fifth Tenet, Dark Brotherhood assassin Aram Falie ends up in Equestria. Tortured by paranoia of the dread father and a minor case of schizophrenia, what will this banished assassin do in a land of peace and harmony? Read on to find out.

A Skyrim/MLP crossover.

Previously edited by Flutterbrony539.

This shouldn't contain any major spoilers for Skyrim, especially if you've finished the Dark Brotherhood questline. However, it might depending on what you don't know about Skyrim, so be warned.

This will be my second shot at FanFiction as well as my first time writing in first person. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

I created the image with a Steam screenshot of the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and used MS Paint to edit it, the picture is an accurate portrayal of Aram.

First featured 09/20/13! A great big /) to all my fine readers who made these possible.

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 134 )

Yes.yes this pleases me.:pinkiecrazy:

1309272 & 1309276 Glad that some people like this :twilightsmile:. And don't worry, more is on the way, much more.

nice story please make more

Pegasus... Not pegasis.
Other than that, great story so far. :3

"Fornication" :rainbowlaugh:

1309410 Thanks. Don't worry, more is on the way.

1309781 Actually, I think that either works. At least my spellchecker says so. I'm glad you enjoy the story. :twilightsmile:

Hmm, this has some potential. I've always been fond of the Dark Brotherhood, and having a member of the guild in Equestria sounds very interesting indeed. I look forward to more.

MOAR! I want to BUCK YOU for cutting it off!1 :flutterrage::flutterrage::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

1309862 Thanks! Dark Brotherhood FTW!!!

1310355 Don't worry, take a chill pill. The next chapter is already ITW.

I like this so far being a tid bit insane myself, and being a huge fan of just about anything Elder Scroll. But I am a little bit put off simply because of the wall of text.

Maybe space it out a bit more...

1315419 Wall of text? This isn't a wall of text, it's the formatting that is seen in the vast majority of books.

1317083 Perhaps I am mearly to used to the 'typical' formatting... No offense intended.

I like the story but have to nick pick because argonians are my favorite race in elder scrolls. 1. They can breath under water through gills behind their ears 2. they have a natural immunity to poisons and diseases. (although in skyrim the they only have 50% resistance to diseases, but by lore they have immunity to both poison and diseases. ((Nickpicking, HO!)) Still it's a great fic and hope to see more! :twilightsmile:

1343775 Thanks, I never knew that it was gills behind the ears. I'll be sure to fix that when I can. :twilightblush:

Before I read this, is the fifth tenet the one that says not to kill another member of the brotherhood? Its been a while since I played any ES games so...

Why does this story say its on hiatus? Especially when it is just getting interesting...:fluttershysad:

1576886 Yes, the fifth is not to kill a dark brother or sister.

1577062 My mistake :twilightblush: should be on incomplete, I forgot to change it last night.

I never play ES dark brotherhood are bad guys?

1578959 Not necessarily. They're a guild of hired assassins who traditionally do their killing for their deity, Sithis. I suppose that for the most part they are badguys, but it's all relative.

Moar infoz > Dark Brotherhood

I quite enjoy it when the author takes the time to flesh out the main character, giving him situations outside of combat to react to.
So please, don't say sorry to those people whom have attention spans that can only be measured in milliseconds. anything to make this something other than a mindless bloodbath, as some crossovers turn out.

Are any of the ponies acting OOC in your guys eyes? Sometimes it takes another person to point out ones own flaws and I'm afraid of making ponies OOC without realizing it. So you guys tell me, anypony being OOC, even a little?

"Minor case"? Dammit, I wish you'd make him all out insane

May sound like I'm insulting your character, but delusional Argonians are BADFLANKKK!

I take it you didn't particularly like this chapter then?
I liked it as much as the other chapters.

havent started reading yet... how can he break the fifth tenet if they dropped the tenets in skyrim?

2215641 I thought you had to pay Nazir money if you broke one of them? Something like "Honor Thy Family" (I don't know since I've never broken any of them).

Either way, you gotta see who he kills in the first place.

EDIT: Also, this takes place a while after the dragon crisis, so some changes in rules and stuff have changed.

My guess (before i read on) is that it's Lucio Lachance. (I think that's how to spell it; i'm going off memory here.)

interesting story, I shall be watching from the shadows my dark brother and fellow Argonian

Sithis be with you

3211066 Sithis be with us all, my brother.

This. Is. Fucking. Awesome. :heart:

congrats! I don't I've ever seen a skyrim crossover get Featured!:pinkiehappy::ajsmug::moustache:

Featured as it may be, by the gods PLEASE do not wholesale rip names off existing characters, and IF you so happen to bloody well have to do so, at least have the courtesy of disguising your efforts a bit. And taking the first names of two different characters from the same series and mashing them together as first and last, that's just awful. Stop mutilating RJ's creation, or beware ravens.

(For those not in the know - Zarine "Faile" ni Bashere t'Aybara and Aram the Tinker are characters from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. In case you get mad at me for whining for no random reason, feel free to look things up yourselves.)

I suppose you wrote this off a skyrim character you made, in which case the choice of name is somewhat more forgivable at first; just remember to check things through before you publish things, or you'll just make a fool out of yourself.

3234402>>3234278 Thanks, glad you guys enjoyed it.

3234464 Wow. In all seriousness I had no idea I was ripping off anything. I adapted the name Aram Falíe (not Faile) from an previously existing Skyrim character of mine whose name I pulled out of my ass.

Hum. I actually misread that. Curse this flu, it makes me see things -_-

Still, it is a pretty thin disguise - if you'd been doing it on purpose. The world is a small place, but our minds aren't much bigger, are they ^^;

I'm curious as to the time line of this, really curious. The way i seem to understand it, the whole DB quest line never took place in skyrim, yet it kinda did if the emperor is dead. You have my interest sir, and I'd love to sit and have a conversation about this some time. Keep up the most excellent work!


The way i seem to understand it, the whole DB quest line never took place in skyrim

What do you mean by this? You have me confuzzled.


'at's what I get for trying to properly articulate when I've not slept in a couple days. I meant that if I understand the backstory properly, not every event in the DB questline of Skyrim occurred. There's just a few things that seemed a bit off to me. Mostly the stuff to do with the listener. In any case sorry for the confusion.

3238545 Hmm. What in the story seems off to you? I'm all ears and willing to be a good listener.

Pun intended there, BTW.


Here, skype me. It'll make this quicker. Strangelittlefox... Do let me know its you though please.

i know nothing about skyrim, but this i like.

I don't know fornication about skyrim but I absolutely :heart: this story!!!:pinkiehappy:

See what I did there? Fornication is a curse for this dude so:twilightblush: . . . ha . . . things aren't funny when you explain them . . . :twilightblush::facehoof:

I thought that the creature was Discoed. Maybe I'm wrong?:unsuresweetie:

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