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I write stories about ponies doing funny stuff and ponies doing naughty stuff. Twilight still rules Equestria and my page!


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The two looked up from their conversation as a shadow flooded their area. Their mouths dropped when they saw just who it was…and more importantly, what she was wearing.


3 down 3 to go :pinkiehappy::twilightblush:

Technically... 'Four'. First it was Fluttershy, then Rainbow Dash. Followed by Applejack and now Pinkie Pie. Which means she only has two of her friends left, Sunset and Twilight, the latter having not been seen or mentioned since the earlier chapters.

Yeeeeeah...I didn't realise non con and rape were part of this story. What with them not being tagged and all.

I didn't tag it because Sunset and Twilight do want it to happen.

Comment posted by EeveeFan25 deleted Aug 24th, 2020

Sunset and SciTwi should turn the tables on Rarity now that she exposed her weakness.

Future said it best, “She belongs to the streets”.

Oh, yes, it would cause boys to rethink their choice in swim trunks, but to them it was weird.


Today, Rarity, she thought, today…I will have sex with you. I will see this vision into reality, if it kills me.

Well, looks like timber is gonna be devastated.

Rarity felt like screaming. Didn’t Fluttershy realize the intricate nature of fashion, and its interchangeability with the beautiful nudity of the human body? Wasn’t she aware that dressing in full body suits had gone out of fashion in, oh, say, 1910? Didn’t she know that, by covering up, she was actually embarrassing herself more than if she were stark raving naked?

And I thought rainbow dash was simple minded. Also, doesn’t this count as rape?

This went on for a few moments before Rarity turned around and bent over a rock. “You know, darling,” she said, “we don’t need to penetrate each other to get our fair share of pleasure. Why don’t you pound my pussy?”

How is she supposed to do that?

Oh, Fluttershy…I meant to come here and find boys to have sex with. But now…I see…I want so much more than that. Thank you, darling. Thank you.

What more does she want?

Is sunset the only one she won’t be able to seduce?

I feel like in every group there’s that one friend with a weird fetish, rainbow dash is that friend. Also, what’s a pilgrimage?

At first I was surprised rainbow dash didn’t put up a fight, but now thinking about it I’m not.

A pilgrimage is a journey, often undertaken for spiritual purposes. I’m using it here as something of a metaphor.

Wow, that was easy.

How many crushes did rarity have?

It was more fun than bucking apples on the farm

She bucks apples in eqg?

Rarity smiled. “Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve a monstrous crush on you and I love having sex with you. But…I mean…I love boys, too. I guess we’ll just have to be friends with a whole lot of benefits.”

Rarity, your gonna have to make up your mind.

What does morsels mean?

Is it weird that this makes sense?

Pinkie shrugged her shoulders, but was definitely up for another bout of sexual exploration. So, she did as Rarity instructed, and the two girls plowed themselves into the cake. The frosting and sponge felt incredible against their bare pussies, and they kissed and howled as they rode along. Rarity grabbed Pinkie’s shoulders, pressing their two bodies together. The tower was still a tad warm, and the fluffy coating made things even better. They rode the cake like any penis, shoving things further and further inside until they felt like they couldn’t take anymore.

How does that work?

I hope flash and timber find out, I’m curious to see their reaction.

“It looks like you’re gonna blow our cover!” Sunset barked softly, “we need a plan.”

I probably would have expected twilight to say that.

Sunset and Twilight gulped, but were extremely excited. They knew of this game…oh, boy, did they know about this game. It was incredibly popular among the adult students at their school. The senior class had taken to playing it behind Principal Celestia’s back, for they knew of the certain expulsion should they be discovered. But, deep within the CHS underground, this game was considered a rite of passage. The way it was played was thus: a girl would strip to her birthday suit and be willingly tied up by a dominant male or female. Then, they would be asked an endless slew of trivia questions. If she guessed correctly, she would be pleasured, with her moans filling the room and bringing joy to all the spectators. If she was incorrect, she would be punished severely, often ending with more than one blister on her ass.

Sounds like the game sucks.

“EAGH!” Rarity said, imitating a buzzer, “the Battle of Hastings took place on October 14, 1066, and was contested between the armies of Anglo-Saxon King Harold II and the Norman armies of William the Conqueror. Since Harold was defeated, he was the final Anglo-Saxon king of England. Now, let’s have some fun with this stick.”

I would have never gotten that right.

Oh, my Rarity, she thought, please…shove something in me again. I don’t care whether it’s the stick, a rock, or your finger! Just please…invade me again…hurt me again…punish me again.

Something must have been in that food pinkie gave them.

After a quick search online, she found that the answer was absolutely correct, which infuriated her.

Of course it was.

I don’t see where else this could go.

It's about to be finished. I'll have the final chapter posted later today.

Twilight nuzzled her. “Of course not. Timber and I are committed to each other, yes, but I see no reason why I can’t have a little fun on the side. Rarity, you’re one of my closest friends…and I do want to share my body with you whenever it’s appropriate.”

Wow, I feel bad for timber.

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I may, though it's gonna be a while. I've got a couple request stories that I need to write, and then there's some other stuff I wanna do. But I'll definitely take it under consideration! Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Because, at first she didn’t want to do it, and then she did want to.

Some warning for this chapter would have been nice.

Applejack began by placing her chateau atop Rarity’s head

"chapeau" = "hat"
"chateau" = "castle"
Just so you know.

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