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You can't give up your laughter, cause you're scared of a little pain~. Writing to relieve PTSD. Enjoy my misery <3 you all. Discord: dougtheloremaster#0390


This story is a sequel to Only the Best, Only the Elite

8 years have passed since that fateful test, and Twilight has been taken under the wing of Celestia; to become the next heir to the throne. However, a Nightmare from the past will challenge that right.

Recently an uprising has been gaining traction, the Cult of the Nightmare Moon. They've been relentlessly promoting the return of Celestia's sister: the infamous Mare in the Moon. Years ago, they did something Twilight will never forgive. They took something precious from her. Something she can never replace. Her very being yearns for revenge.

When the sun goes down and with Nightmare Moon's return inevitable...one can't help but wonder, which one is the real Nightmare?

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Well, well, here we go. A Twilight raised by a form of Tyrantlestia, and who has seen the things that come from that, plus the event noted here in this chapter. Time to start exploring how much of canon Twilight is left after the school and hands on teaching. Certainly looks like there is going to be some work to do if Celestia wants Twilight to rule any differently than she has, and what quirk of ascension you're going to come up with for Twilight, given the "only Alicorns can rule" and the fact that she's neither a Nightmare nor a Daybreaker.

Once more, I'm in for the ride. :rainbowdetermined2:

So many assumptions; that only time will tell the answers to~
Enjoy the ride. <3 your commentaries.

No, it seems Twilight just another blood-crazy future alicorn wannabe.

I'm afraid you've picked the wrong story if that is what you are after. There is quite a bit more at stake.

I dunno.
She just killed 10 ponies and doesnt have any regret about this.
How she suppose be better than Celestia?

she killed 50. Though to answer your question, I would suggest sticking around. We'll both find out together. I never plan what happens, I just know the beginning and the ending of what I write; the rest is freeform. Chapter 2 is coming soon, but as always, things are never as straight forward as they seem. Enjoy the ride~

*rubs hands together in glee* Well well, look at all these interesting things we have here. A twist on the bond between Twilight and Spike that's a distorted reflection of the nature of the Princesses, a possible visitation by same, and some of the Bearers.

Well, that certainly explains some things. Celestia learned her mother's lessons well. Especially the last one.

<3 you got it. The cycle continues, but what lies ahead I wonder?

Death to alicorns, death to that scum!

If she is not better than Daybreaker then I'm in alicorn genocide, extinction team

Keep in mind both are Nightmares. The Daybreaker ( in this universe) is their opposite; however, the bloodline of the Nightmare has corrupted Celestia and though she does not actively seek to destroy; she cannot curb her murderous intent should it present itself. I'm not so certain Alicorns themselves; nor Daybreakers, are evil. Though I suppose time will tell as the mystery of Celestia's grand plan unfolds. Enjoy the ride~

So, twilight kills 50 ponies, and she gets a reward? I’m starting to like Celestia a little bit.

He was a literal living part of her soul. Within Twilight remained her hatred, her pain; her darkness. Within Spike was her innocence, her love; her light.

So does that mean those parts of her are gone forever, because she gave them to spike?

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Aug 29th, 2020

Please refrain from posting such major spoilers. I'll gladly answer your questions via site mail. I'll delete the previous comment to avoid ruining the experience for other readers. Please do not post story sections or excerpts in the comments. Sent a site mail answering your questions.

Well, then! That's quite the development there. I thought the Spike situation might turn out a little along those lines, though the exact specifics are a bit different. Didn't quite figure on that end bit happening so soon, or necessarily in that manner, but it works for the whole "cycle continues" thing.

I’m still a little bit confused on some things. Also, Is it me or is they putting twilight on too much of a high pedestal?

Until the story is finished you will be deliberately left in the dark. Until then, I do not flat out say things. You'll have to solve the puzzle with the clues given. as for the pedestal, depends on your point of view. Though to do that they would have to admire her; they do not. The ride is far from over. And more will be revealed as time goes on.

Aw, well at least the ending was satisfying. Also, I was just going to ask about how aj felt when she opened the door to spike’s room if that’s ok.

relieved. This story has not ended yet. it's far from over.

But when she felt relieved was it spike giving off the energy or was it twilight?

Her relief was the fact she wasn't dead. The change in Twi came from Spike

So spike was what changed her behavior?

I know, but I thought she wasn’t able to feel happy, because that part of her was inside spike.

As I told you, she and spike are the same soul torn in two.

Oh, ok so that means everything she put in spike she can only feel when she’s with him.

spike is not his own being. They are both one and the same. short answer: no

Heheheh... You and I should talk some time, Doug.

Great take on Pinkie there.

*Offers a cupcake* anytime~
<3 glad you enjoyed it.

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Sep 3rd, 2020

I've asked before do not post excerpts from the story so others aren't spoiled. Once again I will remove that comment and answer your questions in a mail. While I do appreciate your enjoyment of it, please understand others are reading it too. Let's be considerate.

<3 i'm not mad, just try and keep it in mind. After all, everyone has the right to enjoy the story too. Comments are perfectly okay, but let's not do spoilers. okay?

Wait, so people read the comments before reading the story?

It's a lot more common than you think. It's weird to me too.

Quite the take on Pinkie there. Also, that was a brutal memory.

I think the issue is that some people when looking for new stories will sometimes look at the first few comments to see some reactions to gauge things, especially people with less free time and gigantic "read it later" lists.

But when you adjust the comments on a story you've read through to show you the newest ones first, it changes it on ALL stories, so if you forget, when you scroll down to see some of the initial reactions on a story that's been around for a while that you are just now potentially starting to read, you're accidentally reading some of the most recent ones instead, potentially full of spoilers from 3, 8, or 20 chapters in.

I never thought of that. Usually when I want to gauge a story I just look at the description. Also, what your definition of a gigantic “read it later” list?

I myself have 452 stories in Read it Later, which is sort of ridiculous by itself, but I have seen people in comments mention over a thousand. I usually just go by the description myself, but I can see that happening for someone trying to pick between two similar stories or something.

Really? I just do it all the time.

Well, well, an entirely idfferent sort of moment that will play its part in "linking" the gang together. It really does make sense that in an alternate reality such as this one, the linking moment would differ too, but most authors still seem to stick with the boom, good on you for taking it in a different direction.

Not gonna lie, was slightly nervous about trotting a path less traveled but, I think it's coming along rather gracefully. My efforts seem to be paying off, and I am extremely excited to see where it takes the story next. I'm glad you are enjoying it. <3

Scootaloo grabbed hold of the nape of Rainbow Dash with her teeth; bracing herself.

That has to hurt. Also, I hope this isn’t spoiling anything.

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