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Melody Song

A Bisexual Pegasus with a talent in writing and singing. I can also do magic-long story. Also, Luna is best Princess and the Wonderbolts are awesome. Change my mind, I dare you.



Prince Sandbar of the United Kingdoms of Equus has passed a new decree, stating the children of the villains on the Hidden Isle will be given a chance to live among the citizens of Equus. They start with four, the children of The Storm King, Nyxmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, and the Grýpas Talons. Tempest Shadow, daughter of the Storm King, is determined to follow in her father's footsteps after he orders her to steal the crown of Rising Dawn. Tempest recruits the other children, her fellow gang members, to help her. The only way is to get Sandbar to invite one of them to his coronation. But when a spell goes wrong, it's not either of the girls Sandbar ends up inviting. Can they work with this mistake? Or will they fail? Or worse...will they actually end up wanting to live in Equus?

A/N: Yes, I drew the cover art. I was having some problems uploading it due to file size, so it was taking a while. But it's up! And I am aware it's not the best, so please no negative comments about it. Oh, and Sandbar being held by Gallus is an artistic choice (and because I couldn't fit him between Tempest and Pharynx) and is not relevant to the plot of this story. Or is it? Read to find out!

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Hey that lookes very good. Impressive dialogues!:twilightsmile:

Thanks, I've really been looking forward to posting this

So lemme guess...
Tempest, Pharynx, Nyx, & Gallus?

Close. Not Nyx. You'll see next chapter

Why’s it called “Nyxmare” again?

"Nyx" is a term for "Night". So...Nyxmare. Nightmare

But is there reason for her being called that?

Well, I'd explain, but it'll make more sense later on, once we're introduced to more of Equus' history through the story

Audrey is probably gonna be princess Skystar because her mom, the hippogriffs and the Storm King.
Plus whoever's gonna be Jane will have to be shipped with Gallus

Heh, just you wait, this is gonna play out quite differently from the original movie...

Love this story already!! :heart::heart:

Heh, thanks. It's going to get even better

The whole 'Luna thinks lesbians go to Tartarus' thing? Like i figured that would go with eacj other... unless you plan on doing something else.

Oh, well, that scene actually happens in the movie, the only difference is the movie was M/W and this scene was W/W so I had to make some alterations to what Luna would say to Snowdrop. Either way, Luna is just saying that because it's all she was ever taught. I said so in the Author's Note

love it!!!
Reminds me of Winter Break in(My little pony: Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped)

No spoilers, I didn't get to see it!

Go onto Youtube and type in Winter break in.
Or, follow this link:

you are very much welcome(trying to be posh, failing miserably).
Have fun watching it!
Oh, by the way, this is the full series:
Blizzard or Bust
Saving Pinkie’s pie
The Cider Louse Fools
Winter break-in
Dashin’ through the mall
Oh come all ye squashful

I had a feeling it would be Galbar.
Why did I jinx the possibility?! :twilightoops:
Although, I do support it nonetheless, so go team! :raritywink:

Yep! And I had this planned out, so it would've happened regardless

“It does! Either the chocolate chip-whatevers that Ember put in messed it up or Sandbar’s secretly a you-know-what!” Tempest hissed back

He's Bi :pinkiehappy: (or gay. Perhaps, that marriage really was just arranged)
Keep going with the shipping :rainbowlaugh:

Heh, I will, glad you're enjoying it

Melody I have seen all three of the descendants films they're my favourite Disney films and I knew what was going to happen and I am loving it keep up the good work and I hope that you'll make 2 sequels shadowfire

Heh, of course I'm making sequels!

Sweet I love how you have copied the plot of the film exactly and I would be proud to have such an amazing writer in my story once I get a laptop if that's ok with you Mel

I'll have to think about it, let me know when you get that laptop!

Sure I will but I'm surprised you didn't get the meme at the end MEL

Eh, I'm not really into memes so it's not surprising actually

It's from descendants it's what maleficent calls her daughter MAL but I changed it to fit your name MEL is short for melody

So what’s the sequel gonna be about?

“Hey.” Ember said. She had ditched the golden armor she'd sported during the coronation, and was wearing a golden dress with a long half-skirt. Thorax looked at her and blushed.

Oh no! But I support the Spember ship. Oh well, this one's still cute nonetheless. :derpytongue2:

Yay, Tempest and Celestia got their cutie marks.
Sandbar and Gallus are now together.
Can't wait for the sequel.

It'll come soon!

Honestly I like AppleSpike better, but to each their own. But Spike is not appearing in this new "series" as of now, and it can be assumed he's either back in the Dragonlands or living with Twilight as a "commoner" rather than a royal

Ngl, that chant was kinda cute

They’re all edgy teenagers!

“Princess Yona, his girlfriend. Right Sandy?” she asked, and he nodded, blushing slightly.

Yona as Audrey? Really? :unsuresweetie:

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