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Ocellus is a changeling that attends the school of friendship. she gets good grades, made many friends, and has even formed a small crush for one of her friends. but, there is something new she is going to have to deal with. that is an emotion she thought she would never feel again. disgust, mixed with anger, mixed with hate. a new dragoness in the school has eyes on Smolder and she will do anything to make sure the maggot gets no where near her.

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Wow What a way to start a story Having a character i already hate Because the way she says and very insulting I know some dragons are jerks like sludge but my god This kid is like the worst man poor Ocellus She got her stomp on by that dragon and she a mean name called man I hate Bullies and Ocellus doesn't Deserve this kind of punishment I hope that smolder will see that awful dragons true color and teach her a lesson about not messing with her friends specially Ocellus soon But anyway this was a pretty good start of the story

The first letter of the first word of every sentence should always be capitalized. Please respond to this comment.

Absolutely true. However, even though it is grammatically wrong to do so, there can be meaning behind writing in a grammatically incorrect manner. It is a method for conveying the stream of consciousness since thoughts aren't done in words but in concepts. There are other reasons too. Rules are rules, but even though breaking a rule might be "incorrect," it might not be "wrong."

Just reading the description has me seeing Ocellus crying at one point in this story...... I already don't like this other dragon. Ocellus reminds me of Fluttershy and I don't like seeing Fluttershy cry therefore I don't like seeing Ocellus cry so I get the feeling it's going to upset me when it happens.

Addendum to the previous post. Tears were shed in the first chapter, I absolutely despise the new dragon.

When will you post a new chapter? I loved
the beginning

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